How To Roll Back From Custom ROM To Stable ROM

Custom ROM To Stable ROM
Custom ROM To Stable ROM

How to roll back from custom ROM to stock ROM for all phones :

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Hello guys! Have you ever rooted your device? Upgrade to the latest version using custom ROM? For all of you guys, if you face any lag in the performance after the upgrade. However, if you feel to get back to the previous version, then don’t worry guys! We are here to help you. In this blog, we providing you information on how to roll back from custom ROM to stock ROM. We are providing you with two procedures. Both will work effectively. You can choose one between the two. There we provide the detailed explanation on how to roll back from custom ROM to stock ROM. Please follow the steps carefully. Otherwise, you may feel it may not work Custom ROM To Stable ROM

How To Root Xiaomi Redmi 5A

Requirements : stock ROM from the official site.
2.TWRP recovery.

Procedure 1:

  • Some ROMs will automatically lose their recovery if you try to install custom ROM.
    we need to again install recovery software(TWRP). Once we finished downloading the official stock ROM.
  • Save that zip file in particular directory in internal storage.
  • You just need to backup the current ROM in case it gets an error before going to the process.
  • Firstly, Go to recovery mode > wipe data >select advanced settings
    > tick davlik cache, ROM, data without internal storage. Swipe to do action. This wipes the present custom ROM
  • After finishing any action, always wipe the data in order to work fine but it is not a mandatory.
  • Now the main process starts here, select install and go to the directory of stock ROM zip file.
  • Hence, swipe to install the stock ROM and wait till it gets finished, after finishing just wipe again as I said.
  • Later go back and reboot the phone.
  • Voila! you got back the original stock ROM for the custom ROM

Procedure 2:(simple way)

  • Some devices will produce their own flash tools to get the original ROM back.
  • You just need to go to the official website and start the flash tool PC version and
    install it.
  • After installing, connect through the USB cable
  • Then put the mobile in recovery mode
  • Now start the flashing process by choosing the file directory in PC.
  • Thus the zip file will be different from the above-mentioned zip file.
  • Once it finished flashing it automatically reboots. This OS the simplest way for flashing to stock ROM.

How to roll back custom ROM (lineage, AOSP, RR, sultan,viper..etc) to stock ROM for MI devices :

As we are aware of unlocking bootloader for MI and recovery mode, we are just clarifying the process of installing the stock ROM from custom ROM. let’s get started!

Thus the requirements to roll back from custom ROM to stock ROM is
1.OS zip file
4.USB cable

Procedure 1: (Recovery mode)

This process is some kind of tough.
1. Download the required MIUI ROM for and save in internal storage.
2. Therefore, uninstall all the installed apps because later wiping process will be easier.
3. Go to recovery mode (TWRP) and start wiping this is common for all devices as previously mentioned.
4. Install MIUI ROM zip file and wipe data
5. Hence after finishing the installing recovery will be lost for MI devices.

Procedure 2: (fastboot mode)

This is a simple way as we don’t require many hands on it.
1. Download Mi flash tool PC version from here : (only Redmi note 4) 
2. Download the fastboot devices ROM for Redmi note 4 form official MiUi forum.
3. Open the flash tool and select zip file and start flashing.
4. Hence after it automatically rebooted to stock OS.

Now your device is ready. For more related updates, downloads visit

Guys! remember! This is applicable to all the devices. Thus whatever the mobile you are using, this will work. If you like this, please subscribe to  for more related updates and downloads.  


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