Rs.1000 Free Paytm Cash + IDFC First Credit Card Free for Life from IDFC

IDFC FIRST credit card
IDFC FIRST credit card
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IDFC First Credit Card :I’m glad to see you again. Nothing except positive things to say about you. The content you’re reading today is about IDFC’s Rs. 1000 Free Paytm Cash + IDFC First Credit Card Free for Life offer. This article will discuss the Rs. 1000 Free Paytm Cash + IDFC First Credit Card Free for Life from IDFC.

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Rs.1000 Free Paytm Cash + IDFC First Credit Card Free for Life from IDFC:

All of you, hello! I genuinely hope that everyone is utilizing the exclusive discounts and exclusive information provided by Androidbuzz. Similar to our prior CollegeDunia Paytm Cash & Working Dark Fantasy Cookie Contest, we’re making another offer today. This article is about a Free Credit Card for Life from IDFC and Rs. 1000 Free Paytm Cash.

IDFC Credit Card:

IDFC FIRST credit card
IDFC FIRST credit card

We are back with a fantastic deal. Here, we have the ideal credit card deal for you, one that will reward you with several savings and cashback opportunities on online stores. Apply for the IDFC First Credit Card to receive a free Paytm cashback of up to Rs. 1000. This credit card offers the highest cashback rates for both online and offline purchasing.

IDFC First Credit Card Benefits

  1. On spending Rs.15,000 or more within 90 days after card issuance, you’ll receive a welcome voucher worth Rs.500.

2. Rewards points are perpetual.

3. Interest-free withdrawals from any ATM operated by a bank

4. Free visits to the railroad lounge (4 per quarter)

5. regular movie ticket discounts

6. Coverage for personal accidents and liability for lost cards

7. 15% off at more than 3,000 health and wellness businesses

How to Accept the Offer:

  1. Simply click this link to get started:

2. Enter the Paytm number you wish to receive a $1,000 cashback.

3. The user will be taken to the IDFC Bank page.

4. After clicking “Apply Now,” enter your OTP.

5. A confirmation SMS will be provided when the application is approved once the application has been submitted.

6. Within an hour, $1 will be added to your customers’ Paytm wallets.

7. Within ten days of the card’s clearance, the total reward amount will be transferred to your purchasers’ Paytm wallet.

Fees & Complete Charges List:

IDFC FIRST credit card
IDFC FIRST credit card
Credit Card Name IDFC First Credit Card
Joining Fees Zero Fee
Annual Fees Zero Fee
Charges for cash withdrawals Rs 250 per transaction
rate of interest 0.75-3.5% per month
Charges for replacement cards Rs 100


Eligibility requirements:

  • Income range: above Rs. 30,000
  • 18 to 70 years old
  • Accessible in all of India’s main cities

Documents Required:

  • Form 60/PAN Card
  • Photograph in colour
  • Proof of address
  • Identification Documentation
  • Income evidence

The 1000 Profit Related:

1. Income from a successful card disbursement

Time Spent Tracking: One Hour

3. 30 business days following receipt of the card for confirmation.

4. Upon confirmation, 1000 Paytm Cash will be credited.

To choose the best credit card, compare options.

Compare Your Cards
Annual Charges
₹ 0
₹ 500
₹ 500
Monthly Interest Rate
₹ 3528
10 reward points on every ₹125 spend (for spends > ₹25,000)
2 reward points on every ₹100 spend
₹ 1350
Rewards Expiry
No Expiry
2 years
₹ 840
Interest on ATM Cash Withdrawal
0% p.m.
42% p.a.
₹ 840
Forex Markup
₹ 151
Total Savings
₹ 20,800

Rules & Regulations:

Application acceptance and approval are solely at the discretion of IDFC First Bank and are contingent upon successful telephone verification.

  1. If your card is not delivered, your profit will be forfeited.

2. Only new candidates are eligible for profit.

3. If your application is denied, you will not profit.

4. Questions about profit should be sent to rather than the partner shopping site.

FAQ’S IDFC FIRST credit card

1. What requirements must be met before applying for an IDFC FIRST Bank credit card?

Age Limits:

To apply for an IDFC FIRST Bank credit card, the applicant must be at least 21 years old.

Locations of Sourcing & Indian Residents:

The applicant must be eligible as an Indian resident and possess a valid and permanent Indian residential address.

IDFC FIRST Banks keeps a list of cities where sourcing is permitted.

Credit Bureau Information

The applicant is anticipated to have a high credit bureau rating and no record of defaulting on loans or skipping payments on credit cards or other loans.

A customer’s credit bureau score serves as a predictor of their likelihood of timely payment of outstanding debt.

Income Qualification

As relevant to the various card options provided by IDFC FIRST Bank

Income Minimum Net Monthly = $25,000 (subject to change)

Interior Policy Standards

For the purpose of choosing a customer to issue credit cards, the bank applies a set of internal policy criteria.

Internal Policy standards are based on credit exposure, consumer demographics, any prior bank relationships, and bureau history.

The Bank retains the right to provide the applicant a credit card after evaluating his or her qualifications. Despite the applicant completing the aforementioned requirements, the Bank reserves the right to make the final decision in accordance with the aforementioned internal regulations.

2. Are there any initiation, annual, or membership fees for IDFC FIRST credit card?

Ans: On any of the IDFC FIRST credit card, there is absolutely no joining, membership, or annual cost. Your card is totally free forever.

3. How do I use my reward points that I’ve accumulated on my card?

Ans: Your points can be used to immediately pay for your online or in-person purchases. Simply select the “pay with points” option. Additionally, you can use your reward points at to redeem for fantastic deals.

4. Can I obtain an IDFC credit card without a proof of income?

Ans: The applicant must have a steady monthly income from a salaried or self-employed job to qualify for IDFC FIRST Bank. You must still provide an evidence for the same, though. Additionally, depending on the card you want to apply for, different cards have different monthly income requirements.


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