50+ Best Fantasy Cricket Apps In India 2023

Fantasy Cricket Apps In India
Fantasy Cricket Apps In India

50+ Best Fantasy Cricket Apps In India 2023

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I’m happy to see you once more. I only have good things to say about you. We’ll discuss the Top 50 Fantasy Cricket Apps. We’ll discuss more than 50 Fantasy Cricket Apps. In this online game, real cricket players are represented by a virtual squad, and the number of points they earn depends on how well they perform in actual matches. Players must strive to get the most points and the top spot on the leaderboard in order to win a tournament


  • Cricket is India’s national sport, and it goes without saying that Indians enjoy playing and watching the game. But what should you do if you truly want to play on the ground but are unable to? Do not worry; we have the answer for you in the form of fantasy cricket applications. Over the past few years, these apps have significantly increased users. The first fantasy cricket app in India was called Dream-11, and that is where it all started.
  • As a result of the phenomenal reception, it caused a boom in the games app business. Numerous new people joined, and the introduction of IPL gave it its major boost. You can choose any reputable platform and make a lot of money with them because there are plenty of fantasy applications available that provide fantastic deals and are simple to use.
  • You must make sure that you choose the proper software because there are several available that could be frauds or scams. We’ve compiled a list of some of the greatest and most reliable cricket applications to save you time and effort; disregard the rankings as they were chosen randomly.



One of the most popular fantasy gaming applications in India in 2022 is Paytm First Games. The public trusted Sachin Tendulkar as its brand ambassador because he never promoted inferior goods that could hurt society. Users can win up to 1 crore per day in Paytm First games’ big rewards and up to 5 crore per day in Paytm Cash. In addition to cricket, you may play many other games, including Ludo, Rummy, and games from the action and puzzle genres, among many more.

2. DREAM 11

  • One of the best fantasy cricket applications lets you play online and compete for cash rewards. The fact that they have more than 8 crore users, making it one of the most popular fantasy cricket applications, would astound you.
  • Because it is simple to use, has the largest pool prize, a sizable custom base of players, daily offers, a wide variety of sports and events, etc., gamers enjoy this platform. You can play other games besides cricket there, too, such as basketball, football, baseball, handball, etc. On this fantasy software, you can also participate in Head to Head, Grand League, Small League, Private Contest, etc.


1. Dream11’s $100 sign-up bonus

2. Rs. 200 Minimum Withdrawal

3. A $100 referral bonus

4. Bank Account as the Payment Method

3. Best Fantasy Cricket Apps: Gamezy

The best Fantasy cricket apps for moneymaking: Gamezy is a creation of Gameskraft Technologies, a unique super-app from India. With one significant exception, the app is identical to most fantasy sports apps and was launched in 2023 during the IPL.

Through 2nd Innings Fantasy & Live Fantasy competitions, users can now play constantly throughout a cricket match. Users have access to limitless, immediate withdrawals of prizes with 100% safe and secure transactions in a fraud-free app.

1. Userbase: More than one million

2. Gameskraft is a developer.

3. 62.8 MB for the app

Second Innings and Live Fantasy Teams are the USPs. Rummy, poker, and casual games in a multi-app. wonderful user interface

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3. My 11Circle (Best Fantasy Cricket Apps)

My11Circle is well-known to anyone who is interested in fantasy cricket platforms. It is very clear that this app is one of the greatest fantasy cricket apps in India given that it features Rashid Khan, Shane Watson, and BCCI President Sourav Ganguly as brand ambassadors.

More than 1.3 crore people have signed up for the portal, which has also given away more than 100 crores in prizes. In contrast to many other platforms, My11Circle does not have a maximum withdrawal cap, allowing users to take all of their funds at once.

Features of my 11circle:

1. A $100 low withdrawal limit

2. Also capable of playing football

3. Profitable referral scheme

4. Large prize pool of 30 lakh rupees

5. Comparable to RummyCircle, therefore regular users of the platform will adore it

6. Combine two teams to form your own starting lineup.

4. VISION11 (Best Fantasy Cricket Apps)

Users can also receive a welcome gift of Rs. 100 on this 100% lag-free interface. Due to its recent introduction and large player base, Vision11 is one of the applications with the quickest growth. It’s quite simple to get started with them; all you have to do is download the app, register, and then start playing to earn points and win real money.

You must give them the PAN card information in order to withdraw the money daily from your bank account. Additionally, they provide a referral program in which you receive a lifetime 20% share from the person you refer.

1. Welcome Bonus: Rs. 100

2. Money Transfer: Bank Account

3. Bonus for Referral: Rs. 100

4. Rs. 100 is the minimum withdrawal.

5. Vijayi Bhawa (Best Fantasy Cricket Apps)

With the recently released app Vijayi Bhawa, you can receive a bonus worth up to 400 rupees. The best feature of this programme is that you may utilise your prize in any paid challenge at full value. There is less competition because it is a new application, which can increase your chances of winning. What would you say that you are waiting for, then? To receive additional prizes and offers, simply download the app and enter the Vijayi Bhawa Referral Code: VIJAY100.

1. VIJAY100 is the Vijayi Bhawa referral code.

2. Several Games

3. Totally Safe and Legal

4. Instant Withdrawal

5. A Rs. 10 minimum payout

6. Constant Client Support

7. Cash Bonus Offers

8. Useable 100% Bonus Cash

6. Mobile Premier League (MPL) (Best Fantasy Cricket Apps)

With Indian Player Virat Kohli serving as its brand ambassador, MPL, which stands for Mobile Premier League, is yet another of the Best fantasy cricket applications in India in 2023. You have the choice on this platform to play fantasy basketball, fantasy cricket, or fantasy football, among many other sports.

You can find all of these games on MPL, along with dozens of other fun games, and earn rewards while playing them if you prefer playing games like Ludo, Poker, Pool, or Rummy over sports.

This fantasy cricket app’s lack of a minimum and maximum withdrawal threshold for your account is one of its best features.

  1. Quick and simple withdrawals
  2. several competitions and pools
  3. huge rewards and prizes to win
  4. referral system
  5. There are several games available besides fantasy sports.

7. FABOOM (Best Fantasy Cricket Apps)

The best Fantasy cricket apps for moneymaking:

The team behind Online Poker platform developer 9 Stacks launched Faboom in 2019 with the goal of adding “FAB” to the extremely competitive cricket fantasy app market. One of the fastest to be downloaded fantasy cricket applications is this one. With its rating structure, Faboom provides something distinct from the majority of cricket fantasy cricket apps, which ask players to choose a captain and vice-captain.

  1. 3 lakh or more users (Downloads)
  2. Developers: Rishab Mathur, Abhinav Nigam, Pratik Kumar, and Sudhir Kamath (9 Stacks)
  3. The app size is 6.8 MB.
  4. USP: Ranking every player rather than just choosing captains and vice-captains.

8. 11 Wickets (Best Fantasy Cricket Apps)

The best fantasy cricket apps for moneymaking:

Ability Games started 11 Wickets in 2018 and currently owns and runs it. With more than 30 lakh participants per year, 11 Wickets is one of the fastest-growing fantasy cricket applications in India. Sunny Leone, the brand ambassador for 11 Wickets, debuted a new feature called “Select Your Substitute” in March 2019. Players can use this function to replace one of the underperforming players with another player.

  1. 30 lakh or more users (Downloads)
  2. Ability Games, the developers
  3. APK Size: 35.2 MB
  4. Choose Your Substitute (USP)

9. OneTo11 (Best Fantasy Cricket Apps)

In August 2020, OneTo11 was founded, giving cricket enthusiasts a place to practice their knowledge by participating in fantasy cricket. Since the bonus can be used in big leagues, you can use it to join paying leagues.

The creator of OneTo11, who is a huge cricket enthusiast, used to play these fantasy games to support himself.

  1. Get paid $100 for referrals
  2. Use the OneTo11 referral code SUAAA6TG to receive Rs 100 upon signing up.
  3. Quick customer service
  4. This app’s user interface is just fantastic.
  5. The only minimum withdrawal is Rs. 50.
  6. SUAAA6TG is the OneTo11 referral code.
  7. Sign-up Fee for OneTo11 App: Rs. 100

10. FAN FIGHT (Best Fantasy Cricket Apps)

With more than 60 lakh subscribers and excellent incentives, FanFight is one of the most well-known fantasy sports platforms in the nation. However, features like 20X higher winnings and 100% useful extra cash are what place FanFight among the top 10 fantasy cricket apps in India.

FanFight differentiates itself by offering more fantasy sports, such as baseball, basketball, and football. Additionally, FanFight gives its users a daily chance to win one crore rupees. Additionally, a user of this platform can withdraw as little as 250.

Features of best fantasy cricket apps Fan Fight:

  1. huge prizes to be won
  2. several options for fantasy sports
  3. minimal withdrawal threshold
  4. Multiple competitions to enter
  5. Distribution of winnings promptly

We’ve come to the end of our list of the top 10 fantasy cricket apps in India for 2022, where you may win prizes whenever and whenever you want. But if you ever decide to invest your money, you must do so in a responsible manner because these games can be addictive.

Given that India is a cricket-obsessed nation and that its users can now leverage their passion and expertise for rewards, these ten platforms are among the top in India and provide some of the best services and gameplay experiences.

11. HalaPlay (Best Fantasy Cricket Apps)

HalaPlay is an online business that offers Cricket, Kabaddi, and Football enthusiasts a Daily Fantasy Service (DFS). Fans who are knowledgeable about these sports can use HalaPlay to make a respectable living. Free Leagues Are Known For Halaplay That’s why it ranks first on our list of the best fantasy cricket apps.

12. Nostra Pro (Best Fantasy Cricket Apps)

One of the top fantasy cricket applications in India in 2022, also known as Nostragamus Pro, provides one of the best fantasy cricket gameplays. Users can play and earn incentives without building a fantasy team by simply picking the match’s winner.

The prediction feature for other sports like Badminton, Table Tennis, Tennis, and Boxing, to name a few, is one of the best things about this fantasy sports software. Poker and Rummy are two other card games you can play if fantasy sports aren’t your thing. You can also participate in quizzes or engage in casual gaming.

  1. Gain benefits by correctly predicting the outcome of the game.
  2. a large selection of fantasy games
  3. There are numerous gaming genres available.
  4. Initial withdrawal of 100, with a 21 minimum withdrawal limit thereafter.
  5. huge benefits
  6. excellent referral program

13. PlayerzSpot (Best Fantasy Cricket Apps)

  • You may play kabaddi, football, basketball, cricket, and many other games on this fantastic fantasy cricket software in addition to fantasy cricket. You can sign up with them for free, and as soon as you do, they’ll credit your account with 1000 gems that you can use to buy players.
  • Additionally, they have a fantastic referral program where they pay Rs. 50 for each new recommendation; however, you will not be paid for referrals who do not verify their account. Its brand advocates are Bhuvaneshwar Kumar and Smriti Mandhana. More than 100 contests are organized daily, and they have more than 7 million members. You can join and win a sizable sum of money.
  1. Welcome Bonus: Rs. 100
  2. Bank Account and Paytm as Payment Methods
  3. $50 as a referral bonus
  4. $150 is the minimum withdrawal.
  5. numerous competitions and awards 100% redeemable welcome bonus

14. Howazat (Best Fantasy Cricket Apps)

The best Fantasy cricket apps for moneymaking:

The Howzat dream app was created by Vinfotech in collaboration with Ojas Vipat and Abhishek Kumar of Junglee Games. Due to its distinctive scoring system on the site, Howzat sets itself apart from other fantasy cricket apps and makes playing online fantasy cricket exciting and fun. Howzat is the top cricket app in India for making money.

  1. Userbase: more than 70 lakh (downloads)
  2. 65.6 MB for the app
  3. USP: Special scoring methodology

15. Balle Baazi (Best Fantasy Cricket Apps)

Another local fantasy app that has recently gained popularity is BalleBaazi. The fact that BalleBaazi gives users the choice to select between Bowling Fantasy or Batting Fantasy sets it apart from other fantasy platforms and makes it one of the finest cricket fantasy applications in India.

Along with Fantasy Football, Baseball, Basketball, Kabaddi, and Cricket, it also provides a number of arcade games, like Poker and Rummy, through which players can win enormous rewards. BalleBaazi has an extremely low withdrawal threshold and generous payouts.

  1. Paytm has a low withdrawal limit of 10 rupees.
  2. many fantasy and arcade sports available
  3. large pool of benefits
  4. An appealing referral programme
  5. Quick transfers of funds

16. BatBall11 (Best Fantasy Cricket Apps)

For logged-in users, BatBall11 runs daily play leagues for football, kabaddi, and cricket. They offer a simple user interface because all you have to do to play is pick the game type, make your team, select the league, and win cash and prizes.

Due to the fact that they run Glorious League competitions, their functionality is somewhat different from others. The number of users participating in the league determines the prize amount, thus the profits potential is rather substantial. Actually, you have the option to choose among three power players: the captain, vice-captain, and player of the match.

  1. 50 rupees as a welcome bonus
  2. 100 rupees as a referral bonus
  3. 200 rupees is the minimum withdrawal.

17. Fan2play (Best Fantasy Cricket Apps)

Another popular fantasy cricket apps in India is called Fan2Play. You can issue new challenges in Fan2Play or take up challenges issued by other players. On the advanced side, Fan2Play doesn’t provide any contests with multiple winners. Two players select teams and compete against one another on this all-in-one fantasy sports platform, but only one player can win. You will receive Rs 25 when you sign up, and the minimum redemption is merely Rs 200. For each successful recommendation, you can receive Rs 25.

18. Myfab11 (Best Fantasy Cricket Apps)

MyFab11 is a fantasy app that allows users to wager on sporting events and win money by correctly predicting the outcome of the match. The winner of the league with the most points receives cash prizes that may be withdrawn through Paytm without the necessity for passport verification.

  1. MyFab11 is a reliable and entirely legal fantasy sports app.
  2. Both joining and taking part are quite simple.
  3. Free bonus when you sign up for the service
  4. The MyFab11 referral code can be shared to earn a sizable bonus.
  5. You are assured of having equal opportunities as a member.
  6. First-time deposit bonus of 100%.

19. FantaFeat (Best Fantasy Cricket Apps)

Another fantastic fantasy app that offers a Rs 100 signup incentive is FantaFeat. A 100% cash bonus is usable. You will receive Rs. 100 for each referral as well. Your odds of winning are significantly higher with FantaFeat compared to other popular fantasy cricket applications because it is not a new player in the market. Only Rs 200 is required for the minimum redemption. For the FantaFeat registration bonus, enter the code WELCOME100.

20. Fantasy power11 (Best Fantasy Cricket Apps)

A recently released fantasy software called Fantasy Power 11 allows you a legitimate platform to play fantasy cricket and display your cricketing prowess. Turn your love into money by selecting your own players, creating the ideal fantasy squad, and participating in private or public pots to earn real money.

Join Fantasy Power 11 and receive an Rs. 20 bonus to play with along with a 10% lifetime referral deposit bonus. Enjoy using the fantasy power 11 app to play fantasy cricket

21. Dotball App (Best Fantasy Cricket Apps)

Due to its incredible feature, this software is yet another one that is popular in the market. The ability to switch between the captain and vice-captain after the first half of the game is one of its standout features, known as “Fan Power.” You cannot find this option in any other program, therefore this feature distinguishes it from others.

Your odds of winning are significantly higher with Dotball than with other well-known fantasy cricket applications because it is a newer product on the market. The lack of a refer & earn program is one of this app’s major limitations, but don’t be disheartened—they still offer a respectable registration bonus.

  1. Rs51 as a welcome bonus
  2. You can withdraw money right away.
  3. $300 is the minimum payout.
  4. They run a tonne of competitions.
  5. Methods of payment: Bank account

22. Fantasy Akhada (Best Fantasy Cricket Apps)

The well-known cricket commentator Harsha Bhogle supports this app, demonstrating that this is an entirely trustworthy website. The software is really simple to use and gives a variety of tools to help you win, so you may enjoy playing cricket here.

The fact that they provide app and website users with round-the-clock support is their best quality. Additionally, the app is free to download; iOS users should utilise the app store, while Android users should use the website’s apk link.


  1. Welcome bonus: Rs. 500
  2. After you win, your account is automatically credited.
  3. You have the choice to choose the players based on their scores.
  4. After the fifth recommendation, they pay an extra Rs. 25.

23. FanMojo(Best Fantasy Cricket Apps)

We enjoy playing, watching, and strategizing about cricket. When cricket players are on the pitch, we enjoy and live every second of it. Therefore, FanMojo, a fantasy cricket software, offers the ideal setting for playing and winning real money by just accessorizing one of our loves. The only completely legal method to make money while watching your own teams play on your smartphone is through FanMojo. to make actual money as the Mojo Jojo of the fantasy cricket world. Top fantasy apps in India include FanMojo.

Every cricket’s favorite part of the game is batting. In contrast to other Fantasy Cricket games, FanMojo focuses solely on the five batsmen you will be using.

24. Real11 (Best Fantasy Cricket Apps)

Because it offers players some incredible features like spot & live fantasy, second innings contests, and offer contests that merely start by paying a little charge of Rs. 1, this is the platform that players prefer the most. Its interface is simple to use, and its referral programme is also outstanding.

The brand ambassador for this app is former Indian cricket great Gautam Gambhir. Downloading the app and completing the registration by validating your email address and mobile number make up the relatively simple signup process.

  1. Rs. 50 as a welcome bonus
  2. 50 rupees are earned for each referral.
  3. Minimum Payment: 200 Rupees
  4. The money may take up to two or three days to be credited to your account.

25. Jeet11 (Best Fantasy Cricket Apps)

One of the fastest-growing fantasy cricket apps in India is accessible for Android users as an APK and a web application. Jeet11 is a multilingual fantasy software that gives users a variety of playing possibilities.

If you enjoy playing cricket quizzes, you should choose this app because it has a tonne of contests where you can place well and make money. They actually provide a variety of fantasy game forms, and participants can earn money by just predicting the outcome or match stats.

  1. Welcome bonus: Rs. 20
  2. From the home page, selecting matches is simple.
  3. Refer a Friend and Get 10 Rupees
  4. $100 is the minimum payout.
  5. Payment Options: Paytm wallet or a bank account

26. LeagueX(Best Fantasy Cricket Apps)

You may have all heard of dream 11 or myteam11, which enable you to earn real money while pursuing your love of fantasy cricket. However, as you are aware, dream11 is a large platform, making it quite challenging for novice players to succeed. As a result, this time we’re going to inform you about a brand-new fantasy game with the same setting and guidelines but more opportunities to earn actual money.

Sports fantasy league, one of the top fantasy apps in India, is a fantasy-based cricket game that lets you earn real money. LeagueX is built on batting and bowling, which is the key component of a cricketing strategy. All three modes are equally popular and are played by many people in India.

27. Fantasy Dangal (Best Fantasy Cricket Apps)

Another fantastic fantasy app, Fantasy Dangal, offers a Rs 425 welcome prize after registration. A 100% cash bonus is usable. Your odds of winning are significantly higher compared to other popular fantasy cricket applications because Fantasy Dangal is a new player on the market. Only Rs 200 is required for the minimum redemption.

28. Go super11 (Best Fantasy Cricket Apps)

Although this app was only recently released in 2018, it offers a wide variety of games to play, including football, cricket, and kabaddi. Both novices and experts can use this program because of its user-friendly design. Mr. Deepak Kumar created it with the intention of revolutionizing Indian fantasy cricket apps.

Simple steps include downloading the app, completing your KYC verification, and then beginning to use it. The nicest thing is that you get paid right away if you win, isn’t that awesome?

  1. Welcome bonus: Rs. 101 (You get Rs.50 on mobile number verification & the remaining Rs.51 on PAN verification)
  2. Quick payments
  3. 51 rupees are earned for each referral.
  4. Minimum Payment: 200 Rupees
  5. Methods of payment: Bank account

29. Kubera Fantasy (Best Fantasy Cricket Apps)

Another popular fantasy sports game app in India where you can play cricket and kabaddi is this one. It is the ideal application for novices because there is less competition, increasing your chances of winning. Normal and DFS games are the two categories they provide.

Additionally, they provide a refer-and-earn program that allows users to earn Rs. 50 for each successful introduction. By enrolling in their affiliate program, which has a respectable commission structure, you can also make even more money. You will also receive a commission if any users sign up for the DFS contest.

30. Livepool (Best Fantasy Cricket Apps)

When playing online fantasy sports games, you can test your sporting prowess and understanding by selecting Liverpool, an online fantasy game in India. Online fantasy sports like Liverpool Football, Liverpool Cricket, and traditional Fantasy cricket are all available with LivePools. So, it’s up to you to decide which one you like. I’ll go over every kind of fantasy sports game available on LivePools.

31. KhelChamps (Best Fantasy Cricket Apps)

Recently released on the market and one of India’s promising fantasy apps is KhelChamps. Download the Khel Champ Fantasy App to play in the free league and receive some real cash bonuses. Khelchamp also offers fast payout withdrawal in less than 48 hours. IPL2023 fun with Khelchamp

32. Pro Sports11 (Best Fantasy Cricket Apps)

One of India’s fastest-growing fantasy apps allows users to turn their cricket prowess into cash prizes. Because there is no competition, you can play football or cricket and make a respectable living. Additionally, you can establish teams and join the battles. Users can also access a backup option, which enables them to make last-minute team adjustments.

Additionally, they feature a referral program where you can receive bonuses of 50%, 25%, and 10% on your friends’ wallet deposits.

33. Indus Games:

As suggested by the name, Indus Games is one of the largest Indian fantasy sports websites that offer the fun of fantasy games. For Indian users, Indus Games is a unique fantasy sports site.

A gang of cricket lovers that live, breathe, and dream cricket created Indus Games! Fantasy cricket is the only way for fans to demonstrate their knowledge of and proficiency with this game at these exciting times for the sport.

You only need to build a team in the Indus games with a budget of 100 credits. Points are awarded to members of your squad according to how well they do in actual play.

34. Fantain:

Fantasy cricket app that is best:

What is the best fantasy cricket app, should someone ask you? Fantain, which has more than 10 lakh users and is more than just a cricket fantasy game, might be the solution. Fantain became an interactive platform in 2016 after Book My Show made an investment in the Chennai-based business. Through the site, users do more than just play cricket! They may communicate, buy goods, tickets, souvenirs, and more. They can even view the score. As a result, it has emerged as one of India’s top fantasy cricket apps.

  1. 10 lakh+ users (downloads)
  2. Anand Ramachandran, Vivek Venugopalan, and Aravind Ramachandran are the developers.
  3. 17.4 MB for the app
  4. USP: Fan interaction, chat, merchandise, ticketing, and mementos purchases.

35. Cricking Duels

Cricking Duel is one of the few fantasy sports websites with a DUEL BONUS element and a HYBRID GAME pattern where you can play yourself as the eleventh member of the team by forecasting bowl-by-bowl scores and making the score higher than all of the other playing eleven members, which can make you win a lot of real money. The most popular fantasy app in India is Cricking Duels.

A hybrid fantasy game that elevates the fantasy game genre to a whole new level is called Cricking Duels. The user can design their ideal fantasy squad for each cricket match to collect points and win cash prizes, which is an interesting feature.

36. Twelfth Man:

Football is the second sport that people choose to watch, and almost all of us enjoy watching cricket. On this fantasy cricket software, you can participate in both of these thrilling games. Downloading the app, enabling your location, and clicking the register button are all that are required.

You must input some basic data during registration, such as your email address and mobile number. The next step is to use an OTP to confirm your email address. After doing this, choose your username and begin playing.


  1. Earn 25 rupees for each referral.

2. Welcome Bonus: Rs. 25

37. fancy 11 Fantasy: 

Users can participate in a different kind of fantasy game and compete for actual cash rewards on the freshly formed market known as Fancy 11! The goal of Fancy 11 Fantasy is to encourage actual fantasy cricket players, showcase your cricketing prowess, and increase your chances of winning money.

38. Gosuper11

GoSuper11 is a fantasy cricket app made for die-hard gamers and cricket fans. Mr. Deepak Kumar created it in June 2018 in an effort to transform fantasy gaming in India.

GoSuper11 stands apart from other apps of a similar nature by providing instant payouts on winnings. Additionally, users of this FIFS-certified app can create their own virtual teams and participate in competitions to win cash rewards on GoSuper11.

  1. GoSuper11 Fantasy Sports Pvt. Ltd. is the developer.
  2. 7.7 MB for the app
  3. USP: Winnings are paid out immediately

39. Cricplay

Another interesting and distinctive fantasy cricket software in comparison to other fantasy applications is CricPlay. You can play two different styles of fantasy cricket on CricPlay. Similar to other apps, the Fantasy league type requires you to select your team of 11 players. However, with Prediction, you may just guess some answers before to the match without having to build a virtual squad.

40. Blitzpools

This program, which was only recently released, has a number of cutting-edge features that increase players’ enjoyment of gaming. Liverpool Fantasy was the name used when it was started; afterward, BlitzPools was added.


  1. Welcome Bonus: Rs. 50
  2. Refer a friend and receive $100
  3. comparatively less rivalry
  4. Quick withdrawals

41. CricClash

Another fantastic fantasy cricket website where you can participate and make money is Cricclash. It resembles Dream11 a lot. Therefore, using the CricClash fantasy APK app won’t be an issue for you if you are already familiar with Dream11. It now offers Rs 50 as a signup or referral bonus. Additionally, it is providing a 50% cash bonus on your initial investment.

42. RotoBash (Best Fantasy Cricket Apps)

Although not well-known, this app is dependable and provides a variety of gaming alternatives. The best part about this app is that there isn’t as much intense rivalry as there is on other websites. Both iOS and Android smartphones support the download of this app.


  1. Welcome Bonus: Rs. 100
  2. Earn 100 rupees by referring others.
  3. Minimum Payment: 200 Rupees
  4. Methods of payment: Bank account

43. CricWars (Best Fantasy Cricket Apps)

To receive a Rs 25 signup bonus, use the Cricwars referral code ANUJG1HFM9. Another game for cricket fans is this one. The game will appeal to the most ardent cricket fans because it not only allows you to make money, but also offers you a variety of coupon codes and other promotional deals that you can use while playing. Many individuals have a blood connection to cricket, and those who love the game are always looking for a venue where they can play however they choose. People used to play the millions of sports applications available in the app store, but this game is unique from the others.

44. Worldteam11 (Best Fantasy Cricket Apps)

Although it has a lesser user base than Dream11, this app’s functionality is very comparable. It’s simple to sign up with them; all you have to do is download the app, enter your information, and start playing.


  1. Welcome Bonus: Rs. 50
  2. 50 rupees are earned for each referral.
  3. several different game choices
  4. You may also choose international teams and place player bets using it.

45. TeamofSkill (Best Fantasy Cricket Apps)

With just very minor to no competition, TeamOfSkill is a freshly founded fantasy cricket website where you can win enormous sums of money and prizes with only a little luck and cricket knowledge. You can use the Rs. 50 signup incentives from TeamOfSkill to sign up for premium fantasy leagues. For each match, you can assemble up to 8 teams. You may also get a cash bonus by telling your friends and relatives about the TeamOfSkill fantasy app.

46. CricMoney 

One of the most popular apps among users is this one since it allows them to win cash rewards even in free leagues. You have a better chance of winning because there is less competition. The top-performing team also receives a sizeable financial award.


  1. Sign-up Bonus: 25 rupees
  2. Refer a Friend and Get 25 Rupees
  3. A user-friendly interface

47. Starpick (Best Fantasy Cricket Apps)

Sports like football, tennis, and cricket are all available on Starpick. This platform is your best chance to win and collect the cash award if you have strong gaming skills. By using the REFER & EARN technique, you can even make money while you’re not playing. The fact that you can use a 100% cash incentive to sign up for premium leagues is advantageous. Additionally, you can receive a bonus of free money for recommending friends to Starpick. So don’t waste any more time and install StarPick right away to start making money.

48. Jiyo11

The ability for players to earn amazing rewards by showcasing their cricket talents makes this one of the most well-known fantasy cricket applications in India. For building their squad and taking part in the tournament, they provide their users a credit of 10 points. They provide two different contest formats: open contests where anybody can enter. The second is a private competition that only a select few players are allowed to enter.


  1. Bonus at Signup: Rs. 51
  2. Refer a Friend and Get $300
  3. To withdraw money, you must update your KYC, PAN, and bank information.
  4. Simple withdrawal procedure

49. FSL11 (Best Fantasy Cricket Apps)

Use FSL11 invite code: DVxWb4 to get Rs 110 on signup. As we all know that cricket is the most favorite sport among people, there are millions of apps available in the market, but very honestly few of them are good. Well, today we are going to discuss a new app known as FSL11. Well, this app is the same just as others, it means it also gives sign-up cash on your wallet with a referral code.

50. KhelChamps

Since its release a few years ago, this software has earned a solid reputation for providing prompt payments and a user-friendly layout. On KhelChamps, there is a lot less competition, increasing your chances of winning.


  1. Welcome Bonus: Rs. 100
  2. a bonus on deposits of up to Rs. 1500
  3. 50 rupees are earned for each referral.
  4. $50 is the minimum payout.
  5. Contest entry fees begin at one rupee.
  6. Bank Account as a Method of Payment

51. Duggout (Best Fantasy Cricket Apps)

Cricket enthusiasts are quite familiar with this app since it provides a number of mini-contests in which you can participate for just Rs. 5 and maybe win Rs. 50. It was first only released as an Android mobile app, but due to rising demand, it is now readily accessible online.


  1. Welcome Bonus: Rs. 50
  2. Earn up to Rs. 1000 every month by referring others.
  3. fewer competitors
  4. For the signup bonus, you must validate your account.


1. Which fantasy cricket app is the best value?

Ans: We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 fantasy cricket apps in India for 2023 that provide daily cash prizes. These apps also feature some of the best withdrawal processes. Additionally, you get benefits for referring friends.

2. Which fantasy cricket app is the best?

Ans: There are plenty of websites and applications where one may play fantasy cricket, but we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 from Dream11 to FanFight because they provide some of the best incentives and industry expertise.

3. Which Indian fantasy gaming software is the best?

Ans: If you’d like to play fantasy sports other than cricket, such as football, kabaddi, basketball, and American football, don’t worry; we’ve put together a list of places where you can do just that and every day receive fantastic rewards.


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