[Top 20] Instant Free PayTM Cash Apps 2023 (100% Working)

Instant Free PayTM Cash 2023
Instant Free PayTM Cash 2023
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I’m happy to see you once more. I only have good things to say about you. Today’s article is about the [Top 20] Instant Free PayTM Cash Apps 2023 100% Working. The [Top 20] Instant Free PayTM Cash Apps 2023 100% Working will be covered in this article.

The Free Recharge Tricks 2023 And Free Recharge Apps 2023 are our most recent articles, which you can read here. Daily Free PayTM Cash Giving Websites, 100% Working, Profit And Earn In 2023

[Top 20] Instant Free PayTM Cash 2023 100% Working

Hello to all of you! I sincerely hope that everyone is taking advantage of Androidbuzz’s special offers and insider knowledge. We’re giving another offer today that is similar to our earlier CollegeDunia Paytm Cash & Working Dark Fantasy Cookie Contest. This post is about Daily Free PayTM Cash Giving Websites, 100% Working, Profit And Earn In 2023.

List Of A Handful Of Websites That Actually Offer Free Paytm Cash Instantly:

  1. Earn Paytm Cash on the Free PayTM Cash Website 2023 without installing any apps or completing any tasks. Earn money right away since we’re back with a list of useful websites that trade Paytm Cash for signups or referrals. In this kind of app, you may play a lot of online games and find both useful information and the latest news.

2. Almost all online and offline channels now accept payments made with bank transfers and money through Paytm wallets. As a result, Paytm is among the main choices for online income.

3. Then, you will earn a joining bonus and referral compensation after we have presented you with 5–6 active offers. This Whole Amount Can Be Freely Transferred To A Paytm Wallet. For the past seven to eight months, we have continuously used the offer that is below. Put Free Paytm cash that is guaranteed into your wallet. After finishing the cash-out, the money is credited to my wallet within 24 hours.

Best Paytm Cash Loot Apps for Free:

Are you trying to find the best Paytm Loot App for free? Instant Free Paytm Cash Giving Apps & Website List 2023: [100% Verified Loot] Do You Wish To Earn Permanently? Do You Recently Enter The Loot Industry? Don’t worry; you are always welcome at Androidbuzz New Loot Word.

Serial No App Name SignUp Bonus
1 Bagtol Website. Rs.10
2 MampiMobile Loot Rs.20
3 Polls City Rs.20
4 BDSakal Website Rs.20
5 Fast2Cash Website Rs.10
6 Finshots Website Rs.25
7 PayBag ₹5
8 99acres ₹150
9 Shiksha ₹100
10 I-Say Survey ₹100 Daily
11 College Help ₹100
12 Tumpa Mobile ₹20
13 FieWin ₹20 Daily
14 Credit Mantri ₹10
15 Finshorts ₹20 free Paytm cash
16 FullFormStar Rs.20
17 EarnEasy App Rs.10
18 Cashboss App Rs.10
19 Pocket Money app Rs.10
20 Panel Station Site Rs.300
21 Hago App Rs.25

1. Websites That Offer Instant Free Paytm Cash – BDSakal 2023

the best gaming website in India that accepts payments. Online, there are many challenging games to play. Users who participate in the game can win free Paytm cash. Your winning amount will depend on your winning rank.

There, you can sign up and receive a signup bonus of up to Rs.20 as well as a referral incentive of up to $6.

How Do I Use BDSakal to Earn Free Paytm Cash?

1. To sign up for an account, click here.

2. Register with a Google Account

3. Your Paytm Number is Incorporated

4. Receive an Rs.20 welcome bonus and an extra Rs.6 for each referral.

5. Minimum and maximum redemptions of 50 and 100

BDSakal Overview

App Name BDsakal
Signup Bonus Rs.20
Referral Bonus Rs.6
Download Link Click Here

2. Polls City Websites that Provide Free Paytm Cash Instantly 2023

Those who love cricket built this website. In essence, Berry may soon add additional gaming alternatives to this website, which currently only offers free Paytm cash games. playing the cricket game online and getting Paytm money. Dependent on where you finish in the race.

There are 20 sign-up bonuses available, and there is only Rs. 50 minimum redemption requirement.

How to Earn Money in Polls City Using Paytm

1. To register for an account on this website, click here.

2. To register, make a new Google or Gmail account.

3. Address, name, birthdate, and phone number

4. Receive Rs.20 when you initially sign up.

5. Get Rs.6 Paytm Cash for Referring a Friend (Unlimited Loot)

6. There is simply an Rs.50 minimum redemption amount.

Polls City Overview:

App Name Polls City
Signup Bonus Rs.20
Referral bonus Rs.6
Download Link Click Here

3. A website where users may earn free Paytm cash using MampiMobile in 2023

Here, people can sharpen their investing and treading abilities. If you want to earn a lot of money through threads on this website, you can find a lot of information about it online. There is no need to register a Demat account because it is a video game that simulates stock trading.

The website will give you Rs.20 as a welcome bonus when you sign up. Additionally, you can earn up to Rs.6 in Paytm for referring individuals.

How to Earn Money on Paytm Using MampiMobile Loot:

  • Registration for a New Account: Click Here
  • Create an account by using a Gmail account.
  • Type in your name, birthdate, and phone number.
  • Verify Your Email Address to Get an Rs. 20 Bonus
  • Earn between 4 and 6 cashback for every referral.
  • The needed minimum redemption amount is just Rs. 50.

MampiMobile Overview

App Name MampiMobile
Signup Bonus Rs.20
Referral Bonus Rs.6
Download Link Click Here

4. Free Paytm Cash Earning on the Bagtol Website

Users of this website can take quizzes as well. Play a game to win real cashback on PhonePe & Paytm. This website also makes affiliate products easier to buy. Get the Best Discounted Products on the Website. Learn about Paytm promotions, free recharge tips, and much more.

You can get a 20-dollar sign-up bonus and an extra 4 dollars for each referral at this site.

How to Use Bagtol to Get Money for Paytm

1. To access the registration link, click here.

2. Rs.5 Per Referral & New User Account

3. The minimum redeemable amount is Rs.50.

4. The money was credited to Paytm within 24 hours.

App Name Bagtol
Signup Bonus Rs.5
Referral Bonus Rs.5
Download Link Click Here

5. The Fast2Cash website is offering Free Paytm Cash.

The finest online quiz competition is a website that provides free Paytm cash. You can also purchase a few items and little bargains online. You can win rewards by participating in the quiz contest and offering all the accurate responses. Additionally, Amazon and Flipkart both offer a wide selection of goods for sale.

You will get Rs.20 as a welcome bonus and can make an additional Rs.4 to Rs.6 by referring friends to Paytm. Amount redeemed in Paytm wallet.

Free Paytm Cash From Fast2Cash: How to Earn It

1. To open a First2cash account, go here.

2. Open A Google Account Or A Gmail Account

3. Provide your name, phone number, and other details when signing up.

4. The minimum redemption amount is 20 rupees.

5. You receive 20 for registering plus 4 for each referral.

Fast2Cash: Overview

App Name Fast2Cash
Signup Bonus Rs.20
Referral Bonus Rs.4
Download Link Click Here

6. Website Finshorts Make Money using Paytm

You may make money online and share your financial knowledge here. It is also the top financial survey website for mobile in 2021. Users have the option of participating in an hourly polling game. Users Of The App With Verified Emails Get A Rs.20 Welcome Bonus.

Once you achieve 50 or more, you can redeem it to your Paytm account. The balance for each referral is Rs.5 Free Paytm Cash Website.

How to Get Free Paytm Cash with Finshots

1. Visit this page to join Finshorts.

2. You Can Create A Google Account And Sign Up Here

3. Receive a free Rs.20 sign-up bonus.

4. Enter Your Name and Phone Number to Join.

5. You can get Rs.5 Paytm Cash for referring friends.

6. Rs.50 to Rs.100 as the minimum Paytm redemption

7. Free Paytm Cash Website

7. Instant Free Paytm Cash Website at PayBag

Register to receive Rs. 6 per referral from Pay Bag App Loot along with Free PayTM Cash up to Rs.

  • Offer for Free PayTM Cash when you Refer and Earn Loot on the PayBag website, www.Pay-Bag.com You can obtain Paybox Paytm Cashback by going to this website, which is similar to Tumpamobile.
  • Pay-Bag is an online company that only meets the shopping and leisure demands of its clients. It will lead you to a location where you can have fun and earn money.
  • By playing our games, you have the opportunity to earn money that you can use as Free Paytm Cash.
  • At Pay-Bag, you may test out the newest vogue and retail trends in a safe environment. To get full instructions on how to sign up and receive Free PayTM Cash, read the entire post.

PayBag App Overview:

Article Name PayBag App Refer And Earn
Pay-Bag Paytm offers: details
Paybox App Download Rs.20 [click here]
Refer earn cash : Rs.4-10
Redeem method: Paytm cash
Minimum redeem: Rs.50

How to Get Rs.20 Free PayTM Cash After Registering for PayBag:

1. Go to the given PayBag registration site first.

2. Click “Open,” followed by “Sign Up.”

3. Your user name or profile name

4. Enter and enter the mobile number that you registered with PayTM.

5. Before selecting your state, entering your date of birth, selecting your gender, and accessing the PayBag website’s dashboard, double-check your email address and mobile number.

6. You will receive Rs.20 right away in your PayBag Wallet.

7. Tap on the PayBag Refer & Earn banner to share your referral link and earn $6 for each referral.

8. The smallest withdrawal from your PayTM Wallet is Rs.50.

Within 24 hours of submitting a withdrawal request, you will receive your money.
Simply verify your email; OTP verification is not required.

Find out more about PayBag by clicking here.

Refer a Friend to PayBag App to Receive Rs.6 | PayBag App Referral Code 2023 20 rupees in free Paytm cash

8. Write a review on this website for 99 Acres and receive Rs.150 in free Paytm cash.

You can get up to Rs.150 in free Paytm money by reviewing your or your neighbor’s society on the review website 99acres. Only an in-depth analysis of your neighborhood or town needs to be written. You’ll get 150 free Paytm credits as soon as your evaluations are accepted in your Paytm wallet.


1. Open your default browser, then go to the 99acres website, then click the Review And Earn option.

2. Type in your location and select a different one at random if it hasn’t already been selected.

3. Give every item a rating of “yes” that seems accurate.

4. Each paragraph in your evaluation must have both Positive and Negative aspects, and both must have more than 150 characters.

5. Please give your name, email address, and PayTM mobile number in order to submit your review.

6. A success notification will appear on the subsequent stage. Wait for the approval of your review.

7. After your evaluation has been reviewed and approved, Rs. 150 in PayTM Cash will be deposited into your wallet.

It will take 2-4 weeks for you to receive the PayTM Cash from this website.


Click the below link for more information About 99acres

9. Shiksha – Free Paytm cash

1. To view the Shiksha page, CLICK HERE first.

2. Next, fill up each field.

Note: If you send a review and they don’t

  • It is too hurried, vague, and lacking any useful information.
  • Anywhere, you have copied text from the internet.
  • You wrote your review using crude language, slang, SMS, or trash characters.
  • Your personal information was unable to be confirmed.

3. Press “Submit.”

4. Shiksha will email you to confirm that they have received your reviews.

5. Following a brief wait, you will receive another email of congrats if your review is accepted.

6. You will get Rs. 100 in Paytm cash within a few days.


Click the below link to more information About Shiksha

10. Isay survey – Free Paytm Cash

A brand-new daily survey website called I-Say Survey gives out free PayTM money every day. I-Say Survey is giving you free 500 PayTM Cash and Flipkart vouchers just for completing the quick questionnaires. Their surveys often score between 600 and 900.

For the past three months, we have been testing this website, and they have been incredibly reliable with incentive payouts, giving out your Amazon/Flipkart coupons within 28 days after placing your order.


  1. To begin, simply click this registration page link.
  2. Now enter your name, phone number, email address, and password.
  • choose a gender: female
  • Age/Date of Birth: 25+

3. You will receive a confirmation email at your email address after clicking the “Sign Me Up” tab.

4. Visit your email inbox and click “Confirm Registration” to confirm your email address.

5. You must provide your age, sex, and other details on the next page in order for them to give you personalized surveys.

6. In the end, click “Complete Registration.”

7. To receive high-point surveys, fully complete your profile.

8. They frequently offer surveys with 600–1000 points, and it takes just a few surveys to reach PayTM–500 Cash.

11. College Help – Earn ₹500 free Paytm cash daily

College rating contributors can be compensated with Paytm cash. Only individuals who have used the college’s services are eligible to write reviews. If the website owners agree to the evaluation, they will receive free Paytm cash. Any college being evaluated must adhere to a certain set of guidelines.

  • Gain access to up to 500 free PayTM Cash opportunities.
  • You will be assured of a cash prize of up to Rs. 500 if your review is accepted and published on our website.
  • After the review is accepted, the cash incentive will be added to your Paytm Wallet within 2 working days.
  • The Review must be expanded upon in all paragraphs by at least 250 words.

12. Credit Mantri – Earn ₹10 free Paytm cash

CreditMantri was developed to assist you in taking control of your credit condition and to assist you in making better financial decisions. Customers with little to no credit history, those with a history of poor credit, those with a great credit profile, and those who are just starting out with credit are all supported by our company. If you are looking for credit, we’ll make sure you get it and that it’s the best fit for you. If you’re seeking for credit, we’ll make sure you can find it.

  • Check your credit score to receive Rs. 10 in free PayTM Cash.
  • earn Rs. 100 in free Paytm cash with 3 referrals
  • Checking Credit Scores for Free for All Users1. First, click here to get to the referring page.2. Enter your mobile number and press the button to instantly check for FREE.3. Use an OTP to confirm your mobile number.4. On the following screen, enter your email address, pin code, PAN number, date of birth, and marital status.5. Next, select the “Get a free credit report” link.

13. FastWin website offers free Paytm cash every day.

FastWin is a brand-new color-prediction website. The app is similar to the well-known FastWin or OsMoxy. You can gain the upper hand by predicting the results and colors in a variety of games using the standard browser on your smartphone or the FastWin.App on an Android device. You can withdraw your winnings right now to Free PayTM Cash.

1. Launch your default browser and click the Tumpa Mobile registration link.

2. Open and select Sign Up with Your Unregistered Mobile Number to begin earning every day.

3. Following the OTP verification for your cellphone number, you will be routed to FastWin.App Dashboard.

4. Go to the Dashboard, choose Task Rewards, and get your welcome bonus.

5. After clicking the Join & Get button, you’ll be taken to the Telegram channel; when you come back to the FastWin app, you’ll get a $20 sign-up bonus.

6. You can play any game on FastWin.App with the entire $20 sign-up bonus.

7. Log in daily under the Check-In option to receive more benefits.

14. CrickMania offers free Paytm cash

You can get news from Crickmania on everything from match coverage to insider information on cricket personalities and the operations of international cricket bodies. Additionally, viewers can post recent cricket trends and make money. On this platform, users will find current cricket statistics.

Steps to Registration: 

  1. Start your default browser first, then click the Crickmania signup link.

2. After signing up using your Google profile, continue.

3. Following the submission of your Name, DOB, and other information, you will receive your Rs. 20 PayTM Cash in your CrickMania Wallet.

4. Next, input the PayTM cellphone number you wish to use for accepting payments and confirm it using an OTP.

5. Verify your email address before accessing the dashboard.

6. You can play online cricket games to add more free PayTM currency to your wallet.

7. Get your CrickMania referral code by going to the menu and selecting CrickMania Refer Earn.

8. Get Rs. 6 in free PayTM cash for each referral you make using your CrickMania referral link on social media.

9. Through Profile > Wallet Option, you can Redeem Your Earnings in your PayTM Wallet.

10. A minimum redemption in your PayTM wallet is 50 rupees.

15. OSMoxy Website – Earn ₹10 free Paytm cash daily

On the brand-new online gaming site OsMoxy, players may earn money while using their browser to play card and dice games. Check out this new website for color forecasts and play games like FieWin. Play games like Fast Parity, Parity, Sapre, and Dice on the OsMoxy website to recharge and earn more No cost PayTM money

Registration :

1. First, open the provided URL in your normal browser to begin the OsMoxy registration process.

2. Tap the Register Button to sign up for a new account on OsMoxy.com.

3. Make a password, add an unregistered cellphone number, and confirm it using an OTP.

4. Visit the dashboard to get your Rs.10 welcome bonus deposited into your wallet.

5. You can use your wallet balance to play, and you can use all of it to fund any game.

6. To add money, select OsMoxy Recharge from the bottom menu. To start making money from games, you must deposit at least Rs.30.

7. Just simply playing games with high parity, I’ve earned over 700 bucks in this location.

8. Tap the Withdraw option and enter your UPI details to choose where you want to receive your winnings.

9. I withdrew $1000 through the OsMoxy website, and the money appeared in my bank account right away. Here is OsMoxy website removal proof.

10. You can only withdraw 230 from your bank account. The time it takes to receive in the bank won’t exceed five to ten minutes.

16. Free Paytm cash is available at FullFormStar.

By completing the activities, players will become a part of a huge online community and have the opportunity to win amazing prizes. We provide an Rs.20 PayTm welcome incentive as a gesture of good faith toward our users. Our registration procedure is quick and easy. You will receive Rs. 20 in your wallet as soon as you sign up on Fullformstar.

Registration :

1. Open your default browser and click the FullFormStar registration link.

2. Click the link to open it, select “Sign up with Google,” and then verify your Google Account.

3. Enter the name of your profile or log in.

4. The next step is to enter and submit the mobile number that is registered with Paytm.

5. Mumbai must be your destination.

Check your email address on the FullFormStar dashboard in step six.

7. Your wallet will immediately contain Rs. 20.

8. Tap the FullFormStar Refer & Earn banner to share your referral link and earn Rs. 5 for each referral.

9. The minimum withdrawal from your PayTM wallet is fifty rupees.

10. You will receive your money within 24 hours after submitting a withdrawal request.

17. Instant Free Paytm Cash – EarnEasy App – Register for 10 + Earn 10 for Referrals

  • If you want to learn about the most popular Paytm Cash Giving App, we suggest that you download the EarnEasy app. By doing this, you’ll receive a free 10-dollar sign-up bonus. There is also an Earn Refer Earn Paytm offer.
  • A complete deal, which is another way to earn money, offers up to 80 in immediate cashback.
  • By completing fast surveys and performing easy tasks like downloading apps, you may earn money using this app. The entire amount generated is wired to a Paytm or UPI account.
  • This app frequently has an Rs.50 minimum for fast redemptions. The Paytm account may, however, not always be credited for up to 72 hours. You can use this app to withdraw an unlimited amount of Paytm.

How to Sign Up for the EarnEasy App:

1. First, users should click the link to download the EarnEasy app to their mobile devices.

2. To register for an account, provide your email, phone number, and referral code.

3. Phone Number Verification Using Incoming OTP

4. Finally, you will arrive at the homepage of the EarnEasy app. $10 will be given to you as a welcome bonus.

5. The EarnEasy app’s top page is covered in offers.

In order to increase your cashback balance, complete the promotion.

7. For an indefinite period of time, receive 10 for each friend you refer to this app.

8. There is a 50 minimum Paytm redemption requirement, and funds are credited instantaneously or, in some situations, within 72 hours.

Click the below link to more information About EarnEasy app:

EarnEasy App Refer And Earn| EarnEasy App Referral Code 2023- Complete tasks to get Rs.50 Free Paytm Cash every day.


18. Paytm Cash App Referral Code for Free, Cashboss App, Instant Cash


  • CashBoss is now in the fifth position in our rankings. The fact is that there was no sign-up bonus available for this app, but there are lots of other ways to acquire free Paytm cash.
  • On the app, you may find some of the apps that this call offers. By installing those apps, you can get free Paytm cash.
  • As a result, download the Wheel & Earn and Offer Wall apps so that you can make a minimal daily income. Now let’s go over every detail of the app.

How To Sign Up For The CashBoss App:

1. First, click the link to download the CashBoss app.

2. Launch the app, then sign up using your phone number and referral code.

3. Please follow that by entering the refer code 856AEA.

4. After launching the app, download the offer app from the offer wall.

5. Receive Rs. 15 for each new member you recommend.

6. Instantly redeem at least Rs. 15. Get Free Paytm Cash Right Away

19. Pocket Money app: Instantly receive Rs.10 free Paytm Cash 

How to Download and Install the Pocket Money App:

1. To utilize the Pocket Money app and earn Paytm, you download the GameChamp app from the link.

2. Enable Phone Number Verification and All Permissions

3. A $10 playing bonus is yours when you download the app.

3. Next, pick a game to play from the app’s home screen.

4. Play the game and rack up additional points to get a guaranteed winning balance.

5. To instantly redeem the winning sum in your Paytm account, click it.

20. Panel Station Site offers free Paytm cash

  • Download the The Panel Station APK to earn free Paytm cash and receive Rs300 in 2023. Refer a Friend and Earn $5DWJMH Surveys at The Panel Station Get Credits merely finishing quick surveys You can earn up to Rs. 9000 in Paytm Cash by following the instructions below. Get paid for your opinions, take online polls to earn points, then redeem those points for gift cards. How to complete quick surveys for Rs. 300 in free Paytm cash with supporting documentation. To receive additional Paytm cash, enter the Panel Station referral code.
  • The Panel Station Referral Code: 5DWJMH is your secret to the Survey Unlimited Earn Points Trick 2023! By getting your friends to sign up for The Panel Station, you can receive free Paytm currency that can be used for recharges, purchases, and other purposes. The Panel Station is a reliable and trustworthy online survey panel that has been helping people earn extra money for years.
  • With their Refer and Earn program, you may get up to Rs.500 per month by merely persuading others to join the panel. Why then are you still holding out? To start collecting free Paytm cash, start referring friends right away! Include my referral code for the panel station, 5DWJMH, when you sign up so that we may both get points.
  • In exchange for answering a few quick questions, a survey-based website called Panel Station will give you free PayTM cash in the amount of Rs.300. Most of our members have already made more than Rs.9000 thanks to this site.

3000 Points x Free 300 Rupees from PayTM

The Panel Station Overview:

App Name The Panel Station
Referral Bonus 500 Points
Signup Bonus 100 Points
Download Link Click Here

The Panel Station App Download Instructions:

The Panel Station app is compatible with Android and iOS smartphones. Follow the instructions below after downloading the app to your device.

1. Click here for iOS

2. Click this link to access Android.

Click the below link to more information About Panel Station app:

The Panel Station Referral Code 2023 And Earn unlimited Free Paytm Cash:

21. Hago App:

Free Paytm Cash Through Hago App Referrals 2023:

Install the Hago App Money Planet, use the Unlimited Money Trick, and get Free Paytm to generate money every second. Is Hago App Dispensing Cash? Without a doubt, We Accept Payment From The App Into Our Paytm Wallet And Also Current Hago App Users. We have evidence, which is shown in the post as a screen shot.

On Hago, a brand-new social networking platform, users can connect with friends to spread the word about the Hago Money Planet offer.

When you redeem at least Rs.25 into a Paytm account using this promotion, you will receive a Rs.50 sign-up bonus up to Rs.50 as well as Rs.25 in referral incentives.

greater than 100,000,000 downloads Hago has received a lot of support from gamers all over the world. Get them today to take advantage of voice chat, channels, and unending amusement. Hago might be your retreat for all of your social and informal needs. With more than 80 games to select from, 180 seconds of uninterrupted fun will become your new addiction. Ready To Float Away? Friends turn on each other when the benefits are tremendous. Battle with both friends and strangers to establish world dominance.

Hago App Overview:

Hago App info
Referral Link Download
Referral Code Not Required
Rating 4.4 out of 5
App version 3.12.6
Released on 09 june 2018
Last updated 25 Dec 2019

How to Earn 25 Rupees for Every Referral

  1. Copy the invitation code shown above to invite your friends.

2. Request that your friends instal Hago, sign in, and take part in the Money Plant event.

3. Click “Invitation Code” and then key in

4. After your friend enters the invitation code, your invitation will be accepted.

5. You do not need an invitation code if you may withdraw after your friend has downloaded Hago using the shared link. Invitation Code Is Required If You Are Unable To Withdraw After Your Friend Downloads Hago Using Your Shared Link.

Click the below link to more information About Panel Hago app:

Hago App Refer And Earn| Hago App Referral Code And Earn Rs.25 Free Paytm Cash 2023(Rs.25)


1. How can I make a Paytm withdrawal?
Ans: Once you’ve signed in, navigate to your Paytm account and click the “Paytm Wallet” button in the top right corner of the screen. After inputting the desired sum, click “Add Money.” A credit/debit card, online banking, or UPI can all be used to add money. The secure payment page to which you will be routed must be filled out with your payment details.

2. Can I still use Paytm without KYC?
Answer: Do Paytm money transfers require KYC? No, KYC is not required for money transfers with Paytm. Users of the Paytm app can conduct UPI or bank transfers without completing their KYC.

3. How can I get free Paytm cash every day?
An additional range of activities includes taking surveys, installing applications, playing cash games like Tambola on Paytm, earning referral commissions, and taking part in weekly competitions. What can you earn with pocket money? You can earn 400–500 INR each day by utilizing this Paytm cash-generating app. You could get 160 INR for each referral every day.

4. How can I get 500 rupees for nothing?
Ans: You can earn money online by doing surveys, watching commercials, playing online games, and performing other simple tasks. Numerous well-known websites, such as Clixsense, Swagbucks, Neobox, Prizerebel, and others, provide quick money-making chances in India.

5. How do I obtain Paytm Instant Rs.20?

Ans: When a customer uses a cell number or QR code to complete their first successful transaction, they are eligible to get cashback. To qualify for the cashback, the customer must not have used a cellphone number or QR code to make a payment through Paytm before the campaign’s start date. The minimum payment is 20 rupees.


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