Google Pay Food Market Offer – Collect Floors & Earn ₹350/Process

Google Pay Food Market Offer
Google Pay Food Market Offer

Food Market Offer 2023 in GPay

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Hi guys here, I come with a food market offer in Gpay, I can explain how to collect floors and earn up to ₹350

Food Market Offer 2022 in GPay started on 25th November & the game turned into the last 4th round. the Food Market game is known as Indi – Home or Diwali Mela but the festival is ended & gpay festival offer continues & started the 4th round so named Google Pay Food Market Offer 2023

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Here What is Google Pay Food Market Offer?

In the 2022 Google Pay Food Market Game, you need to develop the tallest building with floors in this 4th round. during the 10 days, you can build 4 friends’ teams to build the highest building to earn ₹350 Reward.
Google Pay Game:Food Market
Task : Collect Floors
Rewards:Up to ₹350 Cashback
Game Period :25th Nov to 5th December

For every single year Google pay brings new games for users to earn cashback, rewards, & coupons, this year Google pay brings round 3 Google pay Food Market game to users for earning opportunities & Rewards, in Gpay game users need to collect 40 visits on their building to win up to ₹50 cashback daily.

Explain How To Play G Pay Food Market Offer 2023

In Gpay we need to build the tallest structure.
Gpay introduces fun challenges from 25th November to 5th December 2023.
* Build on your own / with a team of up to 4 friends
* Floors you won and build will be added to your team’s total
* Rewards based on the ranking system every round will be split equally among your team members
Rewards & Rules for Google pay food market

Google Pay Game : Food Market
Rewards : Up to ₹350 Cashback
Game Period : 25th Nov to 5th December
Task : Collect Floors

You needs to Build Tallest Food Market on your own or in a team. You can only be in one team for every round and You can earn and build floors through qualifying actions to achieve the Structure of the Food Market in this Gpay food market offer. At the end of every round . Team rewards will be evenly distributed among each team member. for getting rewards in gpay food market offers must and should you have the latest version of the google pay app on your mobile
Rewards & Rules for Google pay food market :

No. of teams Rewards
Top 10000 Teams ₹350
Daily collect 40 clicks Up to ₹50
10000 – 1 lakh ₹90
1 Lakh to 8 Lakh ₹30

In Gpay food Market offer to build the tallest structure in round 4 by Nov 25, 2023.  top 8 lakh teams will get up to ₹350 team reward.

Build on your own or in a team. You can only be in one team for every round and people with the same phone number cannot be on the same team.
In gpay food market offer,  can earn and build floors through different Qualifying actions. “Get more floors” for qualifying actions.
At the end of the round, you will get rewards based on your team’s rankings. The rewards will be distributed among your team member

Get Visits & Earn Upto ₹50 Daily in Gpay food market offer :

Now Google Pay has released one more earning opportunity in round 4 Food Market. You just have to collect the 40 visits to your building & you can win up to ₹50 cashback daily from Google Pay. The earlier reward was up to ₹25 for 20 friends’ visits but now Google Pay has enabled the 2X booster in this method too.
* Update your Google Pay app
* Now complete daily tasks in the Google Pay  & collect floors
* You will see this get 40 clicks & earn up to ₹50 offer
* Click on the share button
* Copy your link & start sharing
How to Build Floors in Gpay market offer :
In the below table, we are giving Tricks & tips to get the 100+ floors daily. You have to build floors quickly to get the ₹350 rewards.
Method Floors You can Earn

Floors You can Earn Method
2000 Floors+ Credit Card Bill Pay
100+ Floors QR code Scan
500+ Floors Share & Earn
2000 Floors+ ₹10 Recharge
50+ Floors Food AR Scan

How To Get Floors In Google Pay Food Market Offer : 

A few ways to get floors. Different qualifying actions give you a different number of floors:
* In Google Pay Do a minimum of ₹30 Transaction
Earn 6 floors :
* Do mobile recharges/2 bill payments
* For 2 different contact gpay users do a minimum ₹10 transactions
* Do a minimum ₹10 Payment for 2 Google Pay QR codes.
Get 10 floors :
* To get 10 floors to add extra UPI IDs for payments.
Earn 2 floors :
* Scan  UPI QR code and make a payment. Valid 2 transactions in a day per member.

Earn 4 floors :

* Pay a bill for DTH, or recharge your mobile. Valid 2 transactions in a day.

Terms & Conditions for Gpay food market offer :

You must be 18 years of age or older, in order to use Google Pay. If you allow anyone to use your Google Account on Google Pay, including individuals under 18 years of age, you will be responsible for ensuring that such individuals comply with the Combined Google Pay Terms.