Frolic App Refer And Earn Rs.100| Frolic App Referral code And Signup to Get Rs.10 Free Paytm Cash 2023

Frolic App Refer And Earn
Frolic App Refer And Earn
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I’m glad to see you back. I only have positive things to say about you. In 2023, we’ll talk about the Frolic App Refer And Earn Rs.100| Frolic App Referral code And Signup to Get Rs.10 Free Paytm Cash. This page goes into great information about the Frolic App Refer And Earn Rs.100| Frolic App Referral code And Signup to Get Rs.10 Free Paytm Cash 2023.

You may read our most recent article, “OneTimePe Refer and Earn,” by clicking this link. This page will describe the Frolic App Refer And Earn Rs.100| Frolic App Referral code And Signup To Get Rs.10 Free Paytm Cash 2023.

Frolic App Refer And Earn Rs.100| Frolic App Referral code And Signup to Get Rs.10 Free Paytm Cash 2023:

Glad to see you all here! I sincerely hope that everyone is taking advantage of the special savings and intimate knowledge that Android buzz is offering. Today, a brand-new service that is comparable to our previous Fam Pay App Refer And Earn is being launched in India. Prime Ludo Hunt App Refer And Earn is also emphasised. Find out more information regarding the Frolic App Refer and Earn Rs.100| Frolic App Referral code and Signup to Get Rs.10 Free Paytm Cash 2023.

Frolic App:

Frolic Refer Code Paytm Offer, Frolic App Signup Rs.10 Cash, Frolic App Refer Earn Up to Rs.100.

Participate in Free Game Play and Win Real Money Every Time. Playing many types of games in this app requires no membership fees.

Fruit Dart, Rubble Sutter, Monster Sticker, and Money are some of the games they have available, but the most crucial aspect of the app is that you don’t need to invest any money into it to play because it’s completely free.

Frolic App overview:

App Name Frolic App 
SignUp Bonus Rs.5-10
Referral Bonus Rs.100
Refer Code DLHM0334
App Download Link Click Here


What is Frolic App?

The finest app for playing games and receiving real money directly into your bank account is called Frolic. A new era of gaming and money has begun. Use the Frolic referral code when signing up for the welcome prizes by downloading the Frolic app. Get a referral bonus for each friend you suggest who downloads the frolic app.

How to Earn Rs.25 by Joining Frolic:

  1. First, click this link to get the Frolic app.

2. When you click on the aforementioned link, the Google Play Store download will begin.

3. Type in your cellphone number and select “Get OTP.”

Frolic App Referral code
Frolic App Referral code

4. On your registered mobile number, you will now receive an OTP.

5. The Frolic referral code must be entered.

Frolic App Referral code
Frolic App Referral code

6. After entering the aforementioned information, click “create account.”

7. You will now receive Rs.25 as a welcome bonus.

8. The spin icon is located at the top.

9. Choose the spin option to receive free coins every day.

10. Play games with your bonus money.

Earn up to Rs.100 cash with frolic referrals?

1. Users can earn up to Rs.100 for each single friend they refer.

Frolic App Refer And Earn
Frolic App Refer And Earn

2. Referral Money for Pay-to-Play Games

3. Select the Refer option to make a referral.

4. Next, share your referral link and code with your friends.

5. Download the app and create a new account with your referral friends.

6. You’ll each receive Rs.100 in your individual wallets.

7. Making Unlimited Refers Earn a lot of money via referrals

How Do I Withdraw My Winnings?

  • Go to the Wallet / Earned Money Section to withdraw your winnings.
  • Now use the app to finish your KYC.
  • Once the KYC is finished, you can redeem.
  • Cash redemption by Bank, Paytm, or UPI
  • Instant Credit of Cash to Your Account.
  • A minimum redemption is 60. (Not Sure)
  • Our Cash Will Tell the Exact Minimum Withdrawal Amount After Withdrawal.



How to do KYC In Frolic App:

  • Describe KYC.

Know Your Customer is referred to as KYC. The process of identifying and confirming a customer’s identification is essential.

  • Is KYC verification required in order to participate in tournaments and fights on Frolic?

KYC is not required to participate in tournaments on Frolic.

  • Which documents must I provide to finish the KYC process?

You need the following items in order to complete your KYC:

  • Card Aadhar
  • The phone number is connected to Aadhar for verification.
  • Pan Card
  • How do I finish the KYC process on Frolic?

To finish the KYC, follow the steps listed below:

  • Launch the Frolic App.
  • Visit the menu
  • Click the Wallet icon.
  • Select Withdraw.
  • Select Start KYC.
  • Check your email address.
  • Type in the connected Aadhar Card number you have and finish the OTP verification.
  • your PAN card’s actual photo in the upload
  • Upload a live selfie photo by clicking.
  • Select “Submit”
  • Why must I complete my KYC on Frolic before making a withdrawal?

On the gaming site Frolic, you are able to play games legally and earn real money. Transferring money from your Frolic account to your connected bank account is included in the withdrawals you can make. KYC is therefore required as identification documentation. Additionally, it promotes safe and secure transactions.

  • Why isn’t my KYC approved yet?

The KYC documents are typically promptly validated. However, KYC is manually validated if our system notices any problem or discrepancy with the information on the provided documents or the live selfie image. Verification by hand could take up to 24 to 48 hours. Write to us at for a status update on your KYC.

  • How will I know whether or not my KYC has been verified?

On the ‘Wallet’ tab, in the ‘Withdrawal’ section, you may view your KYC status. It will say “Verified” once your KYC is finished. However, if your KYC is undergoing manual verification, it will be updated within 24 to 48 hours.

  • Do I need to finish the KYC checks before adding money?

No. You can make a direct financial deposit into your Frolic wallet. However, you must finish the KYC verification process before adding money to ensure safe and secure transactions.

  • What should I do if the error message “Name does not match with PAN details” appears?

It is an external problem if the app displays the error message “Name does not match with the PAN details.” It indicates that the name on the PAN card and the Government Authorized database are different. By taking the actions listed below, you can confirm this issue on the government website.

  • Open the “e-Filing” site and log in.
  • Select the “Quick Links” tab.
  • Verify Your PAN Details by clicking.
  • Type the Full Name exactly as it appears on the PAN card.
  • Enter your birthdate.
  • Select the “Status” field as necessary.
  • Please contact the Government-approved centre to amend the right name on your PAN card if it indicates a name mismatch.

Why did you reject my KYC?

Your KYC may be refused for a number of reasons. Some of the causes are listed below.

  • Details on PAN cards are ambiguous.
  • Incorrect name on PAN card.
  • Your PAN Card’s digital replica has been distributed (screenshot).
  • The selfie picture wasn’t taken in real time.
  • Inconsistency between the submitted documentation and the selfie photo.
  • The documents supplied are “Minor,” that is, they are under 18 years old.
  • Aadhar card and PAN card information not matching.
  • The name on the profile is not the same as the name on the paperwork.


1. Is Frolic a secure app?

Ans: Frolic is completely safe, secure, and legal.

2. Does Frolic give users real money to spend on games?

Ans: Yes, playing games, carrying out specific tasks or activities, and taking part in various competitions can all earn you real money.

3. How do I get my money withdraw?

Ans: Trusted payment processors like Paytm, UPI, and bank transfers are partners of Frolic. With a few easy steps, you can immediately withdraw your earnings.

4. How many different games are there on Frolic?

Ans: You can pick from over 25 fascinating and interesting games.


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