Free Recharge Tricks 2023-New verified 100% sure working

Free Recharge Tricks
Free Recharge Tricks
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I’m glad to see you again. Nothing except positive things to say about you. Now let’s talk about a few free recharge tricks. Over 50 free recharge tricks will be available from us.

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Free Recharge Tricks 2023-100% sure working

Good day, everyone! I sincerely hope you’re enjoying the Androidbuzz offers and insider information. We have another offer for you today, similar to our previous Daily Free PayTM Cash & Working Free Paytm Cash Instant Cadbury Madbury Contest. Using the Free Recharge Tricks 2023-100% likely to work

Here We are Providing a few Free Recharge Tricks:

Free Recharge Tricks app in 2023. Nowadays everyone wants to earn by doing some part-time jobs. Lots of applications are there to earn free recharges, Paytm cash, and more. Today we are giving you a list of 27 apps that gives high payout.

The advantages of Free Recharge apps

A free recharge app has a lot of advantages.

1. To begin with, it is a fantastic way to reduce the cost of your cell phone bill. The app can be used to locate offers and savings on your preferred goods and services.

2. The app also enables you to monitor your phone’s battery life and regulate your mobile data consumption.

3. free recharge software might help you save money if you frequently find yourself paying excessive amounts for your phone bills.

4. Utilizing a free recharge app has the added advantage of allowing you to maintain contact with your loved ones.

5. You may phone your loved ones, send and receive text messages, and even have video chats with them using the app. In this way, even if you have a limited budget, you may stay in touch with your loved ones.

Finally, a free recharging app can assist you in better time management. You can quickly monitor your usage and determine how much time you spend on your phone with the help of the app. This will enable you to control how you spend your time and prevent phone-related distractions.

1. Amazon Pay- Free Recharge Tricks

  • What could be more practical than having the ability to pay your mobile phone bills back and get cashback? All customers can get free recharge solutions from Amazon India, with a range of options to choose from. You only need to enter your cell phone number or Amazon login information.

recharge free

  • With the help of Amazon recharge options, you can now quickly top up your mobile phone in India for prepaid voice, internet, or SMS. The Amazon Pay Balance section contains the Amazon Mobile Recharge option.

Amazon Pay Overview

App Name Amazon Pay
Download Link Click here
Earn Up to 100% cashback on their first recharge


1. Users may earn 100% cashback on their first recharge

2. extra 20% cashback on chosen recharge plans via

2.Mobikwik Free Recharge Tricks

The Mobikwik free recharge App offers consumers a number of options for quick recharge. The excellent service and full-talk offers will appeal to you. You’ll like everything about this place, from the adaptable payment options to the availability of several device recharge options like mobile phones, DTH, and data cards.

MobiKwik Overview

App Name MobiKwik
Download Link Click here
Earn Up to Rs. 10 to 100


All of India’s top networks, including Airtel, Jio, and v, are supported by MobiKwik plus others. Take advantage of the best discounts and cashback offers by making quick payments with MobiKwik today. Simply download The free recharge apps, and the rest will be handled for you.

1. For both new and returning users, there is a free recharge cashback range of Rs. 10 to Rs. 100.

2. Cashback of Rs. 10 is free when using the promo code 10PE10.

Note : You may earn free Paytm Cash by clicking the link below.

3. Money91 Free Recharge Tricks

  • Now available is the Money91 App Refer and Earn Free Recharge Offer. Install the app to increase your PayTM earnings!
  • Money91 is the best app for leveraging WhatsApp social groups to make and save money. You will receive Rs 3 in your wallet after registering. To earn Rs. 5 for each referral, just enter your exclusive referral code. By merely installing this app, you might receive Rs. 6 in free PayTM cash.

Money91 Overview

App Name Money91
Download Link Click here
Earn Up to Rs. 5 to 6


1. For setting up the app, RS 6.

2. Every referral earns you RS.5.

4. Truebalance app Free Recharge tricks

You can manage your prepaid mobile balances with one tap thanks to True Balance. In addition to supporting recharge, it also offers monitoring balances. Invite friends, get points, and purchase additional packs!

True Balance Overview

App Name True Balance
Download Link Click here
Earn Up to Rs. 5 to 15


  • Instantly Receive Rs. 15 (Rs. 5 + Rs. 10 Loan) Upon Signup
  • 5 Rupees for Each Refer

5. iEnjoy Games App Free Recharge Tricks

Here is another app that offers free Talktime to users in exchange for referrals, rewards, and game play. Despite not yet being on Google Play, you can download this app from its official website and get free recharges by just sharing it with your friends.

IEnjoy Overview

App Name iEnjoy
Download Link Click here
Earn Up to
  1. 30 Cash Points as the signup bonus
  2. Refer Amount Equals 10 Cash Points
  1. 30 Cash Points as the signup bonus
  2. Refer Amount Equals 10 Cash Points

6. 4fun App Free Recharge Tricks

In this list of apps that offer the highest free recharge, 4Fun is another recently released and trustworthy app. The best place to find thousands of Indian videos is 4Fun, a free community for short videos. Sharing brief video clips allows you to express yourself. Become well-liked in India, meet new friends, and socialize. Post brief videos to Facebook and Whatsapp.

Additionally, 4FUN is operating a refer-and-earn program through which they are giving away free PayTM Cash.

4fun App Overview

App Name 4FUN App
Download Link Click here
Earn Up to
  1. Rs. 7 for Each Referral
  • $30 sign-up bonus
  • Referral Bonuses: Rs. 7 for Each Referral

7. Data Buddy App Free Recharge Tricks

An Android software called Data buddy allows users to make money for free by downloading, installing, and registering on popular websites and free Android apps.

Earn money on every Data buddy action that may be redeemed for data recharge.

Data buddy Overview

App Name Data buddy
Download Link Click here
Earn Up to
  1. Rs.5 to Rs100

Share & Earn:

1. Rs. 5 is required as a sign-up fee.
2. Rs. 10 when a buddy makes their first recharge.
3. Additional Benefits: Top Invitees Have a Chance to Win Rs. 100



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1. Tricks to get Free PayTM cash

  • I hope you’re enjoying our free recharge tricks, Airtel free internet tricks, Jio free data tricks, and free Paytm cash offering apps. Free PayTM Cash & Tricks To Get Unlimited Free PayTM Cash. Remember to regularly check out the free Recharge Tricks blog for loot tricks and deals as well.
  • Hello everyone, today we have a very original and sincere concept to make infinite Free Paytm Cash by Doing Virtually Nothing. Interesting? Yes, you read that right. I’ll show you today how to get endless free Paytm cash by simply completing brief surveys. You Could Earn Up to 1000 to 5000 PayTM Cash For FREE From This survey, Which Will Only Take You 10-15 Minutes Per Day.
  • You folks might be wondering why we have to follow long, boring procedures without receiving anything after hearing the term “survey.” No, I’ll give you complete, step-by-step instructions on how to make good money by doing virtually nothing this time
  • So without wasting much of your time, let’s start looting some real money from Amazon and Paytm. Yes, I’m referring to the websites I-say Survey and Toluna Survey.

Working PayTM Cash Tricks for Free:

Methods Free PayTM Cash
Refer & Earn Apps Upto Rs.1000
YouGov Survey ₹3600 Paytm Cash
Panel Station Survey Rs.800+ Monthly
Neilsen Panel Rs.150 Per Month
I-Say Survey Rs.600+ Monthly
Survey Sites ₹50 to ₹10000


From CollegeDunia, get 120 Paytm cash instantly.

The college review website “CollegeDunia” is offering free $100 paytm cash in exchange for your college evaluation. If you present your ID card and photos during the review session, you can receive an additional $20 and $50 in free Paytm cash. Additionally, you can recommend friends and receive $20 in free Paytm for each successful referral.

1. Simply click this collegeDunia review link to get started.

2. Using your Paytm number, open a new account

3. Select Write Review from step 1 and then enter the name of the college you attended.

4. Post an honest evaluation of your college.

5. complete all instructions, and you will earn $100 in Free Paytm Cash in 10 to 24 hours.

1. If Your Review Is Accepted, You’ll Get $100 in Free Paytm Cash.

2. Put your college ID in to receive $20 in free Paytm cash.

3. Upload a photo of your classroom to receive $50 in free Paytm cash.

4. The total profit was 170 Free Paytm Cash.

CollegeDunia Overview

App Name CollegeDunia
Download Link Click here
Earn Up to
  1. 170 Free Paytm Cash.



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Earn 28 free Paytm Cash every week with the Rooter app.

You may watch esports live, which has become popular in this generation of gaming, live gaming, and live streaming, and earn coins with the Rooter app, which allows you to accomplish easy activities and earn Free PayTM Cash & Money. Thoughts of game streaming have been entertained by every gamer at some point in their lives.

1. First, download the Rooter program from this link and make a new
login to the app

2. Go to the app dashboard once your OTP verification is complete.

3. Register: 100 coins

4. Up to $10 Paytm cash can be won each day.

5. View the stream to earn 465 coins.

6. Profile update: 200 coins

7. Check in for two days to receive a guaranteed $5 Paytm cash.

8. 500 coins per reference

9. In your Paytm account, the minimum withdrawal is just $2, but if you log in for seven days, you can earn up to $50 and withdraw it.

the Rooter app’s proof of a free Paytm cash transaction

Rooter App Overview

App Name Rooter App
Download Link Click here
Earn Up to
  1. Rs5 Free Paytm Cash.


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Miss Call & Instantly Receive $10 Free Paytm Cash

1. Simply call 9212608000, 9210306000, 9211203000, or 9211903000 to get started.

2. Auto-call termination will occur.

3. A fresh call is coming your way.

4. Press 1 first, then 2 afterward.

5. Hurray, you will receive 10 Paytm cash right away.

Aadhan App:

Aadhan provides you with the most recent news, current memes, breaking stories, and beauty and wellness suggestions. Refer and earn free aadhan points to obtain free mobile phone recharge. Aadhan is the second greatest free recharge app on our list, and I must have recharged almost 3000 rupees using it to date. I’ve been using this app for over a year. Whether you want to watch trending news, memes, sports news, or get free recharge, you can do it all with a single app.

1. Use the link provided to download the Aadhan app on your mobile phone.

2. Download and launch the app on your device.

3. Next, click Continue and choose your desired language.

4. Enter your mobile number and confirm it with an OTP.

5. Your aadhan account has been successfully established, and you will receive 25 coins.

6. You’ll get more coins if you update your profile.

7. After that, you can use those money to get a free recharge.


Task Bucks free recharge app rewards each referral with Rs 25 in Paytm cash. You must register and share your app’s referral code with your friends. For each successful referral, you will receive Rs 25. Furthermore, it includes several apps on the webpage that you can download and earn a lot of money without referring anyone. You can withdraw your profits as Paytm Cash or Recharge through the app.

1. First, follow the link to get the task dollars app on your device.

2. Create a new account on Facebook and input your phone number.

3. Grant all of the permissions that the app requires.

4. Enter your name and other information, then confirm your phone number using an OTP.

5. You will now have Rs.10 in your account.

6. Refer your friends to earn extra money, which you can then redeem as free recharge.


App Name Taskbucks
Download Link Click here
Earn Up to
  1. Rs25 Free Paytm Cash.


Slide Cash Earning App:

Slide is the greatest Paytm cash type of free recharge app for Android phones. The app offers a Rs 5 signup incentive, which is promptly added to your account as you register and authenticate your account with your OTP. Following that, you will have the option to earn Rs 10 for each successful referral. Earnings can be redeemed as Paytm cash or as a free recharge. Users can redeem their profits anytime they reach the Rs 50 minimum threshold limit.

Slide Cash Overview

App Name Slide Cash
Download Link Click here
Earn Up to
  1. Rs50 Free Paytm Cash.

Earn Talkie App:

Earn Talktime is another free recharge app that helps you by taking a preference point of the app that you have already downloaded for business or enjoyment. You must download the app and obtain genuine money in order to receive free talktime in a matter of seconds. Furthermore, Earn Talktime is a fantastic free recharge programme for PCs. Currently, the app is also offering Paytm Cash. You can earn Rs 150 for each referral you make through the app.

Earn Talkie App:  Overview

App Name Earn Talkie App
Download Link Click here
Earn Up to
  1. Rs150 Free Paytm Cash.


Champ Cash App:

ChampCash is a completely free networking programme that allows anyone to earn an endless amount of money by simply promoting the app to their friends. Furthermore, you must ask your friend to accomplish several challenges, such as installing 8 to 10 different apps on their Android devices. As a result, you will receive money in a matter of minutes.

ChampCash :  Overview

App Name ChampCash
Download Link Click here
Earn Up to
  1. Rs60 Free Paytm Cash.


TalkCharge Aap: Free Mobile Recharge for Flat Rs20/Rs20/Rs10:

  • We’ll talk about the TalkCharge 10KA10 deal today, which entitles owners of Android devices to unrestricted free 10 mobile recharges (10 CashBack on 10 Recharge Exclusive TricksGang Offer). Download the TalkCharge app to benefit from this promotion. Procedures & Complete Instructions For Unlimited Recharge.
  • Use the exclusive promo code 10KA10 for TalkCharge App to recharge for 10 and receive 10 cashback. We still have a trick for you, but this is the important part. So, give it a try at any time to maximise your chances of receiving cashback and free recharges.

Free mobile recharge of Rs. 10 through TalkCharge:

1. Use this link to download the most recent version of TalkCharge.

2. After downloading and installing the app, open it, and then register for an account by entering your phone number and password.

Sign in to the app’s main page after confirming the OTP for the phone number.

4. To get the entire cashback, visit Talkcharge’s cellphone recharge area right away and input your number, operator, and a minimum of Rs.

5. Move On To Page 2 Enter “10KA10” as the promotional code and click “Have A Promo-Code.”

6.Continue to make a payment using a debit card, credit card, or net banking after submitting a successful application.

7. Right after the recharge. Within 24 hours, Rs. 10 in cashback will be deposited to your TalkCharge wallet, which you can spend on future recharges and bill payments. Recharge Balance will be credited instantaneously.

App Name TalkCharge
Download Link Click here
Earn Up to
  1. Rs10 mobile Recharge

Note: More Information About TalkCharge mobile recharge Plans click the below link

Kapow App:

The gaming app Kapow is unique compared to other gaming apps and is available for both Android and iOS. Here, you only need to download one app to play a variety of games. You can play a variety of games because the library is always growing.

This newly released app is in the category of free recharge apps and pays instantly for each referral.

You will receive Rs.10 immediately upon signup and Rs. 10 for each referral. Instant redemption in the PayTM Wallet. You can use the amount from the PayTM App to pay bills or recharge your phone.

How To Get Unlimited Free PayTM Money With The Kapow App

1. Simply click the link to download and install the Kapow app.

2. After opening it, select Login with Facebook and then log in.

3. The dashboard will appear after you log in.

4. Choose whatever game you want to play now to receive the free Rs. 10 PayTM, though I recommend Basketball Master 2 as your choice.

5. Click on Basketball Master 2 to start the game’s instant download. You can then play the very addictive game right away.

6. When you download and start playing your first game, you will instantly receive Rs 10.

7. By going to your profile section, clicking on Invite Friends and Earn, and sharing your Link with Friends, you can earn an unlimited amount of Paytm cash.

6. You and your pals will instantly receive Rs 10 if your friend instals the app using your link and launches their first game.

7. You can deposit your profits into your Paytm account after they exceed Rs 50.

8. There are no restrictions on how you can refer.

9. Start making as many referrals as you can to start earning unlimited Paytm Cash.

Applications for free recharge on Airtel:

You can recharge any Indian mobile operator using one of the following free recharge applications. You can exchange your recharge and earned wallet balance for services from Vodafone, Airtel, Idea, BSNL, MTNL, etc.

How to Download a Free Recharge App-

The article has been updated with the comprehensive procedures for carrying out the Free recharge app download. As a result, you must adhere to the specific instructions that have been modified above in the text.

You must take the following actions in order to download the free recharge apps:-

1- Start by clicking on the download links that are provided on each application’s information page.

2. Ensure that you only download apps from the official Playstore app store.

3- Install the application and launch it

4- On the free recharge app, select the signup option and fill out the form.

5. Use OTP to confirm your email address and mobile number.

6 – Send the OTP

7- At this point, you must enter the referral code to receive your referral bonuses (If there is any signup bonus offered by the app)

8. To earn more free recharges using the app, claim your signup bonus and begin introducing people to it.

Three different recharging app kinds:

Three distinct free recharge apps are available in 2023 that you can utilise based on your requirements. This means that if you want a free cellphone recharge, you need download the apps that offer free mobile talk time recharge. However, if you want to earn free internet recharge, you should only download the apps that let you use your earnings to get free internet balance.

1. Free DTH recharge app. If you want to get free recharge to top off your DTH connection, you should search for websites and free recharge applications that offer the DTH recharge option. in order for you to easily redeem your profits for DTH recharges.

2. Apps that offer free mobile recharges: Due to the high demand for apps that allow users to recharge their mobile phones, these are the most widely used free recharge applications in India.

3. Free internet recharge app – This is another well-known category under “Free recharge apps.” Apps like Truebalance and others offer customers free internet balance and lending services. Therefore, if you’re looking for ways to redeem free internet, you should download the apps that offer these services.

For people who want to gain Internet balance, apps that offer free balance in exchange for performing specific tasks are beneficial. The programme that gives its users access to data is called Databuddy.

Get 40 Cashback on All Mobile Recharges With the Flipcart Paytm Recharge Offer:

Flipcart Paytm Recharge Offer

With the Flipkart Paytm Loot promotion, receive Rs. 40 Cashback on recharges of Rs.99 or more.

Amazon started providing recharge and bill payment alternatives on its app over a year ago. This helped them increase the number of active customers and make Flipcart Paytm Recharge Offer themselves a well-known shopping destination. Additional Recharge & Bill Payment Options.

As you may know, PhonePe is the official Flipkart app. Both program also provide rewards on recharges. Visit The Link Below To Take Advantage Of Our Offer to Those. I am aware that many people enjoy receiving free Paytm cash, thus we hope that using these free recharge tricks would make you very happy.

Additional Apps for Free Recharge:

In my opinion, some of the greatest and most reliable free recharge applications for Android include Earn talktime, Pokkt Money, Taskbucks, and others of a similar nature. Actually receiving payment for downloading and utilizing these apps.

Let’s examine how everyone might be able to receive a free Rs.20 mobile recharge. One by one, read the steps listed below.

On a Rs.99 recharge or for all users on Flipkart, how to get Rs. 40 cashback:

1. Before anything else, download the Flipkart app.

2. Use 20 Flipkart Super Coins to purchase the coupon code from Flipkart below.

3. Visit the website by clicking here to use Super Coin.

4. A Paytm coupon will be displayed, providing 20 Super Coins in return for a coupon.

5. Someone claimed to have obtained 4,000 Paytm Cashback Vouchers by spending 20 Super Coins.

7. Access your Paytm account by copying the code.

7. Open Paytm and begin a recharge.

8. Recharge your phone for at least Rs. 99 or higher.

9. Enter the Flipkart discount code you were given.

10. Once the recharge is complete, enter the copied code to earn 4000 cashback points.

11. Use Any Form Of Payment Right Now

12. 4000 Cashback Points, or the equivalent of Rs.40 in Cashback, will be given to you.

Low DTH Plans, Low Recharge Plans, and Up to Rs. 100 Cashback Are Available on the OneTimePe App:

What the OneTimePe app offers:

1. OneTimePe provides services for bill payment, DTH device recharge, and mobile device recharge.

2.Through OneTimePe’s referral program, you get Rs.100 in cashback into your bank account for each recommendation you make.

Low Recharge Plans for Airtel, Jio, Bsnl, Vi, and Low D2H Plans are available through the OneTimePe App.

OneTimePe provides bill payment, DTH recharge, mobile recharge, and a variety of recharge options at affordable pricing.

For Airtel, Jio, BSNL, and Vi, the OneTimepe App offers a 1-year low recharge plan:

The OneTimepe App offers a Rs.1001 Airtel, Jio, BSNL, and Vi 1 Year Recharge Plan.

OneTimePe is contrasted with Airtel, Jio, BSNL, and Vi’s 1-year recharge alternatives.

OneTimePe App 1year Airtel Recharge Plan Rs.1001
Airtel 1year Recharge Plan Rs.2999
OneTimePe App 1year Jio Recharge Plan Rs.1001
Jio 1year Recharge Plan Rs.2545
OneTimePe App 1year BSNL Recharge Plan Rs.1001
BSNL 1year Recharge Plan Rs.1570
OneTimePe App 1year VI Recharge Plan Rs.1001


OneTimePe App offers inexpensive DTH packages

One-time pay deals with affordable D2H plans are offered by companies like Videocon, Tata Sky, Sun Direct, and others:

DTH Name OneTimePe Low DTh Annual Plan Rates Normal DTh Annual Plan Rates
DishTv Rs.1500.9 Rs.4499
Tata Sky Rs.1500.9 Rs.3240
Sun Direct Rs.1500.9 Rs. 3499
Videocon Rs.1500.9 Rs.3620

OneTimePe App overview:

Article Name OneTimePe Refer and Earn
Download Link Click Here
OFFERS Refer And Earn Up to Rs100 For Each And Every Referral And Low Recharge Plans, And Low DTH Plans 

While they last, take advantage of these current Paytm cashback and recharge offers.

Recharge Now

Details of the Offer:

  • On your first, second, and third Paytm recharges or bill payments of at least 48, receive a guaranteed 10 to 100 cashback.
  • There are very few users who qualify for this promotion.
  • Booking gas cylinders, electricity, mobile, and DTH recharges are all eligible for this promotion.
  • The user’s initial three recharges or qualified bill payments are eligible for this promotion.
  • This promotion has an expiration date.
  • The customer would be given cashback via a scratch card that would appear on the post-transaction screen.
  • If a customer makes a purchase but doesn’t immediately scratch their card, they can do so by going to the Cashback & Offers Section.
  • Cashback will be credited to your connected Bank account with Paytm within 24 hours of completing a successful eligible transaction.
  • If your bank account is not already connected to Paytm, you can do so within 30 days of inputting the promotional code at paytmmp:/upi landing. After a bank account has been successfully integrated, cashback will be credited to the account within 24 hours.
  • Paytm has the exclusive authority to change any of the terms and conditions of the offer at any time and without prior notice.

FAQ’S About Free Recharge Tricks:

1. How do I receive a free ten rupee recharge?

Ans: Free recharge of ten rupees ( 3times per number)

  1. 9705520520 is a missed call number.
  2. You will be contacted shortly.
  3. Choose 1 for all choices (4 times)

2. Which app provides free data?

Ans: Kickbit. Kickbit provides free mobile data and airtime. You must register with Kickbit before it will display you free apps and games. By interacting with them, you can win free airtime/mobile data load.

3. Is the free recharge app secure?

Ans: Absolutely! All browser and application connections to FreeCharge are 128-bit encrypted.

4. How Do I Get a Free Recharge?

Ans: Free Recharge Offers and Coupon Codes

1. THE CASHBACK. Airtel Prepaid Users Can Get Freecharge…

2. CHEAPEST PRICE. With Free Talkie, you may earn free mobile recharges all the time.

3. EXTREMELY VALUE. Now you can get both free Paytm cash and free recharge.

4. SPECIAL OFFER. Recharge your phone and get 100% cashback up to Rs 25.




5. Is mobile recharge genuine?

Ans: Mobile Recharge has always been dependable for me, and I appreciate their quick and dependable services.


I appreciate your reading and hope you will keep doing so. Give this article to a friend or family member who will benefit the most from it.