Bit Life Mod APK (God mode, Premium unlocked)

Bit Life Mod APK
Bit Life Mod APK
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Bit Life Mod APK is the latest simulation game of the publisher Candy writer. They are not so popular on Google Play, but with just four games, they have made a huge impact on the gaming community. Their games often get their favorite players, as evidenced by, Bit Life which has received more than 10 million downloads on Google Play with a lot of 5-star reviews. There is so much stuff that you can do in the game that at times it gets a little bit overwhelming.

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This game simulates the life of a fictional person and puts you in her or his shoes. As in real life, you get to pick all the important choices but you do not decide where you were born, who your parents, brothers, and sister are, nor the current events. The goal is to live the best you can and to die happy.

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Bit Life Mod APK features:

Live life as you want

It is really what makes the success of Bit Life – Life Simulator. At the start of the game, you will be given a choice of “A Random Life” or “A Specific Life.” Accordingly, you can choose the country you were born in, family status, gender,… Those choices will, of course, significantly affect your future. For example, if you were born in the US, it will be very different in Vietnam, from culture to economic issues, work, marriage…

Decisions in each age affect the future. When you were young, you decided to study hard, read a lot of books; then, when you grow up, you will have the opportunity to find a job with a higher income. Or people who go to the gym will have much better health than those who choose a leisurely life. Of course, there will be unexpected luck or disaster, which you can’t prepare for, but it won’t be much.

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Extremely high reality

In Bit Life – Life Simulator, you have the right to choose any profession, from a business person, office worker, artist, farmer, … or even a drug addict, a wanted criminal. Depending on each person’s wishes, all are worthy of the experience. But the point here is that you have to try for the job you choose. For example, as a singer, you have to spend time learning vocals; as an entrepreneur, you have to know how to invest,… No matter what your family situation is, success must really be built by you.

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But don’t worry too much about this, because you have the right to live many different lives. Your number of lives is unlimited. So if you’re really stuck, choose a new character and start over. However, try to be the most responsible for the character you create and bring it to the end of your life to test past choices. That really helps you a lot in your real life.Bit Life Mod APK

Assessing life through the indicators

You will live life from birth to death. You will also eat, live, study, play sports, get married, work, and even die. So your quality of life is also assessed through obvious criteria of happiness, physical health, mental health, economy, and appearance. Use these five indicators to regulate your life.

Whatever your job, be sure to balance these 5 metrics. For example, if you spend too much time at work, the economic index will be high, but the health index will be evil. This leads to a series of diseases that will come; you will even die at a very young age. Or if you focus too much on appearance but neglect making money, your life will be tough; poverty will come, family life will be in trouble. Eventually, your character will look extremely bad.

The facilities of surprise are always available

Good luck or bad luck will come to you at any time that you cannot anticipate. It sometimes makes your character’s life change faster than the way your ex turned around. Just imagine, when you spent your entire youth studying and trying, at the beginning of success, an incurable disease came, and you died inexplicably. It’s really ridiculous, but that’s part of the life that Bit Life – Life Simulator wants to convey to you.

A game contains elements 17+

It’s an interesting detail and appeals to many players. With that said, you can absolutely choose a life of indulgence. You have the right to find a lover in your teens, even further if you can afford to seduce them. If you don’t have enough knowledge, you can become a parent right at school age. One-night stands, drug use, or gambling… are all things you can participate in if it’s legal in your country.

Have very high educational value

Although it is a game, Bit Life – Life Simulator will bring you many experiences and valuable lessons. You can examine the decisions you make when you’re young and see how it affects your future. Or try to experience any profession (Entrepreneur, teacher, singer, … ), go through its difficulties and achievements, to see if you are really suitable. Of course, not all are true to reality, but it will undoubtedly help you a lot in your life.

Time machine

Have you ever wished that you have a time machine and change something in the past? Sometimes, you wish you would go back to high school and have the courage to invite your girl to the prom. Of course, we cannot do that in real life. We can only accept and move on. But in Bit Life, this is possible. With the Time Machine feature, you can go back one or more years to change some of your decisions.

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Without the need for 3D graphics with eye-catching effects, BitLife brings you light experiences, just like how you are enjoying a book. The interface of the game is designed like a diary of the protagonist. After each of your selections, the annual memorable events will be listed on the screen.

MOD APK version of Bit Life

MOD feature

Unlocked Bitizenship:  Bitizenship is a privilege in the game that you will have to buy with real money. When you own a Bitizenship, you get the following privileges:

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No Ads

Unlock VIP features: Access to pet stores, special pets, …

Bitizen icons & features only for Bitizen

Tips for playing Bit Life

As with any game, having some tips at hand when going into the experience will help you to come out on top. This is very much the case in Bit Life. We’ve put together some top tips to help you succeed in your virtual life – pay attention.

Study hard. Alright, dad, calm down. But seriously, as parental as it might sound, studying hard early in the game is the best way to ensure that you get a good (and high-paying) job and that you don’t have much student debt (thank you, scholarship). You’ll have the option to choose ‘Study harder’ at the beginning of each New Year – this is definitely something that you should do.

Get some hobbies. A good place to start is in the gym. Regularly working out will increase your looks and make you more desirable as a result. Make sure that you try out new hobbies throughout your life and keep consistent with them – your health and well-being will thank you in the long run.

Strike up a conversation. Don’t be a miserable bastard, try to actually talk to the people around you and spend time with them. You’ll often run into disagreements with people about stuff – this is where you get the choice of how to react. You can agree to disagree, assault them, or just argue your point. Choose wisely. We got into an argument with our brother and he hit us with a sword and we had to start the game again.

Keep good relationships with your parents. Keeping your relationships with your parents in the green is important and they might leave you a hefty inheritance when they hit the deck. Keep things cool with them and they’ll be good to you in the long run.

Try to get more popular. Being popular in school is about as easy in the game as it is in real life. We tried to interact with someone in the class and they called us a twat. So, if you’re not really good-looking, then the likelihood is that you’ll experience a similar result. You can, however, find some people that will tolerate you and it helps to give them gifts. Ask your parents for money to afford gifts.

Marry an old rich person. It sounds a bit messed up, but seriously, you can make bank by just marrying some old bint and getting the inheritance when they die. This may sound exactly like how you’d move to succeed in real life.

Overview of Bit Life Mod APK:

Name Bit life
Updated 18th September 2021
Last version 2.6.5
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Size 112.19 MB
MOD Premium unlocked
Category Simulation
Developer Candy writer, LLC
Price Free
Google play link Com. candy writer.bit life


Download Bit life Mod APK:

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The only thing you have to mind before installing the game is to ensure your phone can install apps from unknown sources. This process will happen automatically when you open the Bit life simulator mod apk file, but you can be a step ahead and give permission already.

On Android, you won’t be able to download it from Google play, make the following path

Settings>Bio metrics and security>Install unknown apps. In this section, look for your most-used browser and switch to the permission to install unknown apps. After that, you are all set to download Bit life Mod APK and install it with god mode unlocked, ads unlock VIP features on your Android device.