iPhone XC cheaper and Affordable iPhone X Concept from APPLE

iPhone XC
iPhone XC

APPLE’S  iPhone XC  –  a CHEAPER and an iPhone X LOOK-ALIKE MOBILE

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Previously Apple launched iPhone 5c which is different from regular iPhone mobiles. Now Apple is all set to launch iPhone XC which is alike of iPhone 5c design. Apple’s c series iPhone 5 with same hardware specifications and coated with polycarbonate shell instead of material used for original iPhone 5. The iPhone 5C was available at less price compared to the iPhone 5s mobiles. Apple made available the c series for a middle-class person can afford. The iPhone X mobile price starts from ₹89,000 is much, than previous versions from APPLE. Now the release of another ‘c’ series is on the cards as per the market reports iPhone XC

iPhone 5c vs iPhone 5s iPhone XC

Apple’s iPhone 5s is made of aluminum material while the iPhone 5c is that of polycarbonate. The iPhone 5s is available in three colors space grey, gold, silver, and the iPhone 5c is available in white, pink, yellow, blue, green colors. Apple uses A7 processor to build the iPhone 5s and A6 processor to build the iPhone 5c. The iPhone 5c  not much-succeeded in terms of sales compared to iPhone 5s. APPLE A7 processor is slightly faster than the A6  processor. The weight of iPhone 5c is slightly higher than the iPhone 5s mobile. There are no much differences between the two series.The iPhone 5c and 5s are much similar other than differences.



People are more likely to have Apple phone on their own. In order to satisfy the customer needs the Apple’s CEO put forth the idea of ‘c’ series mobiles.The polycarbonate shell of iPhone 5c adds additional weight than that of iPhone 5s. The camera assembly of iPhone 5c is also different in iPhone 5c mobile. This iPhone 5c gets good reviews for its design stating that it was the most durable phone ever iPhone XC 

Apple’s ‘c’ series is available at the cheaper price so that common can afford. The Apple is the next mobile of ‘c’ series.

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The iPhone X and the iPhone XC:

Apple’s iPhone X is a bezel-less phone. The iPhone X is the costliest mobile from Apple. The features of iPhone X and iPhone X of ‘c’ series are similar. In order to satisfy the customers, Apple once again bringing the ‘c’ series for their buyers. Hearing to this news buyers are happy with iPhone X ‘c’ series release.They are willing to know the release date of new mobile from Apple. The iPhone XC could use an LCD panel than OLED panel to reduce costs. The iPhone XC is likely to available in red, green, yellow, white, pink. Apple’s iPhone XC is cheaper and affordable iPhone X concept from Apple. The use of polycarbonate body of iPhone XC would increase the durability. The XC’s pictures with plastic finish have gone viral on the internet. The iPhone X ‘c’ series design is pretty good and highly durable.

The launch date and release date of iPhone Xc yet to announce.

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