Activation, Fees, and More for the BSNL Missed Call Alert| How To Activate BSNL Missed Call Alerts

BSNL Missed Call Alert
BSNL Missed Call Alert
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It’s great to see you again. I only have positive things to say about you. The BSNL Missed Call Alert Activation, Fees, and More | This article will explain how to enable BSNL missed call alerts. In this page’s discussion of how to Activate BSNL missed call alerts in, we’ll go through activation, fees, and more.

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Activation, Fees, and More for the BSNL Missed Call Alert| How To Activate BSNL Missed Call Alerts :

BSNL Missed Call Alert
BSNL Missed Call Alert

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  • Everyone is incredibly reliant on smartphones today. And battery problems are particularly prevalent at such times. Do you experience the same issue? Does the battery on your smartphone frequently run out?
  • Do you worry that leaving your smartphone off could cause you to miss critical calls?
  • The BSNL missed call service can therefore be of assistance to you. Do you know about the missed call service from BSNL? Do you need to know how much this service will cost? Or perhaps you only need to know how to set up missed call notifications for your phone number.
  • Just a few scrolls will reveal all the information you need to know about the BSNL missed call alert.
  • I am the best person to respond to all of your questions on this subject because I have been utilizing this service for the past three to four years.

What Does BSNL’s Missed Call Alert Mean?

BSNL Missed Call Alert
BSNL Missed Call Alert

One of the most popular SIM networks across the nation is BSNL. It offers users a range of services. Additionally, they provide a missed call alert service. If your phone is off for whatever reason, or if a weak network makes it impossible to reach you,

In such circumstances, you need not worry about missing crucial calls. To receive messages when you miss a call from anyone, you may easily activate BSNL missed call alerts.


When a phone is turned off, BSNL’s Missed Call Alert can retrieve numbers.

For mobile users, PAN India’s best mobile service provider offers the BSNL Mobile Missed Call Alert (MCA) Service. This Value Added Service enables all BSNL prepaid and postpaid mobile customers to retrieve their BSNL Missed Call Alert details through a brief message without any hassle in many situations.

This BSNL MCA service is a way to let mobile customers know about missed calls even if they are outside of the service area’s coverage or when their phone’s battery is low.

The caller is then informed of the subscriber’s availability and call times, which encourages the customer to use their mobile phone.

BSNL Missed Call Alerts Price:

All mobile users who are in the North Zone (Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab, Rajasthan, UP East, UP West, Uttaranchal) must pay Rs.15 per month for the BSNL Missed Call Alert service in mobile.

By following a straightforward procedure to set up a mobile device for MCA, Telecom Brand makes it easy to activate this BSNL MCA Service. The process is extremely simple and only requires that all voice calls be forwarded to the number +9117010 when the service is unavailable, switched off, or out of range.

Various ways to activate the BSNL Missed Call Alert:

BSNL Missed Call Alert
BSNL Missed Call Alert

On your BSNL SIM, there are primarily two ways to turn on missed call alarms. Either using USSD codes or the phone’s settings will enable the alerts.

Both of the approaches I tested seemed to work just fine. Your choice of method just depends on your preferences.

In order to start the service via the phone’s settings, we’ll first look at how to activate missed call alerts using USSD codes.

1. Activation USSD codes for BSNL Missed Calls

  • Use the dialer app on your phone to access the missed alert service through USSD codes by dialing **62*+9117010#. A pop-up notification will appear on your screen. To activate the service, you must confirm your choice.
  • You will be informed right once that the missed call service has been enabled for your number. You will now get message alerts whenever your phone is off or network troubles cause you to miss a call.
  1. The dialer application on your phone.
  2. Dial **62*+9117010#
  3. Verify the activation of the service.
  4. You’ll get a notice about service activation.

How to Set Up BSNL Mobile Missed Call Alert.

  1. Simply turn on BSNL Mobile.
  2. Select Call divert/Call Forward under Settings > Call settings > More Settings. (The processes may vary depending on the phone, but they are essentially the same.)
  3. Now, Mobile will specify under what circumstances to redirect voice calls.
  4. Choose Voice Call
  5. When not reachable, click Forward.
  6. Simply enter +9117010
  7. Save/Enable

After completing the BSNL Mobile MCA service with the aforementioned easy procedures, simply turn off the phone and call the MCA number to verify the status. If a user dials a mobile number that has the BSNL Missed Call Alert feature activated, the call will immediately reroute to 17010.

It functions even when the phone is off or outside of a coverage area. The short messages of all missed calls are sent by BSNL once the customer enters the coverage area or turns on the phone.

Deactivation of the BSNL Missed Call Alert

You can easily deactivate missed call alerts if you’ve already utilized the service and found it to be ineffective. There are two ways to deactivate, same to how to activate: USSD codes & phone settings. To turn off call alerts on your BSNL number, use one of the available ways.

1. USSD Codes for Deactivating BSNL Missed Call Alert

#002# is the USSD code for BSNL’s missed call alert deactivation. To deactivate, you must dial the USSD code from the dialer app and accept the confirmation. On your SIM, the missed call notifications will be immediately off.

  1. The dialer application on your phone.
  2. Dial #002#
  3. Verify the pop-up asking to deactivate services
  4. The missed call alert service will end.

BSNL Missed Call Alert Deactivation Instructions

  1. Turn on BSNL Mobile.
  2. Access Settings > Call Settings. Call forward or divert
  3. Choosing When Unreachable under Divert/Forward
  4. In the Divert option, delete the number +9117010 or cancel all call forwards.
  5. Save/Disable

the USSD code #62# can be used to deactivate the BSNL MCA service.

By turning on the BSNL Missed Call Alert (MCA) Service, the user never misses a call, even when their phone is switched off, out of service, or running low on battery.

All prepaid and postpaid BSNL Mobile customers in all BSNL circles in India must follow the aforementioned standard procedure, so mobile users can take use of this feature and activate or deactivate BSNL Missed Call Alert (MCA) at any time on their phone.


1. How can I turn on call waiting on my BSNL phone?

When this network feature is turned on, the network will let you know if a new call has come in while the one you are on is still going.
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To Start Enter *43*#OK
To Stop Enter *43*#OK
To Reject the Waiting Call Enter 0 OK
To Put Your Current call on Hold Enter 2 OK
To Switch Between Calls Enter 2 OK
To End your Current Call and take the call on Hold Enter 1 OK


2. How can I sign up for BSNL SMS alert?

Ans: Dial **62*17010# from your mobile device to activate Missed Call Alert.

3. How can I find out about missed calls?

Ans: view your call log

Open the Phone app on your device. Click Recents. Each call in your list will have one or more of these icons next to it: missed inbound calls (red)

4. How can I look up the latest five missed calls on BSNL?


  1. Launch your phone’s messaging application.
  2. Likewise, click the “Write Message” button.
  3. Select LAST5.
  4. also send it to 123 or 53733.
  5. For instance, send the word “LAST” to the number 53733.
  6. That’s it. You will get an SMS from BSNL with the last call information shortly.

5. What is the BSNL SMS number?

Ans: The BSNL Message Center Number is +919417099997. This SMSC number is a special 10-digit number that is supplied by BSNL and will assist you in resolving your issue with BSNL messages not sending.

6. What is the USSD code for BSNL?

Ans: Codes for BSNL Enquiries

To check your remaining 2G or 3G data, call *123*6# or *123*10#. To check the balance for 4G numbers, call *124#. In a few locations, BSNL offers a 4G network. To check your BSNL number’s net balance, you can also dial *124*2#.


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