Dark Fantasy Cookie Contest Win Gold Vouchers, Smart Phone and Paytm Cash [100% Verified]

Dark Fantasy Cookie Contest
Dark Fantasy Cookie Contest
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I’m happy to see you once more. I only have good things to say about you. We’ll discuss the Dark Fantasy Cookie Contest to Win a Smart Phone, Paytm Cash, and Gold Vouchers. We’ll talk about the Gold Vouchers, Smart Phone, and Paytm Cash Offer for the Dark Fantasy Cookie Contest.

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Dark Fantasy Cookie Contest Win Gold Vouchers, Smart Phone, and Paytm Cash [100% Verified]

Dark Fantasy Cookie Contest
Dark Fantasy Cookie Contest

Hello everyone! I sincerely hope you’re all enjoying the Androidbuzz special offers and insider information. Similar to our prior Gintaa App Refer & Earn & Working Free Paytm Cash Instant Cadbury Madbury Contest, we are bringing you another offer today. using the Dark Fantasy Cookie Contest, Win a Smart Phone, Paytm Cash, and Gold Vouchers

Dark Fantasy Cookie Contest:

The source of this offer is ITC Dark Fantasy Cookie. Grab a Dark Fantasy Cookie for a chance to win Maha Prizes. Free smartphones, gold vouchers, trips to Paris, and gift vouchers are also being given away when sending SMS messages.

Through a web interface that resembles a chatbot, Sunfeast Dark Fantasy has developed an unusual campaign to engage and satisfy its customers. Customers can take part by making a missed call or scanning a QR Code printed on the package. Grab the Sunfeast Dark Fantasy promotional packs that have been specifically marked today, find your fantasy cookie, and win big. Available in 75-gram and 18-gram pack sizes on Sunfeast Dark Fantasy Biscuits.

Prizes Gift cards for clothing, shopping, gold, smartphones, and a trip for two to Paris
Winners 20,000 winners
Offer Validity 1st September to 31st December 2022
SMS Time Full Day Till Contest Ends
Miss Call Number 9645296452


  • Sunfeast Dark fantasy biscuits in 75grams and 18grams pack sizes
  • Purchase These Packs From Your Neighborhood Grocery Stores
  • Ensure that the Offer for Find Your Fantasy Cookie is Mentioned on the Pack
  • Utilize the packaging, which has the BATCH Code.
  • Benefits are promised to you provided you meet the requirements.

STEPS TO PARTICIPATE in Dark Fantasy Cookie Contest:

  1. Visit www.findyourfantasycookie.com, scan the QR Code printed on the product, or give 9645296452 a missed call to get a web link sent to your registered telephone number through SMS.
  2. The Participants’ smartphone’s web browser will bring them to an interface that looks like a chatbot.
  3. Participants must enter the required information, including their name, phone number, and state of residence.
  4. If a participant has an engraved cookie with pictures of prizes like a smartphone, gold coin, 200 rupees Amazon gift card, or a trip to Paris for the winner and their spouse, they must upload a photo of the cookie together with the unique code that was included with the product.
  5. If a participant doesn’t have the engraved cookie, they must submit the batch code of the product and provide a 100-word original and skillful response to the question, “Why do you adore Sunfeast Dark Fantasy Cookie?”
  6. When the contest is successfully concluded, the contestant who does not own the inscribed cookie will, upon submission of the entry, get an Assured reward of a Sunfeast Dark Fantasy Recipe Booklet.


  1. An original, brand-new, and carefully chosen Sunfeast Dark Fantasy Recipe booklet is the “Assured Prize.” No of how many entries a participant submits, they are only eligible to claim one Assured Prize per mobile number or email address throughout the Campaign Period.

2. The prize announced by BigCity for a specific week throughout the Campaign Period is referred to as the “Weekly Prize,” regardless of the day of the announcement. 1227 (One Thousand Two Hundred and Twenty-seven) Weekly Prize Winners will be selected from the Participants who are engaging in the Campaign through a Batch Code and do not have the engraved cookie during the Campaign Period and the Campaign Timing. Such a winner will be entitled to receive a smartphone, a gold voucher, or an Amazon gift card worth 200 rupees.

3. Weekly Bumper Prize: Throughout the Campaign Period and the Campaign Timing, 1 (One) Participant will be selected on a monthly basis from among those who are entering the Campaign with a Batch Code but do not have the engraved cookie to win a vacation for the Winner and their spouse to Paris. During the Campaign Period, a maximum of 3 (Three) Winners will be selected.

4. “Winners” refers to Contestants who have taken home a Weekly Prize or Weekly Bumper Prize.

5. Winners Selected by Cookie Engraving and Unique Code – During the Campaign Period and the Campaign Timing, 20000 (Twenty Thousand) Participants who have the engraved Cookie will be selected based on the photographs of the cookie engraving provided along with a valid unique code printed inside the pack. These winners will be eligible for prizes like smartphones, gold gift cards, and 200 rupee Amazon gift cards. or, if applicable, a trip to Paris for the winner and their spouse. Throughout the Campaign Period, up to 20000 (Twenty Thousand) Winners will be selected.

6. During the Campaign Period, one person is only eligible to win a maximum of 1 Weekly Prize or 1 Weekly Bumper Prize. After winning a Weekly Prize or Weekly Bumper Prize, a qualified participant is ineligible to win another Weekly Prize or Weekly Bumper Prize for the remainder of the Campaign Period.

Batch code and redemption code for the Sunfeast Dark Fantasy Cookie Contest:

The batch Code for the Dark Fantasy Cookie Contest is 0634.

  1. If you know the code, please let us know in the comments section below. Alternatively, if you can buy the pack and post the code here, we’ll refund your money.

2. Click the Get Started button on the Dark Fantasy Cookie Offer Page by clicking here.

Dark Fantasy Cookie Contest
Dark Fantasy Cookie Contest

3. Sign up with your name and mobile number, then continue.

Dark Fantasy Cookie Contest
Dark Fantasy Cookie Contest

4. Enter your mobile number, the name of the batch code or redeem code, and other details.

Dark Fantasy Cookie Contest
Dark Fantasy Cookie Contest

5. You will receive a surprise discount voucher code for 100 off of purchases of at least 1000 immediately.

Rules & Regulations:

  • This contest, which has a limited time frame, is sponsored and run by ITC Limited (also known as “ITC” or “Company”) for Sunfeast Dark Fantasy Biscuits in pack sizes of 75 grams and 18 grams (also known as “Product”).
  • The Campaign will be organized and managed by Premier Sales Promotions Private Limited (hereinafter referred to as “BigCity”).
  • Individual consumers who participate in the Campaign or attempt to do so are referred to as “Participants” and as a group, “Participants.”
  • This campaign’s participation is entirely voluntary.
  • Each Participant is presumed to have agreed to the full terms and conditions of this Campaign, which are available at findyourfantasycookie.bigcityexperience.com, as well as the final and binding decisions of ITC in all issues pertaining to the Campaign.
  • Entry into the Campaign, receiving a Prize, and receiving an Assured Gift are all contingent upon meeting all requirements outlined in this document.
  • The “Campaign Period” is the time period starting on September 1, 2022, at 12:00:01 AM, and ending on December 31, 2022, at 11:59:59 PM. During the Campaign Period, the participation window for the Campaign is from 12:00:01 AM to 11:59:59 PM (the “Campaign Timings”).
  • All applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations are applicable to the Campaign.
  • The state of Tamil Nadu does not apply to this campaign. When enrolling and supplying the required information for this contest, Tamil Nadu residents who unwittingly, mistakenly, or incorrectly indicate that Tamil Nadu is where they live are not eligible for the campaign. In all of the aforementioned situations, such Participants’ participation in the Campaign shall be revoked, and any Prize or promised gift they have already received shall be forfeited and returned to Big City at their own expense.
  • BigCity is directly providing the Prizes as part of this Campaign. ITC is not liable for anything related to this Campaign, the Prize, or the Assured gift offered within, either directly or indirectly.

Frequently Asked Questions Dark Fantasy Cookie Contest:

1. Why do you adore fantasy-themed dark cookies?

Ans: The taste and texture of Sunfeast Dark Fantasy Choco Nut Fill cookies are perfect in every way. the perfect amount of sweetness, the crisp, fresh-tasting almonds, the smooth, flavorful chocolate filling, and the crunch of the biscuit. These were the qualities that we found appealing.

2. Do Dark Fantasy biscuits include eggs?

Ans: In order to serve the greatest possible spectrum of customers, we ensure that our Dark Fantasy biscuits and cookies are entirely vegetarian. However, the Dark Fantasy Yumfills cakes are offered in some areas in both egg-free and egg-containing varieties, whereas the Choco Chunks contain eggs.

3. What is the equivalent in biscuits of 40 Rs dark fantasy?

Ans: It includes six individually wrapped cookies with chocolate crème filling that can be distributed to friends and family.

4. What does dark fantasy serve?

Ans: He frequently substituted dark fantasy for horror since horror was becoming more and more linked with works that were more graphic. A story presented from a monster’s perspective or one that offers a more sympathetic view of supernatural beings typically associated with horror are both examples of dark fantasy.

5. What characteristics distinguish an excellent dark fantasy?

Ans: Dark fantasies often feature frightening images, malevolent creatures, and dark magic. These stories have a menacing tone, and both the protagonists and the readers will feel hostile in the environment.


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