CollegeDunia Paytm Cash: Write a Review to Receive Rs.200 Free Paytm Cash 2023

CollegeDunia Paytm Cash
CollegeDunia Paytm Cash
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CollegeDunia Paytm Cash: Write a Review to Receive Rs.200 Paytm Cash:[100% Verified]

CollegeDunia Paytm Cash
CollegeDunia Paytm Cash

Hello everyone! I sincerely hope you’re all enjoying the Androidbuzz special offers and insider information. Similar to our previous Top 20 Best Places to visit in winter 2023 & Working How To Create An Edu Email Account, we are releasing another offer today. through the use of CollegeDunia Paytm Cash: Receive an Rs.200 Paytm Offer by Writing a Review.

CollegeDunia Paytm Cash 2023:

  • CollegeDunia Refer & Earn, CollegeDunia Referral Code, CollegeDunia College Review, Submit Review And Get Paid, CollegeDunia App Paytm Cash Dear Readers, I’m here with another fresh offer: submit college reviews to College Dunia to receive Paytm cash.
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  • Send in your incredible reviews of your college to receive payments of up to $200. It Aids Others In Making The Correct College Selection On College Dunia. Once the post has been approved, the rewards will be credited to your wallet. You must base your review on a thorough justification and your own personal experience.
  • For each post that is approved, you can earn at least $50 to $200. You Must Write A Post On Your College That Is Extraordinary And Has A High Chance Of Being Accepted. You Must Submit Your Review In Exact Detail, Including Where You Studied Or Graduated.

Review & Earn at CollegeDunia 2023:

CollegeDunia Paytm Cash
CollegeDunia Paytm Cash

Reviews are gathered by Collegedunia from students who have attended any institutions, universities, training programs, or coaching sessions. Prospective students should be able to use the reviews posted on the portal to help them decide on the best career route for themselves after reading them.

Only reviews that have been approved will be eligible for awards. A review that includes specific information and firsthand knowledge must be approved. Within 14 days, every published review will receive a prize ranging from 50 to 200. Describe your college in an extraordinary way. You must submit a detailed review of the college(s) you attended, graduated from, or earned your master’s from.

How to Submit a College Review and Win Rs.170 PayTM Cash at CollegeDunia 2023:

  1. To earn free PayTM Cash, open the provided link in your default browser first.



2. Register for an account, confirm your mobile number and finish filling out your profile.

3. After completing your profile, click the Write Review button from step 1 and look up the college you attended.

4. Decide the College you wish to add the review too.

CollegeDunia Paytm Cash
CollegeDunia Paytm Cash

5. Look up your college name and click on it.

6. Type your name and complete all the required fields for the subjects you have studied, including your marks and grades.

CollegeDunia Paytm Cash
CollegeDunia Paytm Cash

7. Within 1000 words, write a thorough review of each of the six to seven stages that were requested and then submit it.

8. In the final step, after submitting your review a second time, tap the Submit Review button.

CollegeDunia Paytm Cash
CollegeDunia Paytm Cash

9. Enter your email address; no documents or grade reports need to be uploaded.

10. Depending on the number of reviews that are submitted in a given time frame, it may take 3 to 15 working days for your reviews to be confirmed.

  • If Your review is accepted, you will receive $100 in free Paytm currency.
  • To receive $20 in free Paytm cash, upload your college ID.
  • Upload a photo of your classroom to earn $50 in free Paytm cash.
  • Final profit: $170 in free Paytm cash

Review of CollegeDunia – Free PayTM Cash Proof 2023:

CollegeDunia Paytm Cash
CollegeDunia Paytm Cash

upload a photo of the classroom – receive 50 Free Paytm Cash

Final income – Free Paytm cash of 170.

Upload your college ID to receive – Rs.20 in free Paytm money

Successful Reviews Provide You With – Free Rs.100 Paytm cash

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Guidelines and Rules:

  1. Specify everything in your response.

2. Plagiarism and disparaging remarks about the college should not be present.

3. Only reviews of courses the college offers should be written.

4. Out of the 13 questions, at least 7 must be answered.

5. A strong, verified review will also result in increased compensation.

6. Mention statistics and facts to the best of your knowledge.

Dos and Don’ts: Things to Take into Account When Writing a Review:

Be Accurate –

To the best of your knowledge, attempt to add the mentioned facts after carefully reading the directions supplied along with the questions.

Be Reliable –

Even while criticizing your alma mater, you should always speak politely about it. Rash language should not be used in the material because it will be changed during moderation.

Be Unique –

Instead of copying, describe your own experience. The most detailed reviews might result in extra benefits. Don’t let anyone else use your identity when writing your review.

Keep calm –

Answer the review’s eight questions patiently so they give value to the user. Each step covers a different part of your college experience. The review form can always be finished in stages.

Being social

Share the review form with as many college students as you can after you’re finished writing it. More reviews result in greater incentives. Reviews on collegedunia that have less reviews have additional prizes applied to them.

Frequently Asked Questions {FAQ}

1. Why complete Collegedunia’s College Review Form?

Ans: Your reviews will assist prospective students in making an informed choice regarding the best career route for them. You will aid others in choosing the best college by sharing your experience.

If your review is accepted, you will also receive an attractive prize within 48 working hours, ranging from Rs. 20 to Rs. 200 for reviews about India, and from USD 7 for reviews about other countries.

2. How much time does it take to approve the review?

Ans: Depending on how many reviews were received at the time of submission, any review might be approved between 15 minutes to 48 hours. For changes, reviewers can log into their Collegedunia accounts.

3. How do you edit an accepted review?

Ans: If you want to alter a review that has already been approved, go to the User Dashboard. To modify the review, you must first provide a reason. The team will review the case after submission and accept the revised review.

4. What occurs once I submit the review form?

Ans: The team evaluates each review for quality, relevance, complexity, and rarity. After quality assurance, the review will be confirmed using the provided information and related facts. The release of awards depends on the review’s capacity to provide prospective students’ inquiries with factual information.

5. Shiksha or Collegedunia: which is superior?

Ans: Traffic and Participation

In comparison to, had more overall visitors in October 2022.

6. What benefits does Collegedunia provide for students?

Ans: For students, parents, and members of the education community who are looking for information on the higher education sector in India and overseas, is a comprehensive search engine.

7. Which business model does Collegedunia employ?

Ans: For students, parents, and members of the education industry looking for information on the higher education market in India and overseas, Collegedunia Web Pvt Ltd. has successfully established itself as a top educational portal, India’s largest review platform, and a comprehensive search engine.

8. Is Collegedunia a secure site for my data?

Ans: Your information is completely secure with us. To prevent unauthorised access to, disclosure of, or alteration of your personal information, we have implemented suitable data collecting and processing techniques.

9. How can a review be deleted?

Ans: Your review can be deleted on your own, and no delegation is permitted to carry out this request. It is possible to ask to have the review deleted, and it will be done within 14 business days. You can also email us at

10. I’m unable to upload my files?

Ans: To access the Dashboard, log in with your registered mobile number. In the “Your Reviews” section, you can upload the files.


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