MI A1 Android Oreo Update Bugs and Fixes

MI A1 Android Oreo Update
MI A1 Android Oreo Update


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The Xiaomi is the leading smartphone manufacturer in China and has a huge market in India. Recently, the Xiaomi has come with MI A1 which builds with its own hardware embedded with Google’s software. The Xiaomi MI A1 aka MI Android one is powered by Google. The MI A1 comes with Noughat and is upgradable to Android Oreo. However, the company rolls out beta tester for all the devices. The users those who upgraded with the beta tester is facing few issues with the performance. In this blog, we have a look on what are the issues faced by the users after the upgrade. Also, what are the fixes that the company made mi a1 android oreo beta 2018  MI A1 Android Oreo Update


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About Beta Version

The beta version is typically a piece of software that is made available for testing. But available for a limited number of users outside the company that is developing it, before its general release. This contains all the features that an original version has. The major difference is that the beta version has the possibility of bugs while the original version is mostly bug-free. Hence the beta version is just for testing purpose mi a1 android oreo stable update 2018


The bug report fully based on the customer review. The users experienced few bugs after the upgrade. You need to download from the mi website in order to download the Recovery ROM and Fastboot ROM. This download may cost you 2GB of the internet. After the upgrade, the users face few issues in the performance of the device MI A1 Android Oreo Update

Some issues with Android Oreo beta version;
1. Can’t block app for accessing data anymore.
2. Notification sound for apps that was set to vibrate.
3. The camera app opens with a blank (black) screen. It takes around 5 seconds before the scene shows up on the screen.
4. Do not disturb icon is not visible.
5. Fingerprint swipe down notification is not available.
6. Lagging while placing calls (precisely it took 5 seconds)
7. Battery draining issue
8. Google Chrome has been crashing while incoming calling after oreo update


Hence to get back from is available on our website www.androidbuzz.in

After looking all these issues from the customer reviews, the company hashttp://www.androidbuzz.in/tips-and-tricks-to-increase-your-devices-battery-life/+ suspended the Oreo update.

“We just dropped an Android Oreo update for Mi A1 a few days back. We stumbled upon an issue where some users were having the issue with dialer app getting hanged or there’s an unusual delay in making the call. Upon researching we found that MyJio application is causing ANR when a call is being made or received and hence the issue. The issue is seen when MyJio app is being present with all app permissions granted,” reads Xiaomi’s community post mi a1 android oreo update bugs 2018 

Fixes and patches to Android Oreo update in MI A1

The Company has suspended all the beta versions since the users face many issues. Also, the manufacturer is firm in fulfilling the promises he has given. One of those is the Android Oreo update. Thus the Xiaomi has rolled out another set of lesser bugs and issues version. This version may also contain few bugs. But the main aim of the manufacturer is to identify those bugs and fix them. So, we need to wait until the system update mi a1 android oreo beta 2018 mi a1 android oreo date


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