Prime Ludo Hunt App Refer And Earn Rs.100 | Prime Ludo Hunt App Referral Code And Signup Bonus Get Rs.10 Free Paytm Cash 2023

Prime Ludo Hunt App Refer And Earn
Prime Ludo Hunt App Refer And Earn
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Your return makes me glad. Regarding you, I have nothing but positive things to say. The Prime Ludo Hunt App Refer And Earn Rs.100 | Prime Ludo Hunt App Referral Code And Signup Bonus Get Rs.10 Free Paytm Cash 2023 will be discussed. Paytm Cash will be given away in 2023. This post goes into great detail about the Prime Ludo Hunt App, which you can refer and earn Rs.100 from, as well as the Prime Ludo Hunt App referral code and signup bonus, which will get you Rs.10

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Prime Ludo Hunt App Refer And Earn Rs.100 | Prime Ludo Hunt App Referral Code And Signup Bonus Get Rs.10 Free Paytm Cash 2023:

Hello to each of you! I sincerely hope everyone is taking advantage of the special deals and insider knowledge offered by Androidbuzz. Today, we’re introducing a fresh offering in India that is equivalent to what our prior 5G recharge Plan deals offered. We also emphasise how to create an EDU email account. Learn more about the Prime Ludo Hunt App and how to win Rs.100 by referring friends. Get Free Paytm Cash of Rs.10 in 2023

Prime Ludo Hunt App:

Offer for the Prime Ludo Hunt game app: Sign up to receive a Rs.5 bonus and earn up to Rs.100 by referring friends. Our time, we’ve got a way for you to make money as you play; with this unique Game Hunt offer, you might win up to Rs.1,000 in Paytm cash or bank cash.

What is the Prime Ludo Hunt App?

This is a fantastic app for having fun and being entertained. Play This Game To Kill Time & Get Paid. Online & Offline Friends Can Play Head to Head March There. The most well-liked game to play with friends, family, and online users is called Prime Ludo. You’ll receive an additional bonus for each successful match. To move your coin in this situation, you must roll the dice. Whoever scores the highest will win the game. You can play both free and paid games there.

Users can win real money into their bank accounts by playing the tournament-based game Ludo Hunt. Play this game for fun; it’s quite straightforward. This is a very straightforward, simple, and easy strategy game that you can enjoy playing with others online.

Let’s look at how you can sign up for Ludo Hunt to play games. Enjoy Fun While Increasing Your Bank Account Balance. The next section contains all of the joining method’s steps. Therefore, carefully read all the details.

Prime Ludo Hunt App Referral Code Overview:

Article Name Prime Ludo Hunt App Refer and Earn
Ludo Hunt App Referral Code 46npWO
Download link Download
 Sign Up Bonus Up To ₹10
 Refer & Earn Up To ₹100


Ludo Hunt Online Play Instructions:

You can play the ludo money smartphone game ludo hunt and earn real money while doing so. It’s a classic board game with strategic elements that you may enjoy and win money playing with friends or online. Play the age-old dice game you loved as a kid and relive your youth with a range of fresh and odd tournament settings. Additionally, Ludo search simulates your offline Ludo experience while incorporating additional ludo game variations, 24 hour access to game tables, the best and most secure payment options, and quick money withdrawal.

On your choice device, you can play online ludo in real-time just like you can the original board game. With its secure payment options, online ludo, which is accessible with any suitable smartphone, tablet, desktop, or laptop, enables you to bet in rupees and take part in daring gaming. It’s the perfect game to test your mental abilities and confidence while still having fun and making real money.

How Do I Use My Prime Ludo Hunt App Referral Code To Receive My Sign-Up Bonus?

1. To download the Ludo Hunt Apk app to your device, first open the provided link in your default browser.

Prime Ludo Hunt App Refer and Earn
Prime Ludo Hunt App Refer and Earn

2. Launch the app, enter your mobile number, and use an OTP to confirm it.

Prime Ludo Hunt App Refer and Earn
Prime Ludo Hunt App Refer and Earn

3. Continue by providing your name and the provided referral code to receive your sign-up bonus in your wallet.

4. Your wallet will receive a sign-up bonus of up to Rs.10. Here, I received Rs.5, which is completely useable, in my wallet.

Prime Ludo Hunt App Refer and Earn
Prime Ludo Hunt App Refer and Earn

5. Play now with online players or with friends using your sign-up bonus to earn money that you can then redeem in your wallet.

6. By sharing it on social media, you can refer friends and earn money in your wallet.

Prime Ludo Hunt App Refer and Earn
Prime Ludo Hunt App Refer and Earn

7. For your review, here is the Ludo Hunt Withdrawal Proof. Instant withdrawal from wallet or bank.

Prime Ludo Hunt App Referral Code
Prime Ludo Hunt App Referral Code

Refer and Earn with the Prime Ludo Hunt Referral Offer:

Prime Ludo Hunt App Refer and Earn
Prime Ludo Hunt App Refer and Earn
  • Open the Ludo Hunt Game homepage first, then log into your account.
  • After that, select Top Right Settings from the Top Right Section.
  • There is an option to “refer and earn”; select it.
  • Now, copy the download link for your referral code and share it.
  • Share the Information With Your Family and Friends.
  • Receive up to $100 in deposit cash for each effective referral.
  • You can play the game and redeem the amount using the referral bonus.

Rules for Playing Online Ludo for Real Money:

Even if it’s your first time, it’s easy and fun to play ludo for real money online. Just as in an offline game, all you have to do is throw the dice and move your pawns around the board. Up to three players can participate in the game, but a maximum of four can.

Ludo App for Real Money (Ludo Hunt):

Online ludo with real money is available at the majority of casinos that welcome Indian players. Install the dedicated Ludo apps on the portable gaming device of your choosing, and you may play for hours anywhere. On your smartphone or tablet, you may download a number of Ludo applications, including Ludo hunt. You can continuously play and wager real money using these apps.

Ludo Hunt app for online payments:

Use a safe online payment method if you wish to play Ludo for real money. Most reputable casino websites and apps include a selection of risk-free payment methods. Indian players have several secure options from which to pick to play and win real money at their preferred Ludo game.

Some of the most well-known online payment methods include Paytm and Google Pay. A UPI payment gateway is utilized in this strategy. enables users to securely deposit money into their casino accounts so they can play different Ludo games. Another UPI payment method that is accessible to Android and iOS users is Google Pay. Both of these ways are accepted for making deposits and withdrawals at Ludo casinos and Ludo applications.

Rules & Regulations

  1. Due to the fact that this is a paid game app, please play responsibly.

2. People under the age of eighteen are not permitted to use the offer or use the app.

3. You Will Receive a Rs.5 Joining Bonus for Signing Up, Earn up to Rs.100 per referral. Minimum Amount to Withdraw is 50, Earn Minimum Redeem in Bank or UPI ID.

4. Amount Is Generally Credited Immediately After Redeeming, But Can Take Up To 5 Days

5. You can play against a friend or with four other players. You can also play with other online members.

6. Although you can download this app for free, you must pay to play the games.

7. If you have any questions, you may contact the Prime Ludo Hunt App by emailing

8. The terms of the offer may be changed by this app without prior notice.



1. How can I acquire a Ludo referral code?

Ans: How to Promote & Make Money on Ludo:

  • Activate the Ludo app.
  • In the bottom left corner, tap the Share icon.
  • Press INVITE.
  • Give your friends access to your referral code via Facebook, Whatsapp, etc.
  • Every time they enter a monetary competition, you will receive additional money.
  • Your friends’ mobile numbers need to be verified.

2. What Ludo game offers actual cash prizes?

Ans: The Ludo Earn game from MPL offers a novel and thrilling spin on the well-known board game of Ludo, and players have the chance to win actual cash.


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