CREDX Onecard Offer And Get Rs.100 CashBack Instantly| Onecard Offers 2023

CREDX Onecard Offer
CREDX Onecard Offer
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I’m glad to see you again. Nothing except positive things to say about you. Onecard Offers 2023 | The CREDX Onecard Offer And Get Rs. 100 Instantly. This article will discuss the CREDX Onecard Offer And Get Rs.100 Instantly| Onecard Offers 2023.

Free Recharge Tricks 2023 and Free Recharge Apps 2023 are two of our most recent posts, which you can read here. CREDX Onecard Offer: Instantly Earn Rs.100 | Onecard Offers 2023

CREDX Onecard Offer And Get Rs.100 Instantly| Onecard Offers 2023:

Hello to all of you! I genuinely hope that everyone is utilising the exclusive discounts and insider information that Androidbuzz is providing. the same as CollegeDunia ,Top 20 Working Instant Free PayTM Cash Apps & PayTM Cash 2023 We’re sending out one more invitation today. The CREDX Onecard Offer And Get Rs. 100 Instantly| Onecard Offers 2023 is the subject of this website.

Onecard CREDX Offer:

Offer from OneCard Cred x Hello, Readers of Androidbuzz! We are all aware of the OneCard Free Metal Credit Card, and the majority of our users carry one in their wallet because OneCard consistently offers special deals to their customers. Another exclusive Cred x OneCard deal is available here for customers who have OneCard Free Metal Cards. This offer is open to all users. This offer is available in the Offer Section for you to check out.

OneCard x Cred has a new deal that is officially revealed on the OneCard App today. You guys can use this offer to get flat Rs.100 in your bank account by simply completing a mobile payment, mobile recharge, or FasTag recharge. To learn more, read our whole piece below.

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CREDX Onecard Offer And Get Rs.100 Cash Back Instantly into Bank Account:

1. To begin with, you must download the OneCard app using this link and only this link.

2. Launch the One Card app and select the Get Started button.

3. Launch the One Card app, Select Gift Box, and then select the Offers section.

CREDX Onecard Offer
CREDX Onecard Offer

4. The Cred x OneCard Offer is currently running one promotion. where you only need to finish your OneCard recharge.

5. Open the CRED app’s pay menu and choose Telecom and Recharges or FasTag.

6. To take advantage of the promotion, which requires a minimum purchase of 500 and a maximum discount of 100, go to CRED, use the FasTag option, choose PayTM FasTag, complete a 1000-unit FasTag recharge, and then pay with a OneCard.

CREDX Onecard Offer
CREDX Onecard Offer

7. By transferring your PayTM FasTag Recharge to your bank, you can take advantage of this offer and receive a flat profit of 100.

8. This promotion is valid from January 12 until January 16, 2023.

9. Save 10% on paying for utilities including cell recharges, postpaid bills, energy bills, DTH, and more.

10. The utility bill payment offer is only applicable once per card when using the CRED App and OneCard Payment.

Onecard Offers 2023:

1. BigBasket

  • Get 10% Off Right Now.
  • Get an immediate 10% discount when you use OneCard for a minimum order of Rs. 1500.
  • valid January 15, 2023
Onecard Offers
Onecard Offers

Info on Redemption:

  • Put your preferred items in the basket, then go through the checkout process.

  • On the Delivery Options screen, click Pay Now.

  • Click “View” on the part at the top that says “Vouchers Available.”

  • Use discount code ONECARDJAN for OneCard.


Redemption Link
Your Coupon Code ONECARDJAN


Rules and Regulations:

  • The minimum order amount is Rs. 1500.
  • Up to Rs. 200 is available as an instant discount.
  • Offer only good once per user.
  • Between January 1 and January 15, 2023, the promotion is available.
  • You must enter the promotional code ONECARDJAN at the BigBasket checkout page.
  • Contact or email BigBasket at if you have any questions.

2. Zomato

  • Flat Rs.100 Off
  • Receive a flat discount of Rs. 100 on a minimum purchase of Rs. 199.
  • valid January 15, 2023
  • Redemption Link
Onecard Offers
Onecard Offers

Rules and Regulations:

  • Use coupon code ONECARDNEW to receive a flat Rs. 100 discount for new customers on orders with a minimum value of Rs.199.
  • Use promo code: ONECARDEATS for regular users to receive 20% off up to Rs.100 off on a minimum order amount of Rs.349.
  • Offer only good once per person.
  • You must enter promotional codes on the Zomato checkout page and choose OneCard as your method of payment.
  • If you have any questions, you may email Zomato at

3. Reliance Stores

  • Get 10% Discount at Reliance Grocery Stores
  • Get 10% Off Immediately at Reliance Grocery Stores, including Reliance Fresh, Smart, Smart Point, Smart Bazar, Superstore, and Sahakari Bhandar.
  • Validity: January 31, 2023
Onecard Offers
Onecard Offers

Info on Redemption

  • Pick up any groceries or home goods at a nearby Reliance store.
  • Simply swipe or tap your OneCard on the billing terminal at the billing counter.
  • Your total bill will immediately be lowered by the applicable amount.
  • Congrats! Your money was just saved. Money saved is money earned, as the saying goes.

Rules and Regulations:

  1. The highest discount available is Rs. 300.

2. There should be a Rs. 1000 minimum transaction value.

3. Sahakari Bhandar, Smart Bazar, FreshPik, Reliance Smart, Reliance Smart Point, Reliance Fresh, Fresh Signature, and SKDS Stores

4. Offer good from January 1 until January 31, 2023.

5. During the promotional time, the Instant Discount Offer will only be valid for one Transaction per card at the listed retailers.

6. For further information, kindly get in touch with the store’s customer service desk or store manager.

4. Fuel Purchase with OneCard

Onecard Offers
Onecard Offers
  • 100% Fuel Surcharge Waiver
  • Validity

    Jan 31 2023

Rules and Regulations:

  1. When you pay with OneCard at any gasoline, diesel, or CNG station in India, you are guaranteed a 100% Fuel Surcharge Waiver.
  2. This fee waiver has no upper or lower bounds.
  3. On the OneCard app dashboard, users may monitor their fuel purchases and the corresponding return.
  4. Additionally, users receive points for fuel purchases, which would be multiplied by 5 if fuel were one of their top spending categories.
  5. The transaction fee levied by the merchant’s bank on top of the cost of the fuel purchased is known as the fuel surcharge!

5. BB Daily

Onecard Offers
Onecard Offers
  • Get 10% Instant Discount using OneCard
  • On minimum orders of Rs. 2000, receive an immediate 10% discount.
  • Validity: January 31, 2023
  • Redeem Link:

Rules and Regulations

  • The minimum order amount is Rs. 2000.
  • A one-time discount of up to Rs. 250 is provided.
  • Offer only good once per user.
  • The promotion is available from January 1 until January 31, 2023.
  • Simply use OneCard to pay on the BigBasket Daily checkout page; no promotion code is required.
  • Contact or email BigBasket at if you have any questions.

6. Zomato Dining – Step Out

Onecard Offers
Onecard Offers
  • 20% Off at Restaurants, Pubs & Cafes
  • Get 20% off at your preferred bars, clubs, and restaurants by leaving the house!
  • Validity: January 31, 2023

Data on Redemption

1. Open the Zomato mobile app and select the Dining category.

2. Look up a location that you frequent to see if the deal is still available.

3. Pay using the Zomato app and you’re done if the discount is valid there. Automatic application of your discount

4. Congratulations! You just made a financial save. The saying goes, “Money saved is money gained”

Rules and Regulations

  1. Up to Rs. 1000 is the highest discount that is provided.
  2. The bare minimum order amount is Rs.2000.
  3. During the offer time, the offer is only good once per card.
  4. From January 2 until January 31, 2023, the promotion is available.
  5. Only the final billable amount net of other discounts is eligible for the promotion (excluding tips)
  6. The list of participating restaurants, cafes, and clubs can be accessed in the Dining area of the Zomato app and is subject to change at any time.


1. Does Cred accept a One card?

Ans: banks that support CRED

We accept cards from VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and RuPay.

2. What advantages does OneCard offer?

Ans: Never Any Hidden Fees

Zero joining costs. No yearly fees. No charges for redeeming rewards. The robust OneCard app lets you manage all elements of your credit card, including the transaction limit, local and international usage, online and offline use, contactless payments, and much more.

3. OneCard lifetime is it free?

Ans: Rewards points can be accumulated and used without incurring any fees. You can get a OneCard credit card for free for the rest of your life because there are no joining or yearly fees.

4. OneCard’s impact on cibil score

Ans: how it affects your credit score

Your credit score won’t be impacted if your application is rejected or if you decide not to accept the OneCard offer. Only once you accept the offer and activate your OneCard will a hard inquiry be conducted.

5. What is the OneCard’s credit limit?

The amount offered will be up to $50,000 or the cardholder’s credit limit. Only cards that are active—meaning they have had at least one ATM, point-of-sale, or online transaction in the 90 days prior to the death—are eligible for this.


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