Halaplay Referral Code 2023 |HalaPlay App Download And Refer and Earn Get Rs.75 Cashback+ Rs.150 Signup:

Halaplay Referral Code 2023
Halaplay Referral Code 2023
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I’m happy to see you once more. I only have good things to say about you. This article is about the Halaplay Referral Code 2023 |HalaPlay App Download And Refer and Earn Get Rs.75 Cashback+ Rs.150 Signup. The HalaPlay Referral Code 2023 | HalaPlay App Download And Refer and Earn Get Rs.75 Cashback+ Rs.150 Signup will be covered in this article.

You may read our most recent posts, Free Recharge Tricks 2023 and Free Recharge Apps 2023, here. Halaplay Referral Code 2023 | Download the HalaPlay app, refer friends, and earn Rs.75 in cashback plus Rs.150 upon signup:

Halaplay Referral Code 2023 |HalaPlay App Download And Refer and Earn Get Rs.75 Cashback+ Rs.150 Signup:

Hello to you all! I sincerely hope that everyone is taking advantage of the special offers and insider knowledge that Androidbuzz is offering. similar to CollegeDunia Paytm Cash & Working Instant Free PayTM Cash Apps 2023 Today, we’re issuing one more invitation. This page is about the Halaplay Referral Code 2023 |HalaPlay App Download And Refer and Earn Get Rs.75 Cashback+ Rs.150 Signup.

HalaPlay App:

  • You can play sports like cricket, football, hockey, basketball, and Kabaddi on HalaPlay, an Indian fantasy sports website. where you may use your understanding of cricket to construct your favourite teams. You can wager online right here. Additionally, Fantasy League has a mobile app. Coupons are useful since they enable you to earn a lot of money while saving money. Users build their fantasy teams in order to compete against one another and win rewards.
  • To play some free fantasy cricket, sign up using my Halaplay referral code: SHUBHAM and receive Rs. 100 in bonus money. Through the halaplay recommend & earn programme, you might also make rs. 50 for each halaplay referral. Start practising cricket and start winning Real Cash to make it exciting. This article will cover the HalaPlay fantasy sports website, HalaPlay refer and earn, and HalaPlay team creation.

HalaPlay App Download:

Download App Click Here
  • Halaplay is a Daily Fantasy Sport (Dfs) platform that enables both serious and casual sports fans to participate in cash-based, quick, easy, and engaging games. DFS is the quickest and most condensed form of fantasy sports, allowing users to create teams, participate in leagues, and win cash prizes at the conclusion of each game. Yes, in each game! No longer is it necessary to wait until a season is over in order to get prizes.
  • Halaplay gives us a stage on which to display our cricketing prowess, and the greatest part is that you can win real money while enjoying the game. In India, Halaplay is 100 percent legal and completely safe. Additionally, the fantasy site offers the Halaplay recommend and earn programme. Download the HalaPlay Apk App, create an account, and start earning money. Read this guide to learn everything there is to know about the Halaplay fantasy sports website.

HalaPlay App Overview:

App Name HalaPlay App
Signup Bonus Rs.100
Referral Code G2FZN62P
HalaPlay App Download Link Click Here


HalaPlay Apk Download Free For Android:

1. To get the Android app HalaPlay, click here.

2. After downloading the APK file

3. Select “Allow the unidentified sources”

4. Give all access necessary for the app.

5. Use the HalaPlay App APK Referral Code: G2FZN62P to register and begin playing.

How to Get Rs.75 in HalaPlay Free Credit:

  1. Start by going to the offer page.

2. Now Create a new account using your Facebook, Gmail, or other account, or register manually.

3. Select your user name, mobile phone number, and enter the referral code below.
JFr5k6Vcr is the HalaPlay referral code.

4. Use an OTP to confirm your mobile number.

5. You will receive Rs.75 in your account right away after your email and mobile number have been successfully verified.

6. Play cricket now and sign up for leagues to get real money in your bank account.

HalaPlay Referral Code: Share & Earn Rs. 100 in Bonus:

Halaplay Referral Code 2023
Halaplay Referral Code 2023

1. Download the HalaPlay APK.

2. Access the HalaPlay Refer & Earn Section by opening HalaPlay.

3. You may now view your HalaPlay referral link or code.

4. Spread the word to your friends to get extra cash.

5. You will receive free referral credit when they sign up for HalaPlay using your referral code.

6. You May Invit e Any Number Of People

How to use HalaPlay to play:

HalaPlay is incredibly simple to use to play. To get going, just adhere to these easy steps:

1. Increase your account’s balance
2. Choose a game from the match centre.
3. Create a team and join a league.
4. Watch live matches to experience the full excitement!


How Do I Get My HalaPlay Money Back?

1. Go to your account and click on withdraw in the top right corner.

2. Select the Pan Card option under Account Verification.

3. Carefully enter all of the necessary information.

4. Finally, press the “Submit for Verification” button.

5. Within a day, your account will be validated.

6. Then enter your bank information and withdraw your winnings.



HalaPlay Referral code HalaPlay Today Promo Code & Offers Users
Get Rs. 100 as Bonus On Sign up 5BBNDXHR New User
Get Rs. 150 on the HalaPlay Referral code 5BBNDXHR First-time Users
Get a 50% Bonus on Your First Time Deposit 5BBNDXHR All Users
Get Rs.50 on Downloading HalaPlay Apk App  HalaPlay App All users



HalaPlay Coupon & Code
HalaPlay Today Offer Code
Users Offers
HalaPlay 50% Cashback Up to 50% OFF All Users
HalaPlay referral code Flat Rs.50 OFF on all Orders New Users
Today, HalaPlay Refer & Earn Upto Rs 100 Cashback Paytm Offer
Offer for New Users at HalaPlay Extra 50% OFF Old User Offer
the fantasy cricket app HalaPlay Instant Rs.100 Bonus Amount App Offer
HalaPlay customer care +91 7044333331 support@halaplay.com


How do I use my HalaPlay Fantasy promo codes?

1. Click Here to Download the HalaPlay App

2. Use your registered mobile number to log in or register for your HalaPlay accounts.

3. Type your name, mobile number, and email address.

4. Add money and provide your PAN information.

5. To receive a Cash Bonus of Rs. 100 in your wallet, use the referral code “5BBNDXHR.”

6. There is no cost involved.

Who may participate in fantasy cricket?

1. Must be 18 or older

2. Phone number and email address

3. Pan Card (to confirm your identity and deduct taxes)

4.Any Bank Account,

5. Some Cash (you can load cash through Paytm Cash, PhonePe, or a debit or credit card).

6. A Few Cricketing Patience And Skills

How to Begin Playing HalaPlay’s Fantasy Cricket:

1. Choose a match from football or cricket, then enter the lobby to participate live leagues!

2. Join a league in a variety of forms, or start your own!

3. Assemble your squad and choose your commander carefully!

4. Follow ongoing and finished matches in League Center

5. Check the leaderboard to see how you’re doing in real time!

6. Examine your playing approach and contrast it with that of other players.

Advice For New Users Of Fantasy:

  1. Play regular or weekly games.

2. In just a few minutes, create your leagues and invite people to join.

3. You determine the league member count and the winning criterion.

4. Your performance is compared to that of your friends on the league leaderboard.

5. Examine your play versus that of others.

6. Keep up with players and discover additional facts and data about them.

7. At any point, take your winnings.

8. No commitment to a full season

How Can I Withdraw My Winnings From HalaPlay?

1. Download the HalaPlay APK.

2. Click on Withdraw ( By Clicking On Top Right Menu )

3. Currently, you Have Three Options ( Account Balance, Account Verification, And Transaction )

4. To begin, click Account Verification on your HalaPlay account.

5. Enter Your PAN Information ( It May Take 12-24 Hrs For Verification )

6.You can withdraw your money into any bank account after verification.


Gift Shop at HalaPlay:

Gift shop is a new feature that Halaplay is introducing to its platform. For every action you take on Halaplay, you will receive loyalty tickets that you can use to enter the daily and monthly drawings and win prizes.

This is a wonderful feature that rewards users who stick with the Halaplay app with free tickets and prizes. Anyone can enter the shop and bid their tickets in a lucky draw because it is appealing and simple to use.

How Do I Make a Fantasy Halaplay Team?

You must build a fantasy squad in order to play on HalaPlay, which was recently updated with a new look and feature.

Halaplay Referral Code 2023
Halaplay Referral Code 2023

As we previously stated, in order to construct a complete fantasy squad of 11, you must choose five or six players from each of the two opposing teams, making a total of 11 individuals.

The four categories in HalaPlay are wicket keepers, all-rounders, bowlers, and batsmen.

You may select up to five batsmen from the batting categories, and four to five bowlers from the bowler categories. You may select up to three all-around players and one wicket keeper from the all-rounders.

Halaplay Referral Code 2023
Halaplay Referral Code 2023

There are a total of 11 players available for you to select, and once you’ve done so, you must choose one member for your squad. Keep in mind that Captain receives double points for all goals.

Choose the game you want to play before creating your fantasy team.

1. Go to my teams now (bottom right side).

2. To create a team, click here.

3. From both teams, choose 11 players.

4. Select one of these 11 players as the captain, then save.

5. From here, you can make several teams with which to play.

6. Next, visit the league center and join leagues using the team you created.

Secret Strategies/Tips for HalaPlay:

  • There is only one way to win more money in fantasy sports, especially cricket, and that is by having less opponents.
  • Yes, when there are fewer players in a given league, your odds of winning increase threefold.
  • Join that league by paying about Rs.500 to play in one of the larger coveted leagues that HalaPlay now offers with just 50 to 100 participants.
  • Funda is so straightforward that if you invest Rs.500, you can get your money back even if you manage to place in the top 25 out of 100 players. Not that hard, huh? If you are knowledgeable about cricket, it is doable. Do you know what the league’s top spotter’s winning award is? Its ₹10,000.

Season Pass for HalaPlay:

  • One of HalaPlay’s best features is the Season Pass, which can be purchased for silver, gold, or platinum using real money or referral rewards. You can enter any paid cash bonus match by purchasing this Season Pass.
  • Also, in addition to this You will receive a free T-shirt with every pass purchase, which will be delivered following the tournament. The details of the HalaPlay Fantasy Pass’s Main Highlights are listed below.

1. Monster offers up to 20 free entries.

2. No platform fees at all.

3. Free admission to the films Reverse Monster, Esperanza, Last Man Standing, Rumble, and Double Up 50

HalaPlay T20 IPL Points:

Batting Points Points Bowling Points Points
For every run scored 1 Points For every wicket taken 20 Points
For every 6 hit 2 Points For 3-wicket haul 10 Points
For every 4 hit 1 Points For 4-wicket haul 20 Points
For runs from 30 to 49 10 Points For 5 wicket or more 30 Points
For runs from 50 to 99 20 Points For every maiden 20 Points
For 100 or more runs 30 Points Economy rate 0 to 5.00 15 Points
For Duck (except bowlers) -5 Points Economy rate 5.01 to 8.00 10 Points
Strike rate 0 to 49.99 -15 Points Economy rate 8.01 to 10.00 5 Points
Strike rate 50 to 74.99 -10 Points Economy rate 10.01 to 12.00 -10 Points
Strike rate 100 to 149.99 5 Points Economy rate 12.01 or more -15 Points
Strike rate 150.00 to 199.99 10 Points
Strike rate 200.00 or more 15 Points


Reviews By Playstore on Halaplay App:

Best fantasy app in terms of gameplay and offering with low platform fee. Looking forward to win more on this app.
                                                                      by B.Narasimha Reddy
I have been using this fantasy app from 2018 and low platform fee for head to head matches, also good customer service..
                                                                       by avinash k.m
Easy UI and only captain is required to create team which is best I love this app
                                                                       by Mady Cool


1. What is Halaplay’s minimum withdrawal amount?

Ans: The lowest withdrawal amount from Halaplay is Rs.100, while the weekly maximum is Rs. 1,000,000.

2. How do I claim my Halaplay bonus?

Ans: Bonus is the cash granted to users by HalaPlay so they can play more games, save their wins, and make deposits. It is given to a user upon their registration, whether they did so through our referral program or not. Use the promotional code WELCOME to receive a 50% bonus on your initial deposit, up to a maximum of Rs.250.

3. How can I recommend Halaplay?

Ans: Important Reminder

1. When a friend joins Halaplay using your referral code, you and your friend will each receive Rs.50.

2. When your buddy makes their first transaction of Rs.100 or more, you and your friend will each receive an additional Rs.50

3. You can invite as many friends as you want.

4. When your buddy verifies His or her PAN information, the referral incentive will be given.


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