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Amazon Quiz Today Answers
Amazon Quiz Today Answers
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Amazon Quiz Today Answers May 29, 2023 – Win ₹20000

Amazon Quiz Today Answers Daily 12-12 | Today’s Answers Of Amazon May 29, 2023 Quiz 

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Amazon Quiz Answers May 29, 2023 Answer is live now. You can submit the correct answer today to Amazon Quiz on May 29, 2023 If you play Amazon World Chocolate Day Quiz then you can win May 29, 2023 Win ₹20000 This is the best way to increase your general knowledge from Amazon Quiz.

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Amazon Quiz Today’s Time & Prize Details 

  • Amazon Today’s QuizAmazon Win ₹20000
  • Today’s Prize –  Win  ₹20000 Amazon Pay Balance 
  • Time– 12 AM To 12 PM on May 29, 2023
  • Number Of Winners– 1
  • Winners List Will Declare On– May 29, 2023

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  • Open & sign in to the Amazon App
  • Go to the home page and scroll down then you will see the “Amazon Quiz  May 29, 2023 ” Banner, Tap on it.
  • Now just tap on the start tab to play the Quiz.

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Amazon Quiz Today Answers Daily

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Amazon Quiz Answers Today May 29, 2023 Win ₹20000 Amazon pay Balance 

Q1: Atharva – The Origin is a captivating graphic novel that features which cricketer as the protagonist?

Answer (A) – MS Dhoni

Q2- Nodirbek Abdusattorov, the youngest ever Rapid Chess World Champion, is from which country?

Answer (C) – Uzbekistan

Q3 – A draft National Air Sports Policy was recently released by which Indian ministry?

Answer (D) – Ministry of Civil Aviation

Q4 – Name this famous monument

Answer: (B) – Acropolis

Q5 – She is an environmental activist born in which country?

Answer (B) – Sweden

1. Harmanpreet Kaur and Jemimah Rodrigues are both playing for which franchise in the Women’s Big Bash League 2021?

The answer is- Melbourne Renegades

2. Ben Whishaw plays which famous character in the James Bond movie ‘No Time to Die?

The answer is- Q

3. Born on 19th November 1828, Manikarnika married Gangadhar Rao, who was the Maharaja of which kingdom?

The answer is- Jhansi

4. This is the Erasmus Bridge found in which European city?

The answer is- Rotterdam

5. This is a Red Curry Noodle Soup prepared in the style of which cuisine?

The answer is- Thai cuisine

1.Which of these conglomerates is headquartered in Boston and plans to split into three separate companies?

The answer is- General Electric

2.The Indian Air Force has recenty received two Mirage 2000 trainer version aircrafts from which country?

The answer is- France

3.The island of Vulcano, which was in news due to volcanic activity, is located in which country?

The answer is- Italy

4.Which country’s flag is this?

The answer is- Denmark

5.This is a famous structure in which country?

The answer is- Belgium

1.Former world leader F.W. de Klerk, who died Thursday at age 85, shared the 1993 Nobel Peace Prize with which other person?

The answer is- Nelson Mandela] 

2.A Guinness World Record for the largest orchestra was set by which country’s National System of Youth and Children’s Orchestra “El Sistema”?

The answer is- Venezuela

3.Which word has become Collins Dictionary’s word of the year for 2021?

The answer is- NFT

4.In which city would you find this clock?

The answer is- Kolkata

5.This tower exists in which mediterranean city?

The answer is- Istanbul

1. An Airbnb listing went live recently to rent the original Illinois house featured in which popular Christmas movie?

The answer is- Home Alone

2. Who won his second Nitto ATP Finals in 2021?

The answer is- Alexander Zverev

3. Chaudhary Harmohan Singh Yadav, whose birth centenary was celebrated in 2021, was a political leader in which state?

The answer is- Uttar Pradesh

4. This is a road in which famous city?

The answer is- Dubai

5. This is a memorial to a president of which country?

The answer is- USA


1. Which fashion house has recently signed on US Open champion Emma Raducanu as the face of the brand?

The answer is- Dior

2. Which city is home to the world’s longest foot race – 3,100 miles long?

The answer is- New York

3. The president of which country recently changed the shade of the colour blue on his country’s flag to a navy blue?

The answer is- France

4. What gives this drink its frothy top?

The answer is- Egg White

5. Identify the name of this character who muddles his words in Snow White?

The answer is- Doc


1. What did Sir Tim Berners-Lee auction as an NFT, to raise money for charitable causes?

The answer is- Original code for the World Wide Web

2. Who holds the IPL record for the highest score by a captain?

The answer is- K.L. Rahul

3. Which Oscar-winning director is responsible for the MCU movie, Eternals?

The answer is- Chloe Zhao

4. Name this breed of dog

The answer is- Beagle

5. What is the name of the first U.S. President on the right of this picture?

The answer is- Abraham Lincoln

  1. Answer: (C) Maharashtra
  2. Answer: (B) Japan
  3. Answer: (B) Priyank Panchal
  4. Answer: (C) Copenhagen
  5. Answer: (A) Little worms


1. With support from Denmark, which state is building India’s first offshore floating wind park in the Gulf of Mannar?

The answer is- Tamil Nadu

2. In October 2021, who became the first Indian woman to win silver in the World Wrestling Championships?

The answer is- Anshu Malik

3. The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2021 was awarded for the development of a tool for molecule building known as what?

The answer is- Organocatalysis

4. The war between this country and Great Britain in 1982 was over which territory?

The answer is- Falkland Islands

5. How many points win a game in this sport?

The answer is- 21

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1. Dr Firdausi Qadri, a Bangladeshi scientist instrumental in the development of vaccines, was awarded which prize in Manila in 2021?

The answer is- Ramon Magsaysay Award

2. National Research Centre on Yak is located in which Indian state?

The answer is- Arunachal Pradesh

3. Mette Frederiksen is the youngest prime minister in which country’s history?

The answer is- Denmark

4. Question 4 of 5:

Which of these actors has NOT portrayed this character’s role on screen?

The answer is- Chris Pine

5. In this country, which dynasty ruled from 1368 to 1644?

The answer is- Ming Dynasty 


1. Which Belgian-Dutch racing driver won the Belgian Grand Prix 2021?

The answer is- Max Verstappen

2. In October 2021, the first-ever Himalayan Film Festival was organised in which state/ union territory?

The answer is- Ladakh

3. Najla Bouden Romdhane has become the first female prime minister in the Arab world for which country?

The answer is- Tunisia

4. The lease on Hong Kong for this country expired in what year?

The answer is- 1997

5. This was a significant location used for which film trilogy?

The answer is- The Hobbit


Question 1 –  With an aim to create a digital infrastructure for Indian cities, the government has recently launched the NUDM. Expand NUDM

Answer –  National Urban Digital Mission

Question 2 –  The TGR63 molecule developed by the Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research is a potential drug for what?

Answer – Alzheimer’s Disease

Question 3 –  Which Indian company has recently raised $1.25 billion through the issuance of debt instruments?

Answer –  Bharti Airtel

Question 4 –Name the car from this brand that went to space

Answer – Roadster

Question 5 –   Apart from God, and his son Jesus, how many fingers do the rest of these characters have in the TV show?

Answer –   4

Question 1 –  Who took a total of 11 wickets in the second pink ball Test ever to be played in India?

Answer –  Axar Patel

Question 2 –The Westminister Magistrates’ Court in which city cleared the extradition of Nirav Modi to India?

Answer – london

Question 3 –  Founders Day is celebrated by scouts all over the world on 22nd February on whose birthday?

Answer – lord Baden – Powell

Question 4 –Who usually played the rhythm technique on this instrument in the Beatles?

Answer – john lennon

Question 5 – This kind of statue of a woman is often found in courthouses in order to represent what?

Answer –  Justice


Question 1. Robert Irwin has been awarded the Natural History Museum’s Wildlife Photographer of the Year award 2020 for his drone image of what?
Answer:- Bushfire in northern Australia

Question 2. Al-Amal is the first-ever uncrewed space exploration mission to Mars by which country?
Answer:- UAE

Question 3. In January 2021, who became the second Indian captain and Asian skipper to win a Test series in Australia?
Answer:- Ajinkya Rahane

Question 4. How many phases are there of this satellite?
Answer:- 8

Question 5. Which horoscope sign is associated with this sea creature?
Answer:- Cancer


Question 1. Discovered in Madagascar, Brookesia nana, measuring approx 21.6 mm is probably the world’s smallest adult reptile. But what is it exactly?

Answers-  A chameleon

Question 2. How do we better know the biggest game in American Football, the Final of the National Football League?

Answers- Super Bowl

Question 3. The India Meteorological Department is all set to establish the country’s first thunderstorm research testbed in which Indian state?

Answers- Odisha

Question 4. Which country produces the most amount of these beans in the world?

Answers- Brazil

Question 5. A group of this animal belonging to the Felidae family is known as what?

Answers- Pride


Question 1. Which film recently became the first Tamil film to win the coveted Tiger Award at Rotterdam Film Festival 2021?
Answer:- Koozhangal

Question 2. Which of these is a “micro-blogging platform” developed in India by Aprameya Radhakrishna, promoted as an alternative to Twitter?
Answer:- Koo

Question 3. Which cricketer recently became the first player in history to score a double century in his 100th Test match?
Answer:- Joe Root

Question 4. What is the name of this magical weapon used by a character from Marvel Comics?
Answer:- Mjolnir

Question 5. Which email service is owned by this American Corporation?
Answer:- Hotmail

Question 1. In February 2021, a portion of which glacier broke off and caused the flooding of the Dhauliganga river?
Answer:- Nanda Devi glacier

Question 2. The Square Kilometre Array is an intergovernmental project to build the world’s largest what?
Answer:- Radio telescope

Question 3. Yudh Abhyas’ which recently took place in Rajasthan, is a joint military exercise between India and which country?
Answer:- USA

Question 4. What was the middle name of this famous singer?
Answer:- Joseph

Question 5. Which of the following is not there in the four corners of this board game?
Answer:- Railroad


Question 1. Rishiganga Hydroelectric Project, in news recently, is located in which Indian state?
Answer:- Uttarakhand

Question 2. Which country recently unveiled a plan to build the world’s largest offshore wind power plant by 2030?
Answer:- South Korea

Question 3. Ayesha Aziz from Kashmir recently became India’s youngest woman to become what, at the age of 25?
Answer:- Pilot

Question 4. With which of these scientists, would you associate the invention of this device?
Answer:- Emile Berliner

Question 5. Name this iconic landmark situated in Australia
Answer:- Sydney Harbour Bridge