Charging Your Mobile Within Seconds?Unbelievable Tech Update

Charging Your Mobile Within Seconds
Charging Your Mobile Within Seconds
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Let’s Start to break our Zeal!


We have seen a lot of improvement in mobile charging with better technologies in the market. Most of these technologies are made so as to save the charging time and optimizing the drainage. Recently, we have seen technology that can charge your mobile battery within 50 minutes with the turbocharger. But what if I tell you that a technology has just arrived to charge your mobile device within seconds. Unbelievable right? Whoever listens to said that its impossible. Charging Your Mobile Within Seconds
But actually, it’s possible.
Lets Dive Deep To See How?

Quick charge in 5 seconds

Have you ever think of charging your mobile battery in 5 seconds? The battery charging within seconds has happened when a team of scientists from Zhejiang University. They have developed a new type of aluminum-graphene battery that can charge the device within seconds, instead of taking minutes or hours! This team is led by Professor Gao Chao, from Department of Polymer Science and Engineering of Zhejiang University. They designed a battery by using graphene films as an anode and metallic aluminum as a cathode. They developed aluminum-graphene battery that is more cold-resistant and can work in temperatures ranging from -40 C to 120 C and is less flammable.

Charging Your Mobile Within Seconds

It is a never before and never after achievement by the team. This invention would change the current smartphone world. With this invention, a new era has begun. This will get huge applause from the smartphone users. The smartphone users are always short of battery and find it bored in keeping it charge for hours. All your waiting is over now. You can charge within seconds now. But this would be costlier. So, you need to wait for few more years to get it at an affordable price.

This battery has a positive terminal which is made up of graphene thin film and a negative terminal of aluminum. It can retain about 91% of the capacity even after it completes 250,000 charge/discharge circles, which is furthermore great. If any smartphone is made with such a super capacity battery, then it would work with great efficiency for years without loss of battery capacity. Moreover, the battery charged in 5 seconds would last for two hours. Isn’t it sounds good? Are you willing to have this one? Have a look at the final words.

Final Words

“It is still costly to make such battery. Commercial production of the battery can only be possible until we can find cheaper electrolyte,” Gao said. The team said that there is a long way ahead, with many obstacles to overcome before commercialization. They also said that the “super” battery is inferior to the lithium battery in terms of energy intensity. Once commercial production begins, the battery could be fully charged in 5 seconds and then last for two hours.  Charging Your Mobile Within Seconds

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