Top 10 Best Free Paytm Cash Earning Games |Best Free Paytm Cash Earning Games For Android 2023 (Rs10000)

Top 10 Best Free Paytm Cash Earning Games
Top 10 Best Free Paytm Cash Earning Games
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I’m delighted you’re back. I have nothing but good things to say about you. The Top 10 Best Free Paytm Cash Earning Games 2023 in 2023 | Free Paytm Cash Games for Android. In this article, we’ll talk about the Top 10 Best Free Paytm Cash Earning Games for Android in 2023.

Our most recent posts, Free Recharge Tricks 2023 and Free Recharge Apps 2023, may be found here. The Top 10 Free Games for Earning Paytm Cash in 2023 | Free Paytm Cash Games for Android.

Top 10 Best Free Paytm Cash Earning Games 2023|Best Free Paytm Cash Earning Games For Android:

Greetings to all of you! I hope everyone is taking advantage of Androidbuzz’s great offers and insider knowledge. Top 20 Working Instant Free PayTM Cash Apps & PayTM Cash 2023, comparable to CollegeDunia.. One more invitation is being sent out today. The Top 10 Best Free Paytm Cash Earning Games 2023|Best Free Paytm Cash Earning Games For Android is the topic of this website.

Free Paytm Cash Earning Games:

  • What could be more enjoyable than playing games and winning Paytm money at the same time? Do you think that’s impossible? In India, money-making apps make it incredibly easy to play online games for money and win prizes!
  • 1000 free games are available for you to play for fun. Give the real money games a try if you want to win real money online. The best money-making games in India are listed in this post; they promise limitless fun and provide players a chance to win real money via Paytm Cash. Isn’t that incredible?
  • Take your smartphone out, then start playing games to earn money. Make sure you have a reliable internet connection, a real money earning app, and a Paytm App on your mobile device before you start playing games and earning Paytm cash.

Why Play Games for Paytm Money?

  • From a variety of entertaining game genres like arcade, puzzle, sports, fantasy sports, board games, card games, action games, trivia games, etc., you may choose your favourate real money earning games and begin playing. Furthermore, you can play as many games as you want on money-making apps and win real cash rewards. Playing these real money games is completely legal in India.

List Of Top 10 Best Free Paytm Cash Earning Games 2023: Game’s Name Games we Can Play More Information About Money Earning Games Click The Below Links
1 Mobile Premier League (MPL) Fantasy Sports, Card Games, Casual Games Click Here
2 Winzo Gold Casual Games Click Here
3 Qureka Pro App Live Quizzes Click Here
4 Zupee App Trivia & Quiz Games Click Here
5 mRewards Solitaire, Surveys Click Here
6 Rozdhan App Casual Games Click Here
7 EarnEasy App Casual Games Click Here
8 Ludo Supreme Dice Click Here
9 Hungama Games Fantasy Sports Click Here
10 GameZop App Casual Games Click Here


1.Mobile Premier League (MPL)

The days of being unable to participate in sports like football, cricket, and others are long gone. However, you may organise cricket teams and participate in competitions with MPL, the Mobile Premier League. Users of fantasy football are familiar with this app because it enables them to put together the ideal starting XI and earn a lot of Paytm cash. Through the MPL referral program, you can invite your friends to play with over 9 crore other players.

Additionally, you can play games and earn Paytm cash without investing because it focuses on 60+ different games. The best gaming experience is had when playing fantasy sports and card games like rummy, poker, and call break. If you want to improve your chances of earning real money, download the game and play it more. This app’s bonus earnings can also be used to buy real money by playing games with them.

Free Paytm Cash Earning Games 2023
Free Paytm Cash Earning Games 2023

How can I use the MPL app?

  • enjoyable gaming experience
  • Bonus money and free gifts
  • Leaderboards & Tournaments up to Rs 40 Crore
  • multiple ways to make money
  • 24 hour customer service and support

MPL App Overview:

App Name MPL
Signup Bonus Rs.10
Bonus Cash Rs.75
Download Link Click Here


Referral code and offer for MPL Pro App: Sign up and Get Rs. 20 Free Cash:

1. First, download the MPL Pro app using this link.

2. Launch the app and enter the referral code.

3. After entering your mobile number and having it verified with an OTP, go to the dashboard.

4. Upon signing up, you will receive 10 Coins. You must begin suggesting your friends after completing any three games.

5. On the dashboard, you will see the Refer Earn Free PayTM Cash banner as seen below.

Free Paytm Cash Earning Games 2023
Free Paytm Cash Earning Games 2023

6. Click the banner to begin sharing your Refer Code on social networks to start referring friends.

7. You Will Receive Rs.75 Bonus Cash in Your MPL Pro App Wallet When Your Friends Sign Up Through Your Link.

Free PayTM Cash Games
Free PayTM Cash Games

8. For each referral, you will receive 75 MPL Tokens worth Rs. 20 in your wallet. To get more coins, you can finish your profile.

9. Task completion and wheel spinning can help you earn more MPL tokens.

10. You can create your own fantasy team, participate in fantasy cricket leagues to earn money, and then deposit that money into your bank account.

How To Redeem The Cash From The MPL Pro App:

  1. Your winnings are displayed in the wallet area.

2. Click the Wallet button in the header to access your cash balance and winnings.

3. The Withdraw button is next to the Winning Cash Wallet.

4. Just enter the amount you wish to withdraw on the withdraw page.

5. Amazon Pay, UPI, a bank account, or PayTM are all options for withdrawal.

6. Make sure your bank accounts are linked for UPI and bank accounts.

7. For PayTM Redeem, KYC is required before making a withdrawal.

8. Finally, select the “Withdraw” tab, and you’re done!

9. Your chosen withdraw methods will immediately reflect your gains.

MPL Pro App: Evidence of Winning

Free PayTM Cash Games
Free PayTM Cash Games

2. Winzo Gold

On our list of Free Paytm Cash Giving Apps, Winzo App is at the top. On the well-known social gaming site Winzo App, players can engage in friendly competition for cash. It is an Indian e-Sports gaming website. There are now ten regional Indian languages supported.

It’s quite easy to earn free PayTM cash using this app. You can easily accrue PayTM cash by playing simple 1-games, interacting with friends, and reaping rewards when they add money to the program.

Winzo Gold is currently the top app for earning PayTM Cash. The Winzo Gold software download can be started by simply clicking the “Download Now” button provided below; it will start right away. You must use a direct APK bundle link to get the Winzo Gold app because it is not available in the Play Store. The official website and the following both provide access to this apk link.

You must instal the apk after downloading it; make sure “Install Apks From Unknown Sources” is enabled in settings. After installation, you may finish your registration and start using your winnings to play the incredibly easy games.

How can I join up for Winzo Gold and download the app?

1. To get started, download and install the Winzo App by clicking this link.

Free Paytm Cash Earning Games 2023
Free Paytm Cash Earning Games 2023

2. Select your desired language after starting the software.

Free Paytm Cash Earning Games 2023
Free Paytm Cash Earning Games 2023

3. Type in your cell number and use an OTP to confirm.

4. When you’ve given your name, you can continue.

5. Your application was granted.

Free PayTM Cash Games
Free PayTM Cash Games

Free cashback with Winzo PayTM of between Rs. 50 and Rs. 500:

Use the Winzo Gold app to get free PayTM cash back by following the instructions below.

  1. The “Wow Wallet Days” promotion will become active under the PayTM Cashback area as soon as you add 1 to your PayTM wallet.
Free PayTM Cash Games
Free PayTM Cash Games

2. To view the gaming offer banner with a 25-500 cashback offer, click on the Wow Days banners.

Free PayTM Cash Games
Free PayTM Cash Games

3. After you have opened the offer, click “Activate.”

4. Open the Winzo Gold application. Log in using the Winzo App Referral Code > Select “Add 100” to add money to your PayTM wallet (Not With PayTM UPI)

5. PayTM will immediately deliver scratch cards to you. Get 25–500 rupees in guaranteed cashback when you scratch. Most customers obtain rewards in the range of Rs. 50 and Rs. 75.

6. You can withdraw all of your Rs. 100 Winzo wallet balance by buying Amazon or Flipkart gift cards from the Winzo store.

Winzo App Refer & Earn Features & Benefits:

1. A free Rs 5 bonus after your friend instals and validates the Winzo Gold app

2. Free Rs 20 Bonus When Friends Make First Cash Deposits Through Your Referral

3. Get a bonus of Rs 2 for free when your friend plays 10 games on WinZOBaazi.

4. Receive a Rs. 10 bonus when your friends make five more referrals.

More Information About Money Earning Game Winzo App Click The Below Link

WinZO Gold Referral Code 2023

3. Qureka Pro App

Qureka Pro is a smartphone app for competitive gaming. Free Paytm cash rewards and coins are awarded to top scorers in games where you compete against other players for points. Each game involves basic competitiveness and is skill-based. You can play common games like Winzo on FirstGames.

The best feature of this business is that you receive 50% of any referral fees. For instance, you would get a portion of your friend’s winnings if they joined through you and won a game.

Qureka is the website you should use if you prefer playing online quiz games in order to both play games and get money. Every hour, a live quiz game is offered on the platform. As a result, you have the opportunity to play roughly 25 different quizzes each day and perhaps win Paytm cash. You can take several different quizzes, including ones in math, geography, and other areas. If you enjoy answering questions and want to compete against friends and online users, this app is great for you.

 Qureka Pro App Overview:

App Name Qureka Pro
Signup Bonus Rs.10
Referral Bonus Rs.25
Download Link Click Here


How to Get Free PayTM Cash by Using the Qureka Pro App Referral Code:

1. To get Qureka Pro APK, simply click this link.

2. Open the app and finish the sign-up process.

3. You must input the referral code below in order to verify your OTP.

4. After installing the APK, launch it and enter your PayTM cell phone number and email address.

5. Start immediately referring friends. You will receive Rs. 5 for each referral, which you can deposit straight away into your PayTM account.

6. Select the quiz option from the dashboard.

7. On QurekaPro, choose “Quiz: Everyone Wins” from the Games menu.

8. Choose a test option.

9. The simple math tasks in the questions are addition and subtraction. If you reply, you’ll receive at least 50 rupees.

10. Add Rs. 50 to your PayTM wallet by transferring funds from your wallet. It Will Immediately Be Added To Your Wallet.

How to Win at Games with Qureka Pro:

There are a tonne of games in the Qureka App. You can win money by participating in games. To access it, click the games tab on the app’s home page. You can play a number of different games there for a chance to win real money.

  1. Start by opening the Qureka app and going to the Games tab.

2. A variety of free games are available, including CricketT20 and Bubble Shooter.

3. Select one of them, then click Start.

4. By participating in key tournaments, you can earn significant prizes after gaining experience from playing these games.

Refer and Earn Terms and Conditions:

1. The person you’re inviting must be a stranger.

2. The individual you recommend must register using your referral link.

3. You will receive Rs. 5 for each referral.

The Qureka Pro App Withdrawal Process

  • The Qureka pro app offers four different wallet types: Coin wallet, Game wallet, and Referral wallet. Each wallet’s winnings can be redeemed on its own.
  • Navigate to the Qureka app’s wallet > winning wallet menu.
  • Click the proceed button after choosing the appropriate withdrawal amount.
  • The initial redemption is for Rs.10 in cash. When you reach silver rank, you can withdraw up to Rs.100 all at once.

More Information About Money Earning Game Qureka pro app Click The Below Link

Qureka Pro App Refer And Earn Free PayTM Cash 2023


1. Is Qureka a paid service?

Ans: As a welcome gift, you’ll get 10 for nothing. In addition, Qureka offers a referral programme that rewards users with extra cash for referring friends to the app. How much money may I make using Qureka? There is no maximum to the amount of money you can make using Qureka.

2. Which app instantly sends Paytm cash?

Ans: GameZy is a Paytm Cash-Earning App.

GameZy is another platform for fantasy gaming where you can instantly earn Paytm cash by playing a variety of games, receiving a bonus of about 10,000, and inviting friends to the service.

4. Zupee App

Friends, you must have downloaded a Google Play Store app that allows you to transfer money from different Ludo to your account. These Google Loudo apps can also be received via a PetM or phone. You must, however, be let down each time. We have Zupee Referral Code 2023 for you, so don’t worry.

In this section, we’ll talk about the Zupee Gold App, an application. which this game’s online earning technique, the Zupee Referral Code 2023, allows you to do. Any winnings can be promptly transferred to your Paytm wallet or another online wallet that supports UPI.

By debiting 10 using the Zupee Gold App and the Zupee Referral Code 2023, you might earn hundreds of rupees per day. However, you’ll explain to us in this post that you can earn money by referring people to this programme. Using the Zupee Referral Code 2023 is the simplest way to get the money, so trust me when I say that.

Playing Ludo and four other games on the Zupee App will give you a chance to win the Real Cash to PayTM Wallet. The winnings can be quickly sent to PayTM. You can play ludo on some Everybody Wins websites and win a lot of money.

 Zupee App Overview

App Name Zupee gold app
Zupee App referral code 1005XJU7KE
Year 2023
What is referral code a unique combination of letters and words on a personalise ID.
Zupee application founder Dilsher Mahi
Does Zupee app make money Yes , 100 % trusted
Download Link Click Here


How to set up the Zupee application:

  • The first step is to download the Ludo Supreme Gold application. If you try to download the Zupee Ludo Supreme Gold application through a third-party programme, a warning notice can show up. Something along the lines of “file might be hazardous” to you will be stated.
  • Choose Download Anyway from the list of download choices to start the Zupee app download. Now that you’ve clicked the instal button, the Zupee Gold software will be downloaded to your phone. You can access it now that you’ve opened it by signing in using your email or phone number, choosing your language, and using the referral code to get your bonus (you will find the referral code in this article).

The Zupee Referral Code: How to Use It

1. The official website is where you can get the Zupee app. The Google Play Store does not have this Zupee app.

2. Open the app and select your preferred language. There are only two languages offered: Hindi and English.

Free Paytm Cash Earning Games 2023
Free Paytm Cash Earning Games 2023

3. After that, enter your cell number and use an OTP to verify it.

4. Play Aqua Ludo to receive a Rs.10 welcome bonus.

Free Paytm Cash Earning Games 2023
Free Paytm Cash Earning Games 2023

5. You will be asked for the Zupee Referral code (22616SD9XI) after validating your phone number. Using the code will earn you an extra 5 Rupees.

Free Paytm Cash Earning Games 2023
Free Paytm Cash Earning Games 2023

6. You’ve now utilised the Zupee app referral code successfully.

7. Your Zupee wallet contains a bonus of 15 Rupees.

How to Use the Zupee App to Earn Money:

  1. Install the Zupee app

2. After downloading the Zupee app, register here. Verify your mobile number in the “My Profile” section.

3. go here and press the “Refer & Earn” button.

4. You will be prompted for a referral code in order to obtain free gaming credit.

5. At this point, enter the Zupee app referral code 1005XJU7KE.

6. 5 rupees will be put right away into your wallet.

7. You can transfer money from your Zupee account to a bank account or a PayTM account.

How to Complete a Test:

1. Each quiz will start over after five minutes. You can use your three free tickets to take any quiz on the home page.

2. Select Register from the menu, then confirm your membership.

3. Right after a test. You can create PayTM money.

4. You must enter a quiz at the right time and complete all seven questions.

More Information About Money Earning Game Zupee app Click The Below Link

Zupee App Refer and Earn Up to Rs.100 Cashback

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is using Zupee payable?

Ans: You can win real money by playing games on Zupee that offer real money prizes. You can choose from a number of real money games and win up to 10 lakhs depending on your skills. With the help of a range of payment options, such as bank transfers and UPI, Zupee provides instant withdrawal (Paytm, PhonePe, Google Pay, Amazon Pay, Bharat Pay).

2. Is Zupee a real website?

Ans: The Zupee Ludo App is among the most well-liked places to play for real money in India. In 2018, Dilsher Singh Malhi and Siddhant Saurabh founded Zupee. Users of the Zupee App can compete against other players in Ludo tournaments and win real money by doing so.

5. mRewards App

You have the opportunity to earn real money by playing games on your smartphone in the form of gift cards and vouchers. Earn 1 point when you download the mRewards App with the referral code in order to receive 499 coins, which are worth Rs. New games will frequently be added to the app. With your earnings, you may make purchases on Google Play, Amazon, Flipkart, and with free Paytm cash.

There are many free Paytm earning apps available in the Google Play Store, but mRewards is currently one of the best. You will receive Rs. 25 in paytm cash for each referral that results in a transaction. Gift cards and redemption coupons can be found on the mRewards app.

mRewards App Overview:

App Name mRewards
Signup Bonus Rs.100
Referral Bonus Rs.25
Download Link Click Here


What functions does the mRewards App Offer?

You can get paid in money or gift cards for the time you spend playing your favourate game. Choose a game to play from our large selection, earn coins, choose your prize, and receive real money payment. By playing games on your smartphone with our software in exchange for gift cards and vouchers, you have the opportunity to make real money.

How to Get a FREE Rs.100 Paytm with the mRewards App:

  1. First, download the mReward App.

2. Upload it to a computer or phone.

Free Paytm Cash Earning Games 2023
Free Paytm Cash Earning Games 2023

3. From the options, choose “Next with Phone Number.”

Free Paytm Cash Earning Games 2023
Free Paytm Cash Earning Games 2023

4. Type in your cell number and use an OTP to confirm.

5. As soon as you download the mRewards app, you will receive 500 Coins.

You may now start recommending friends to start getting paid for each one.

7. You can collect the money on the registered phone number quickly by exchanging those coins for Paytm cash.

8. Use the mRewards app with your Paytm-linked phone number.

How To Earn MRewards Through Referrals:

1. Tap the MRewards app on the home screen of your phone.

2. Select Refer Earn Options on the app’s home screen.

3. Immediately copy your referral link and share it with your friends.

4. Your referral link is the one in the invitation. so shared it

5. You receive prizes after your friend registers using the link.

Six. New users get 499 points, which are worth 5 Paytm Cash.

7. Send 250 Coins to a Friend and Get Exactly 2.5 Cash in Return.

8. Join an unlimited number of referral programmes to receive daily earnings of up to Rs. 500.

More Information About Money Earning Game MRewards app Click The Below Link

mRewards refer And Earn Rs.100 Free Paytm Cash Instantly


1. How do I access my mRewards funds?

Ans: An email with instructions on how to collect the cash via PayPal, get a digital gift card for one of the participating retailers, or get a Visa Prepaid Card will be sent to you if you are eligible to win a gift card or prize from a drawing. You can get incentives if you’ve finished at least one survey or won a prize in a raffle.

2. What kind of earnings can I expect from mRewards?

Ans: Media Rewards, the best paid survey and rewards app, allows you to win cash prizes: – You could win up to Rs.1,000 each month with our sweepstakes. – Each survey you take can earn you up to Rs.10 in gift cards.

6. Rozdhan Games:

The best money-making app in India is called Roz Dhan. After logging into the app for the first time, you will receive Rs.50 for free. Take Paytm Cash out of your account after two days of consistent check-ins. On the Roz Dhan money-making software, recruiting friends can earn you big cash prizes. Gain Rs.6 for each person you refer by inviting them.

And what if I told you that you can now make money using your smartphone to read articles, post news, play games, and perform other similar microtasks? With the Roz Dhan app, you can do it! We’ll discuss this amazing new smartphone app with 40,000 INR Paytm money in the press.

There are numerous methods to gain money using the Roz Dhan App. First, you will receive a 25 INR registration bonus when you sign up. When prompted, enter your invitation code under the Gain Money tab. If you don’t have an invitation code, you can easily crack the “Roz Dhan Invite Code” in Google and copy all the invitation codes you can find.

As soon as you enter the invitation code, you will receive an additional 25 INR. You are able to withdraw this number once you have reached the 200 INR criterion. With the RozDhan App, you must finish microtasks to earn money. There are two groups into which the tasks are split.

Rozdhan App Download & SignUp Bonus

  1. To start, click here to download the app, then input the referral code.
  2. Open the app and sign up using your cell number.
  3. Select the Profile icon after verification.

The RozDhan Referral & Earning Method

You may now be wondering how Roz Dhan truly operates or how you may use the app to earn hundreds of rupees.

Download the best-paying app in 2023 by clicking here or on Google Play.

1. When you sign up with your mobile phone, Facebook account, or Google account, the application automatically credits your account with 25.

2. You will also get 5 for each recommendation. As a result, spreading the word about this app to your friends and family can help you make more money!

3. Each person who uses your referral code to download the app on their phone will also receive a bonus of Rs.50.

4. Next, select “Add Invite Code.”

5. Type the RozDhan Invitation Code in.

How to Share & Earn on RozDhan App in Step

By referring your friends, you can earn 1250 coins (or Rs. 5) extra.

  1. First, select the profile tab.
  2. Invite them using the invitation feature.
  3. You received 1250 coins when your buddies entered your invitation code after registering (Rs.05).
  4. Your friends will each receive Rs.50

Key characteristics: A money-making app that allows you to earn Paytm Cash:

1. The Best App for Making Money

Roz Dhan, India’s top money-making app, allows you to make a limitless amount of money.

2. Finish the job:

In Roz Dhan, there are several easy ways to make money. By using the Roz Dhan app for just ten minutes a day, you can earn enormous prizes.

3.Play video games:

Roz Dhan lets you play entertaining games for free while earning Paytm cash, or money-generating games, unlike other gaming applications. We offer a wide variety of free money-making games and are a great alternative to apps like Helo, Mini Joy, Winzo Gold, and Hago Play that have been outlawed.

4. Tasks for installation and survey:

simple chores and survey questions to make hundreds of rupees each day.

5. Daily Zodiac:

With the help of our daily horoscope, find out what fate has in store for you.

6. News:

Know what’s going on in the globe today

7. Taking out cash:

More than 15 million people have downloaded Roz Dhan, a reputable Indian software, from the Android store. Please use the app for at least two days to check its ability to make money before you may request a withdrawal. Users can earn money by completing quick “Quick Withdraw Tasks” and withdraw it right away to their Paytm Cash accounts.

8. Earn by Walking:

Earn money every day by jogging and playing video games. When you walk, keep track of your steps and convert them to dollars. While burning calories, you can also earn money prizes.

9. Visit Well-Known Websites

Not only can you win real Paytm cash through Roz Dhan, but you can also visit well-known websites for games, lotteries, jobs, shopping, and many other things. You may get anything you need in life with the Roz Dhan Money Earning App.

How Do You Withdraw Money From Paytm?

1. Every 24 hours, your coins will be converted into real money, from which you can withdraw your funds.

2. Remember that 250 coins equal one rupee.

3. Select the Withdraw option under the Wallet Section.

4. Within 24 hours, Your Money will be in Your Paytm Wallet.

5. A withdrawal must be at least 200 rupees.

Another Way To Earn

  • You can also make money by doing other things, such as
  • watch movies with a slow internet connection.
  • You can download and distribute videos.
  • Simply respond to the 12 questions to earn money while expanding your knowledge.
  • Earn money by checking in every day and by completing our application with all of your details.

Rules & Regulations

1. A single withdrawal is limited to Rs.200.

2. You may withdraw up to four times each day.

3. Withdrawing will require some price.

4. We take 10% TDS off if you add a Pan Card. We deduct 20% TDS in accordance with government regulations if you don’t add a Pan Card.

5. You might easily make Rs 200 if you complete the aforementioned duties consistently for a week.

More Information About Money Earning Game Roz Dhan Click The Below Link

Roz Dhan App Refer And Earn

7. EarnEasy App

Download the EarnEasy app, find Earning Apps for Paytm, and get Free Paytm Cash Online. Online money-making in 2023, top earning applications in 2023, EarnEasy referral code, refer and earn.

Hello everyone! I hope everything is good with you guys. I’m back today with a brand-new daily Paytm cash earning app. You may accomplish daily tasks and earn paytm cash with this EarnEasy app. I sincerely hope you enjoy it.

Describe EarnEasy.

One of the well-known apps for task completion is EarnEasy. By downloading third-party apps, you can do tasks on this site and receive free money and rewards. Money can be redeemed or withdrawn via Paytm, UPI, and a bank account.

All new users of the EarnEasy app receive a Rs.50 registration bonus. You can also participate in the EarnEasy refer-and-earn program, where you will automatically receive Flat Rs.15 To register for the app and start making money, use the instructions below.

EarnEasy App Overview:

App Details
Name EarnEasy
Download Link Click Here
Signup Bonus ₹50
Refer Link Click Here
Referral Bonus ₹15
Referral Code RoqfxROm


Use the EarnEasy App Referral Code to Receive Rs.50 Free PayTM Cash Upon Registration:

1. First, download the EarnEasy app from the Play Store or the link provided here.

2. Open the app, go to the sign-up page, and log in.

3. To receive an INR 50 sign-up bonus, enter your full name, email address, and EarnEasy App referral code.

Free Paytm Cash Earning Games 2023
Free Paytm Cash Earning Games 2023

4. Visit your dashboard and complete the many offers you will see there after you confirm your cell number using an OTP.

Free Paytm Cash Earning Games 2023
Free Paytm Cash Earning Games 2023

5. Select Payments from the Account menu to receive a 50 INR sign-up bonus. To redeem your money, you must finish the deals.

Free Paytm Cash Earning Games 2023
Free Paytm Cash Earning Games 2023

6. In order to earn Free PayTM Cash, you must read all agreements, instal the software, and follow the instructions in each task.

7. You can refer friends and earn up to INR 15 for each one by posting the EarnEasy referral code on social media.

Free Paytm Cash Earning Games 2023
Free Paytm Cash Earning Games 2023

8. I did a number of chores here and withdrawn my money into my PayTM Wallet.

9. You can look at the EarnEasy Payment or Withdrawal Proof provided below. Withdrawal in Wallet or UPI is immediate.

10. Do tell your friends about this app and finish the installation steps to earn extra.

EarnEasy App Refer And Earn:

Every user can participate in the EarnEasy refer and earn program

  • Start the app.
  • Select “Refer and Earn” from the menu.
  • Give your friends access to your referral code and invite link.
  • Request that they sign up for this app with your referral code.
  • Your friend will receive Rs. 50, and you will instantly receive Rs.15 flat.
  • You can refer an endless number of friends to receive extra free Paytm money.

More Information About Money Earning Game EarnEasy Click The Below Link

EarnEasy App Refer And Earn| EarnEasy App Referral Code 2023

8. Ludo Supreme Gold App Download:

  • Unfortunately, the app wasn’t approved for the Playstore, therefore you must download it through the official download link on the website for the Supreme Gold App if you want to take advantage of this good opportunity to earn Paytm Cash.
  • Play all of your favourite mobile games in one location with Supreme and win Rs.1,000 every day. Withdraw with a bank account and Paytm.
  • There are many different types of games, like cricket and cut the fruit. We advertise on another app that we can redeem cash after winning, but when you join that app, you are guaranteed to win cash ranging from Rs.1 to Rs.100 per game.

Get An Endless Bonus On The Ludo Supreme App.

  • You Can Earn Free Cash For Joining On All Games By Signing Up & Referring Your Friends. Join five and refer ten to earn ten. The entire amount can be redeemed on the game, and the winning balance can be transferred to Paytm.
  • So without further ado, let’s sign up for the Supreme App and explore all of the opportunities to make real money using the app. To understand it, use the below steps and methodology.

Ludo Supreme Gold App Overview:

Article Name Ludo Supreme Gold Refer and Earn
Ludo Supreme Gold Referral Code BKLE5XB
Download Link Download APK
Sign Up Bonus Rs.10
Refer Bonus Up to Rs.150
Minimum Withdraw Rs.60


Join 5+ Refer 10 to Earn PayTM or UPI Cash with the Ludo Supreme App.

1. First, click the link to download the Ludo Supreme app.

2. After that, open the app and log in with your mobile number.

3. After that, choose your language and enter your name.

4. Immediately after signing up, you’ll receive Rs. 10 in your deposit wallet (100 percent usable for games).

Free Paytm Cash Earning Games 2023
Free Paytm Cash Earning Games 2023

5. Go to Settings, select Refer and Earn, and then enter the referral code for the Ludo Supreme Gold Earning App.

6. Go back to the home page and start playing games with your sign-up bonus.

7. Since games only cost Rs.1, you may easily play with a sign-up bonus and deposit all of your winnings into your bank account.

How To Use Ludo Supreme Gold To Play Games

1. Invite your friends to play online or play with random players.

2. Review the prize distribution and scoring information before continuing to register.

3. Begin to Play! At first, all of the tokens will be in the open position. Each chance gives you 15 seconds to move.

4. When the 10-minute timer expires, the game is over. Highest scoring player wins. The second, third, and fourth places would be decided based on their scores.


Process for withdrawing Ludo Supreme Gold:

1. Open the Ludo Supreme Gold Apk first.

2. Go to your wallet now.

3. Press the button to withdraw.

4. Next, enter your UPI ID or bank information.

5. Type the withdrawal amount and press the “Submit” button.

How is Ludo played?

How is Ludo played? A well-known board game with simple rules is called Ludo. Nowadays, because to advancements in technology, you can even play Ludo games on mobile gaming apps like Zupee. And you know what? You may possibly be eligible to win up to ten lakhs. The best thing is that the game’s goal—moving your tokens clockwise around the board, up the home column, and into the Home area—remains the same. However, the gameplay of the classic and online versions of Ludo will be different.

This article explains the differences between playing the old version of Ludo and playing the Ludo game online. We’ll review some basic Ludo gaming to refresh your memory.

How to Play Ludo: A Step-by-Step Guide

The objective of the game is to remove all four tokens from the yard and move them clockwise around the board until they reach Home (the box in the centre of the board). If you get all of your tokens to the Home box before your competitors, you win the game.

Start the Ludo game first.

Selecting a board is the first step in playing ludo. Cardboard, wood, and iron are just a few of the elements used to make the Ludo board. The maximum number of players on a standard Ludo board is 4, but some boards additionally support a 6-player alternative.

All players must select a colour and place their corresponding tokens on the board in the corresponding spaces once the number of players and the board have been determined. To play the board game Ludo, each player is given 4 tokens.

Roll the Ludo dice in step two.

The dice are rolled clockwise by each participant in turn. The game is initiated by the person who rolls the first six. Even rolling a 1 can occasionally be considered as a value to begin the game.

Step 4: Collect and protect the tokens

By landing on your opponent’s token, you can take it. The opponent whose token is taken must remove it from the playing field and place it in their yard. To activate it once more, the adversary will need to roll another six. The winner of the opponent’s token capture receives an additional chance to roll the dice.

Win the game at step five.

Roll the exact dice value to get to the home box once you’ve entered the homerun area. You must place another token on the board or skip out on a turn if you roll more or less than necessary.

The winner of the game is the one who successfully transfers all of his or her tokens to each of his or her home boxes. Even after the initial winner is announced in a game with more than two players, the remaining players can still compete against one another.

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9. Hungama Games

Download APK Hungama Games Referral Code to Instantly Earn Free Rs. 10 Paytm Cash. Hungama By referring friends, you can earn an unlimited amount of Paytm cash rewards. Hungama Play Games & Get Paid to Play Games. ONLINE GAME PLAY. WINS ACTUAL MONEY thrilling games with daily payouts. To access Hungama Games on your mobile browser, please scan the QR code.

Hungama Games App Overview:

Hungama Games Referral Code XVHEtq
Hungama Games App Download Link Download
 Sign Up Bonus ₹10
 Refer & Earn ₹5
Hungama Games Add Money Offer NY100


Tips for Downloading:

1. Download immediately from the iOS App Store or the Android Play Store and revel in winning.

2. If you download from a website, you must also instal the app.

3. When you open the downloaded file, an Android warning message can appear. Be at ease, though! Android smartphones provide this when you download an app from an unofficial source.

4. To finish the installation procedure, click on the “Install Anyway” or “Continue” option.

5. Select “Settings,” enable “Unknown Sources” in the Security tab, press “Back,” choose “Open,” and take pleasure.

Earn 10 Free PayTM Cash Everyday At Hungama Games:

1. To begin, download the Hungama Games Apk app using the link provided above, or register on the Hungama Games website.

2. You will be taken to the Hungama Games website, where you must now enter your mobile number.

3. Choose your preferred language and confirm your mobile number with an OTP.

Free Paytm Cash Earning Games 2023
Free Paytm Cash Earning Games 2023

4. Your Rs.10 welcome bonus will be deposited right away to your Hungama Games Wallet.

Free Paytm Cash Earning Games 2023
Free Paytm Cash Earning Games 2023

5. Go to the Dashboard where you can log in daily and collect coins for use in games.

Free Paytm Cash Earning Games 2023
Free Paytm Cash Earning Games 2023

6. You can use coins to play games and earn money that you can withdraw from your PayTM Wallet.

Free Paytm Cash Earning Games 2023
Free Paytm Cash Earning Games 2023

7. You can use your Hungama Games referral code to refer friends, and you’ll receive 5 for each one.

Free Paytm Cash Earning Games 2023
Free Paytm Cash Earning Games 2023

8. To receive 100% Cashback, use the following Hungama Games Add Money Coupon Code while adding money: NY100.

Free Paytm Cash Earning Games 2023
Free Paytm Cash Earning Games 2023

9. You can withdraw money instantly and for just $5 from your PayTM Wallet.

10. I’m showing you the payment proof for Hungama Games in my PayTM wallet.

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This game might lead to financial risk or addiction. Play with restraint. Only those who are older than 18 are eligible to use our services in states where current legislation permits it. As a result, users in certain states might not be able to access our App or its competitions. Download the App to get the most recent list of these states.

10.Gamezop App

Gamezop refer & earn offer to get free Rs.50 Paytm cash in your Paytm wallet instantly. Register on the Gamezop website (no app required) and share your referral invitation link with your friends to earn Rs.50 in Paytm cash every day. You can refer a maximum of 25 people every day and earn Rs.2 Paytm cash for each referral. You have to pay a fee to use the internet, and you have to pay a fee to use the internet.

Unlimited Paytm cash self-employment tactics Simply signup with any mobile number to receive Rs.2 in Paytm cash in your Paytm wallet. You can only withdraw Rs.50 from Paytm in a single day. So, friends, just follow the procedures below to get infinite free Paytm cash.

What is the Gamezop website?

Gamezop is a gaming website. Play games and win money without installing any apps. Withdraw your earnings directly to Paytm (no minimum withdrawal).

How To Earn From Gamezop Website?

1. Register and earn
2. Have Fun with Games
3. Earn by referring others.
4. Spin and Wheel
5. Create and participate in tournaments

Website GameZop – Refer & Earn 7 Paytm Loot Instantly:

1. First and foremost, all of you should use the most recent version of the GameZop website.

2. Go to the website and log in with your phone number.

Free Paytm Cash Earning Games 2023
Free Paytm Cash Earning Games 2023

3. Verify Phone Number with OTP and Return to Home Page

Free Paytm Cash Earning Games 2023
Free Paytm Cash Earning Games 2023

4. Now, scroll down by clicking on the three lines in the upper left corner.

Free Paytm Cash Earning Games 2023
Free Paytm Cash Earning Games 2023

5. Select the “Refer and Earn” option.

Free Paytm Cash Earning Games 2023
Free Paytm Cash Earning Games 2023

6. Copy the referral link and distribute it to your friends.

Free Paytm Cash Earning Games 2023
Free Paytm Cash Earning Games 2023

7. When your friends click on your invitation link and register on the Gamezop website using their mobile number, you will receive Rs.2 Paytm cash in your Gamezop wallet.

8. Next, link your Paytm mobile number by clicking the “Withdraw” button.

Free Paytm Cash Earning Games 2023
Free Paytm Cash Earning Games 2023

9. Enter the amount of your withdrawal (Minimum redeem amount Rs.1).

Free Paytm Cash Earning Games 2023
Free Paytm Cash Earning Games 2023

10. Immediately following a successful withdrawal, Paytm Cash will be deposited into your Paytm wallet.

Free Paytm Cash Earning Games 2023
Free Paytm Cash Earning Games 2023

11. You can earn a maximum of Rs. 50 in Paytm currency per day by referring up to 25 people.

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Gamezop App Refer And Earn


1. How can I play games for free and earn Paytm cash?

Ans: Investment: 0 Games to Earn Cash on Paytm in 2023

First Games Paytm. It’s only fair that Paytm First Games, a product of Paytm, comes in first place on the list of the greatest Paytm cash-earning games without investment.

The top three apps are Winzo, Mobile Premier League, and Galo: Earn Money, Play Games.
Brain Baazi, No. 4.
Five. Rush (Started by Hike)
Gamezy, please.
Seven. mGamer

2. How can I make Paytm cash by playing games?

Ans: If you want to play games to earn some extra money on the side, you can try the basic Paytm games. SkillClash has daily Tournaments and Battles where you can win money that you can withdraw to your Paytm or bank account. You may also use this money to get free mobile phone recharges.

3. What exactly is the real-money earning game?

A) Some of the best games to earn real money are rummy, poker, call break, and so on. On WinZO, you may play these games and participate in paid boots to win cash.


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