Airtel Missed Call Offer Free 1GB Data Instantly 2023( 100% Verified)


Airtel Missed Call Offer Free 1GB Data Instantly 2023 ( 100% Verified)

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I’m glad to see you again. Nothing but positive things to say about you. Now let’s talk about the Airtel Missed Call Offer Free 1GB Data Instantly. How to Get Airtel Missed Call Offer Free 1GB Data Instantly will be demonstrated.

Airtel Missed Call Offer Free 1GB
Airtel Missed Call Offer Free 1GB

Our most recent post, “TRU HAIR Free Sample Get Free Shampoo [100% Working],” 2023 Now is your chance to instantly receive Airtel Missed Call Offer Free 1GB.

Airtel Missed Call Offer: Give Missed Call & Get 1GB Free Data:

In terms of calling and network operations, Airtel is one of the largest companies. The majority of users choose Airtel as their host. Why? Because of the numerous offers, including the airtel free 1 GB Data, that the company launches to appease its customers, Airtel has never failed to leave them disappointed. And strive to lead the pack in this game.

Airtel Missed Call Offer Free 1GB
Airtel Missed Call Offer Free 1GB

Recently, Airtel unveiled a brand-new, exciting airtel free internet plan. Let’s examine its characteristics and what it is.

Today I’m sharing a straightforward trick to get 120 GB of free internet data by making a miss call or sending an SMS. Airtel has launched numerous online recharge offers. Here is a list of what you will learn from this article:

Currently, Airtel offers 120 GB of free data to its customers. Let me make one thing clear: Only certain users are eligible for this offer. When I was using my device, this trick did not work. But using this trick in the same location, my friend was able to get 10 GB of free internet data for an Airtel sim. Airtel missed call offer

Free Data Code for Airtel 2023:

Free 10 GB Data for Airtel Call 5999555
To Receive 28 GB of Free Airtel Data Call 125346
Install the Airtel Thanks app and sign in. Grab 60 GB of data
Get 10 GB of Free Data from Airtel. Call 54321
From a newly registered SIM, Call 51111 Free 365 GB
Obtain 2GB of Free Data Call 52122


Missed Call 1 GB Free Airtel Data: Airtel missed call offer

Airtel in Odisha is providing free 1 GB of data. This missed call airtel free data technique has been tried and tested in the state of Odisha, and users from other states are welcome to use it in your area. Users can take advantage of this offer by simply dialling the USSD code, and they will immediately receive 1 GB of free Airtel data Airtel missed call offer . The validity of this offer is for 2 days, and you have 2 days to use the 4G data.

How to get this Free Data: follow below steps

1. To begin, simply dial *567*1#

2. Next, click 1 to confirm.

3. Done

Airtel Missed Call Offer Free 1GB
Airtel Missed Call Offer Free 1GB

4. This Offer May Be User-Specific.

5. This Offer’s Data Pack Validity Period Is 2 Days

6. Get 1 GB of free data.

7. You can try this method in your state since it has been tried and tested to work in the state of Odisha.

How To Get 10GB Of Free Airtel Data: 

Airtel Missed Call Offer Free 1GB
Airtel Missed Call Offer Free 1GB
  • Open your phone’s dial pad and dial 5999555 (Toll-Free) for 10 GB of free Airtel data.
  • After waiting for 15–30 minutes, Airtel will send you a message.
  • You will receive a text message saying “Congratulations” if your number qualifies for the Airtel free 10GB offer, and “Sorry This Offer Is Not Available For Your SIM” if it doesn’t.

Airtel Miss Call Numbers Free 10GB Data:

Miss Call Number Airtel Free Data In GB
5999555 10GB Free Data
52122 2GB Free Data
51111 1GB Free Data
54321 10GB Free Data
*121*100# 100Mb Free Data


Guys, Many Users Get Airtel Free 10GB Data Every Week With These Codes, Which You Can Try Every Week.

Information On Airtel’s Free Data:

  1. This Offer Is Account-Specific and Is Valid For Selected Users Only.
    You will receive Free 10GB of Airtel Data.
  2. The Airtel 10GB Free Data Offer is Valid for 10 Days after It Expired.
  3. Only 4 G-enabled smartphones offer free data.
  4. Due to Airtel’s ownership of the rights to this offer, it may be revoked at any time.

Amazon is offering 3GB of free 4G Airtel data.

Every month, Amazon offers fresh promotions to prepaid customers. Similar to this month, Airtel prepaid customers were given free 3GB of 4G data and Rs. 25 or Rs. 50 in cashback when they used Amazon Pay to recharge their phones.

1. Open the Amazon app on your device or go to first.

2. Create an account or log in.

3. From the Amazon Pay menu, select the section for recharges.

4. You’ll find 100% payback up to $25 to $50 in the recharge section.

5. Now use a 48-plan recharge to top your Airtel mobile phone.

6. You will immediately receive 28 days of free 4G 3BG Airtel data.


Airtel Missed Call Offer Free 1GB
Airtel Missed Call Offer Free 1GB

In exchange for downloading the Airtel Thanks App on your smartphone, Airtel is giving you 2GB of Free Data. By completing various activities on the Airtel Thanks App, you can also get 5G Internet data for a free Airtel missed call offer. To receive your free bonus merely for joining up, you must download the Airtel Thanks App to your device and navigate to the 3G/4G area.

  1. First, go here to download the Airtel Thanks app.
  2. Install and launch it.
  3. Register an account with a cellphone number and OTP verification.
  4. Now select Special Bundle Offer from the menu.
  5. You can now access free 4G internet with 2GB of data for 30 days.
  6. Claim now by clicking the link.
  7. Boom! Obtain 2GB of Free Data from Airtel.

If you receive an airtel free internet message on your phone from the airtel free data app, simply open it and click the link to redeem your airtel free data.

Also free, you may check your balance on the My Airtel app.

Prepaid users can get 500 MB of free Airtel data.

To take advantage of this airtel free internet data trick, prepaid Airtel customers must download or update their My Airtel App. the following are the steps:

  1. Search for Movies from the list of apps in the Apps section of the My Airtel App.
  2. 500 MB of free data will be highlighted in a banner on the list.
  3. To install the movie app, click the banner.
  4. To sign up for the app, enter your Airtel phone number.
  5. You receive a confirmation message in relation to getting 500 MB of free data after the procedure is finished.

Free Airtel 1GB Data Promo Code:

To give airtel free internet, irtel offers numerous free data coupon coupons. A small number of apps can be downloaded for 1.2GB of free internet access.

  1. You will be given a link to click in order to enter your Airtel mobile number
  2. Install the My Airtel app next, then the Wynk gaming, music, and video applications.
  3.  You receive 300 MB of free bandwidth for each app you download.
  4.  You receive 1.2GB of data after downloading all four programs.

28-Day Airtel Free Data Promotion:

For a maximum of 28 days, Airtel prepaid customers can receive 1GB of data every day by using a free data coupon provided by Airtel. It is a user-specific offer as well, so you must take the following actions:

  1. You should start by dialing the toll-free number 125346, which will end your call.
  2. Now, you will receive a message congratulating you if you are qualified for the offer. If not, a notification stating that you are ineligible for the offer will be displayed.
  3. For a maximum of 28 days, 1GB of data each day will be provided without charge.
  4. As a result, you will learn practical strategies and tricks to receive free data on Airtel without a recharge for a variety of durations, including three, ten, six, and more months.

Free Internet for Postpaid Customers with 60 GB Airtel:

The Airtel free internet hack works with Android-powered phones and Postpaid customers. Additionally, only a limited number of consumers will be able to use Airtel’s internet trick, and it only lasts for six months. Follow these steps to receive the promotion on your Airtel SIM:

  1. To sign into the My Airtel App, use your Airtel post-paid phone number.
  2. You may see a banner offering 60GB of free 4G data here.
  3. You can also download the TV app if that’s what you need.
  4. Enjoy 10GB of free data per month for the next six months.
  5. If Airtel does not launch the offer, you can send a SURPRISE message to 121 to receive it.

Get 30 GB of Free Internet from Airtel:

You can get 30GB of free internet from Airtel if you have an unused 4G SIM. You can use the internet service with the Airtel trick for a maximum of 30 days. You could even utilize Airtel’s discount code to receive data for nothing. You should take the following actions:

  1. Wait for around 5 or 6 hours after inserting your unused 4G SIM into your 4G phone.
  2. To activate the Airtel deal, dial 51111.
  3. For 30 days, consistently use 1GB of Airtel data.

All of India is eligible for this promotion. The states where we tested this Airtel Free Internet Trick, including Kolkata, Delhi, Bengaluru, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Kerala, and Tamilnadu eligible for Airtel missed call offer are where it operates flawlessly. What then are you seeking? Take your smartphone in your palm and let’s start the game.

Try a different free data code as well. Airtel missed call offer

Send SURPRISE to 121 to receive 160 GB of free data from Airtel (Postpaid Users)

Give Miss a call at 125346 to receive 28 GB of free Airtel internet (Specific Users)

Miss Call 51111 to receive 10 GB of free data (Specific Users)

Get 10 GB of free internet from Airtel by using the USSD code *121*100#. (Specific Users)

For 90 days, get 2 GB of free 4G data by dialling 52122.

Rules & Regulations: Airtel missed call offer

  1. Offer is only good on the “Airtel” network.
  2. Following the moment of confirmation, you might have to wait for up to an hour or more.
  3. AirTel Network retains the right to end this promotion at any moment.
  4. A client or consumer is entitled Airtel missed call offer up to 1GB of data that is valid for 28 days after activation under the terms of the offer.
  5. If you don’t use this Airtel Free Internet Data balance in 4G mode, your primary balance could be deducted.
  6. Any abuse of the deal The right to file a lawsuit against a particular client or consumer is reserved by Air-Tel.
  7. Some users receive free mobile balance (calling) seconds instead of receiving free data. We cannot guarantee that you will receive free 4G Data, and is not liable if you do not.


1. How can I get 2GB of free data from Airtel?

Ans: 2GB of data for free

Explore the prepaid plans by tapping the recharge icon. Get free 2GB data coupons when you recharge your phone with one of these plans: 839, 719, 699, or 549.

2. Are Airtel’s 10GB of data free?

Ans: For the first 12 months following the date the SIM was inserted in the eligible device, a payment of Rs. 249 or Rs. 349 is made. To be clear, for the first 12 recharges or the first 12 months, whichever comes first, the Subscriber will receive 10GB extra data every recharge.

3. What is the Airtel 4 GB offer?

Ans: Free 4GB data coupons are now available with 3 prepaid plans from Airtel.

With their Rs 479 prepaid recharge plan, Airtel offers phone calls to all networks, 100 SMS per day, and free 4GB of data coupons. The 56-day validity period for this plan is provided. Additionally, you receive 1.5GB of data each day.

4. How do I obtain 1 GB?

Ans: The 200 naira data bundle can be activated by dialing *131*65*2# or *567#. You have now successfully signed up for the data plan that offers 1GB for #200. Fortunately, consumers who routinely recharge their SIM cards can use this service.

5. How much does 1 GB of data cost?

Ans: Earlier, 1GB of data cost around 300, but now it just costs around 10 per GB. An individual in India uses 14GB on average per month. This costs between 125 and 150, but it would have cost about 4,200 every month.


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