Gintaa App Refer Earn| Gintaa App Referral code Free Gift Vouchers 2023 [100% Verified ]

Gintaa App Refer & Earn
Gintaa App Refer & Earn

Gintaa App Refer Earn|Gintaa App Referral code Free Gift Vouchers [100% Verified ]

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I’m happy to see you return. I only have positive things to say about you. Free gift vouchers using the Gintaa App Refer Earn|Gintaa App Referral code. We’ll discuss the Gintaa App Refer Earn|Gintaa App Referral code Free Gift Vouchers in this article.

Gintaa App
Gintaa App Refer & Earn

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Hello to each of you! I hope everyone is making the most of the exclusive deals and exclusive information offered by Androidbuzz. Top 20 Working Instant Free PayTM Cash Apps & PayTM Cash 2023 are similar to College Dunia. Today, there will be one more invitation distributed. Refer a Friend and Earn with the Gintaa App | Gintaa App Referral code This website’s subject is Free Gift Vouchers From Gintaa [100% Verified].

Gintaa App Refer & Earn
Gintaa App Refer & Earn
  • Our computer experts are prepared with a novel concept where you can “give and take anything,” thanks to years of research and stringent deadlines.
  • The website is called gintaa, and it can help you identify your real-world issues and develop successful solutions.
  • the first 3-in-1 platform in India, gintaa, allows you to Buy, Sell, and Exchange using either cash or gintaa coins. Shop, select your item, and then bargain with the seller. List and sell with no commission and easily exchange!
  • Every person who is interested in great products and unbelievable offers should go there first.
  • Discover a large range of goods, including sarees, toys, books, fashion clothing, electronics, and furniture. Users have the option to exchange, bargain, buy, or sell their goods.

Gintaa App Overview:

Article Name Gintaa App Refer Earn
App name Gintaa App
Sign Up Bonus Free Flat 5% OFF
Download Link Click Here

Gintaa App – Earn Free Gift Cards by Referring Friends:

  1. To start, download the Gintaa app using this link to receive the sign-up bonus.
Gintaa App Refer & Earn
Gintaa App Refer  Earn

2. Launch the Gintaa app, enter your mobile number, and then continue.

Gintaa App Refer & Earn
Gintaa App Refer Earn

3. There is no need to enter any Gintaa App promo codes or confirm your mobile number with an OTP; just keep entering your name.

Gintaa App Refer & Earn
Gintaa App Refer Earn

4. On signing up, you will receive 10 Points for your Gintaa App Wallet.

5. Navigate to the Dashboard, select Gintaa App Refer & Earn, and then copy your referral link.

6. By recommending friends, I have accumulated more than 1000 Points, which are visible in my Gintaa Wallet.

Gintaa App Refer & Earn
Gintaa App Refer Earn

7. To redeem your Gintaa coins for free gift vouchers, go to the Dashboard and tap the Redeem Your Gintaa Coins button.

8. Here, I used my Gintaa Coins to claim my Swiggy Gift Vouchers, and I received them in my Account.

Gintaa App Refer & Earn
Gintaa App Refer Earn

Free gift cards for the Gintaa app:

Gintaa App Refer Earn
Gintaa App Refer Earn

Here are some of gintaa’s distinguishing qualities:

  1. India’s only marketplace for buying, selling, and exchanging goods

2. Purchase goods from a variety of categories at astonishing savings

3. Sell goods with no commission fees and keep all of the money earned.

4. Offering a cutting-edge shopping experience to buy, sell, and exchange, the free online product exchange app

5. List things instantly, for no cost, and as easily as snapping a picture

6. Chat or phone the buyers and sellers directly to negotiate your deals.

7. On each successful product exchange transaction, earn gintaa coins.

8. Gintaa doesn’t charge any commission fees to facilitate goods exchanges between customers on the marketplace.

9. By requesting people to join Gintaa, offering items for exchange, and closing deals, you can earn an endless amount of Gintaa coins.

10. Find buyers and dealers in your area or all over PAN India to find great deals.

11. Purchase Gintaa coins directly for your “Wallet” to increase your “Wallet” earnings!

12. Earn gintaa coins by inviting your friends to the service.

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What method will you use to gintaa?

Gintaa is a platform that makes it easier for people to meet and gain from one another. The realisation that everything has value is where gintaa was developed. Gintaa merely aids in recovery. Join the Gintaa revolution by registering at!

Only on Gintaa is there freedom of choice.

We need to protect the world, our mother. As responsible citizens, it is our duty. And what if you could make money while doing it? This amazing chance is brought to you by gintaa. Earn money while preserving the planet! The experts at ASCONSOFTECH created and conceptualised gintaa, a first-of-its-kind, one-of-a-kind application, which enables users to list and swap products (old/unused) for no cost and promotes environmental sustainability.

How does Gintaa differ from standard eCommerce marketplaces?


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1. What is the gintaa Coin?

Users that use the Gintaa app or platform can accrue reusable digital money known as Gintaa Coin and store it in their Gintaa Wallet. Users can effectively close various exchange deals with their respective exchange partners on Gintaa by using these gintaa coins rather than cash.

2. What is the Gintaa Wallet?

The gintaa Wallet is a digital wallet that saves, controls, and records each gintaa coin transaction.

3.How are gintaa coins earned by users?

The following opportunities to add gintaa Coins to your gintaa Wallet are listed below:

  1. You log in to Gintaa for the first time as your welcome reward.
  2. You share and ask people to join Gintaa using your referral link as your referral reward.
  3. Listing incentive: You list a good or service for sale, trade, or barter.
  4. Reward for Successful Transaction: Following the completion of a successful transaction
  5. You complete your gintaa profile and receive a reward.
  6. Reward with Promo Code: You enter a promo code.

Alternately, you can simply buy gintaa coins and top off your “Wallet.”

4. Can customers purchase gintaa coins?

Yes, Gintaa offers its users the chance to purchase Gintaa coins. Users of Gintaa can buy Gintaa coins and store them safely in their individual Gintaa wallets for a simple and rapid transaction.

5. How secure is the gintaa wallet for storing gintaa coins?

To access their wallets on gintaa, users must always check in to their account first using the OTP they received on their mobile number. Therefore, the wallets’ hard-earned gintaa coins are fairly safe and secure.

6. How may Gintaa coins be purchased and added to a wallet?

Step 1: Sign in or create a new account on

Step 2: Click on the profile icon and then select “Wallet” from the dropdown menu.

step 3: select “+Add coins to your wallet.”

Step 4: Enter the desired amount and press “Continue” to add it to the wallet.

7. How do I check the balance of my Gintaa coins?

The Gintaa Wallet allows users to view their Gintaa coin balance.

Step 1: Log in or register for a Gintaa account.

Step 2: From the dropdown menu, select “Wallet” after clicking on the profile symbol.

8. Users are able to complete transactions using solely Gintaa coins.

Yes. Users can successfully perform a transaction using only gintaa coins if they have a sufficient number of gintaa coins in their wallets. Therefore, customers who do not have any extra goods or products to buy or sell can still receive the stuff they want by completing the exchange process using only equal gintaa coins.

9. The gintaa coins that users have in their wallets may they be transferred to their bank accounts.

No. Gintaa has not yet made this feature available. In the future, however, Gintaa may, at its discretion and subject to conformity with relevant regulations, permit this remittance.

10.If a user deletes the Gintaa app, what happens to the Gintaa coins?

  • The collected gintaa coins in the user’s wallet will be lost.
  • Please email to get in touch with gintaa’s customer support if customers accidentally delete their account and wish to get it back.

11.In the event that users decide to return the exchanged item(s), what happens to their gintaa coins?

The transaction will be recalculated the instant a user rejects an offer. The user’s gintaa wallet will immediately receive credit for the debited gintaa coins.

12.What does a single gintaa coin cost in Indian currency?

For instance, consumers will receive 50 Gintaa coins in their “Wallet” if they spend Rs. 50 on Gintaa coins.

Address: gintaa Tower, Mohisgote, New Town Adjacent to DLF 1, Gate No. 5, West Bengal-700102, India
CIN: U74999WB2020PTC235913 Customer Service: 080-69188100 Gintaa

Terms And Conditions:

  • greetings from
  • According to the C2C business model, the gintaa trading platform offers options for individual customers to interact with one another and Exchange or Sell a variety of products, whether they are new or old.
  • Before using the (hereinafter referred to as “the Website”) and/or the “gintaa Mobile App” powered and operated by Ascon Softech India Private Limited (also referred to as “the Company,” “gintaa,” “us,” or “our”), we kindly ask that you read and carefully understand these Terms and Conditions of Use. All users who wish to access and/or “gintaa Mobile App” or use the website or app Service, whether now or in the future, must abide by these Terms, including all visitors to and/or “gintaa Mobile App.”
  • You agree to be bound by these Terms by using the Service or accessing Your express acceptance of and ongoing compliance with these Terms is a condition of your access to and use of the website In case you choose not to accept the Terms you are at liberty to check out from, without any accountability to us.


The Vendor may not advertise the sale of the following Products on the Portal. The Agreement will be terminated for violations of this Policy, and the Company will take legal action as well.

The following is a partial list of the goods that cannot be purchased:

  1. alcohol or liquor of any kind;

2. miracle treatments, such as unproven treatments, medicines, or other products touted as quick fixes for illnesses;

3. drugs of abuse and psychoactive chemicals;

4. drugs, including illicit substances and accessory items, as well as herbal substances like salvia and magic mushrooms;

5. pornographic, offensive, or otherwise unpleasant content;

6. counterfeit, imitation, pirated, and products that violate any intellectual property rights, such as recordings that have been stolen or copies of works that have been copied without permission, whether in physical form, digital form, or any other format that may not now exist;

7. Unless the vendor is a registered auction house, antiquities

8. Items for adults;

9. Any form of subscription sale, whether or not it is transferrable.

10. coins or notes from India;

11. weapons, knives, gear, and ammo for the military;

12. goods connected to the police, army, navy, and air force;

13. animal goods;

14. live animals and birds;

15. gender testing for infants;

16. cigarettes, cigars, chewing tobacco, and other things related to tobacco and cigarettes;

17. Currency orders;

18. currency, including discounted foreign exchanges dealing in wholesale currency, including discounted foreign exchanges dealing in wholesale currency, including discounted foreign exchanges dealing in

19. items used in hacking and cracking, such as instruction manuals, how-to instructions, information, or tools that permit unauthorised access to servers, software, or other protected property;

20. occasion tickets;

21.anything that has been unlawfully hoarded and/or anything for which an artificial scarcity is now in effect.

22. Almost anything that has been designated as an essential commodity under the Essential Commodities Act of 1955, as amended, including the Amendment of 2020.

23. bulk marketing tools that enable the sending of unsolicited email messages (spam), such as email lists, software, or other items;

24. black boxes and cable descramblers, which are tools designed to get free satellite and cable signals;

25. Government-issued identification documents, licences, including forged identification documents, passports, degrees, and titles, as well as tools for avoiding drug tests, such as shakes that clear the body of drugs and additives for urine tests, and related products;

26. Air bags, mercury-containing batteries, Freon or similar chemicals or refrigerants, licence plates, police badges and other equipment used by law enforcement, lock-picking tools, pesticides, postage metres, recalled goods, slot machines, and other items are examples of regulated goods. These items are also those that must meet government or other agency specifications.

27. stocks, securities, and/or financial products that are tied to them;

28. Products that are illegal by all applicable laws, including any subsequent changes.

FAQ’S Gintaa App Refer Earn

1. How should I sell on Gintaa?

1. Include a product listing, photograph or video, and other information.

2. After the offer is made by the buyer, accept or modify it.

3. Select the payment and shipping methods you prefer.

4. End the offer once you’ve received payment for the item.

2. How do I purchase on Gintaa?

1. Browse or search for products using the available categories

2. Discuss, improve, and submit an offer to the seller.

3. Give the vendor your shipping information or phone number.

4. End the deal once you’ve received the goods.

3. How does Gintaa exchange work?

1. Indicate the item you want to exchange.

2. Submit, accept, or modify the offer

3. Use your preferred delivery partner to courier your order.

4. After both parties have received their desired outcomes, both sides should close the deal.

4. How should I utilize a gintaa coin?

1. Users can use the reusable virtual coin known as Gintaa Coin in place of actual money.

2. To seal the deal, use gintaa coins.

3. Spend gintaa coins on premium goods.

4. Acquire them through profitable trades.

5. Earn cash by using referral links

6. Keep your Gintaa coins secure in your Gintaa wallet.


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