Is Your Relationship Based On Love Or Lust? Figure It Out Here

Love Or Lust
Love Or Lust
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Now a days to be in relationships is seems good .whether you are young or in school every adult has bf and gf. Relationship can be deceive. No one is curious about what is right or wrong they just want to be in flow. They thought ki kal ki kal dekhenge.. so life takes twist and turn. But it is helpful in a short term. When we go for long relation .. then one thing leads another and it effects the relation. There is a little bit difference between lust and love . it’s not easy to understand on the first time. So if you want to understand the thin line between love and lust. You have to read this article and you decide easily what is love and lust by yourself Love Or Lust

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Love is a beautiful feeling and it can change a person to the core. It sure can make you feel a lot of things and make you into something you weren’t before. It’s all good as long as everything is pure. But there’s another thing called Lust that may accompany love OR it might be just acting out mere the feeling of love. Confusing? Let’s define the two terms. Read on to find out more!

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If you can talk over a phone for hours and share everything about yourself and want to know about him that love but if your conversation is start and end up just for your place or mine. It’s just lust no love is there.

If you see yourself in future with your partner and long term even whole life you would be the partner. But if you think just for night meetings and only a day and very short term definitely it’s really lust.


If you fight and there is misunderstanding between a couple but they can talk and beside issue they care each other. But if one person shout and end up with physical it’s just lust.

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If you share your whole day at the moment when you met with him or her.. but if you share only toy fr bed that’s lust..

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If you are possessive about dressing , routine , other stuff , about friends than it’s love but if you don’t care about anything than it’s lust.


If you know the hobbies and interests and favourite dishes, books of each other it’s love but you know the position on bed that’s lust..

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