Qureka Pro App Refer And Earn Free PayTM Cash 2023| Referral Code Earn Upto Rs.1000 FREE

Qureka Pro App Refer And Earn
Qureka Pro App Refer And Earn
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I’m happy to see you once more. I only have good things to say about you. The subject of today’s article is the Qureka Pro App Refer And Earn Free PayTM Cash 2023| Referral Code Earn Upto Rs.1000 FREE. The Qureka Pro App Refer And Earn Free PayTM Cash 2023| Referral Code Earn Up To Rs. 1000 FREE will be covered in this article.

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Qureka Pro App Refer And Earn Free PayTM Cash 2023| Referral Code Earn Upto Rs.1000 FREE:

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Qureka Pro App:

A smartphone app for competitive gaming is called Qureka Pro. High scorers in games where you compete against other players for points are the recipients of Free Paytm cash prizes and coins. Every game is skill-based and provides basic competition. On FirstGames, you can play regular games like Winzo.

The finest aspect of this service is that you get 50% of the earnings from anyone you refer. For instance, if a friend joined through you and won a game, you would receive half of their profits.

Qureka Pro App:Overview

App Name Qureka Pro
Signup Bonus Rs.10
Referral Bonus Rs.25
Download Link Click Here


How to Use the Qureka Pro App Referral Code and Receive Free PayTM Cash:

1. To start, just click this link to get Qureka Pro APK.

2. Start the app and complete the sign-up.

3. To verify your OTP, you must enter the referral code below.

4. Once the APK has been installed, open it and enter your PayTM cell number and email address.

5. Commence referring friends right away. For each referral, you will receive Rs. 5, which you may take right away into your PayTM account.

6. From the dashboard, choose the quiz option.

7. Select “Quiz: Everyone Wins” from the Games menu on QurekaPro.

Qureka Pro App Refer And Earn
Qureka Pro App Refer And Earn

8. Take the test options.

Qureka Pro App Refer And Earn
Qureka Pro App Refer And Earn

9. The questions use addition and subtraction as simple math problems. You will get at least 50 rupees if you respond.

Qureka Pro App Refer And Earn
Qureka Pro App Refer And Earn

10. Transfer Rs. 50 from your wallet to your PayTM wallet. It Will Be Added To Your Wallet Immediately.

Qureka Pro Smartphone Download Instructions:

  1. First, get the Qureka Pro App from the Google Play Store.

2. Click Here to Download and Get a Joining Bonus.

3. To redeem your sign-up bonus, use this referral code.

4. When it’s completed downloading, install it on your smartphone.

Qureka Pro Referral Code 2023
Qureka Pro Referral Code 2023

5. Enter your phone number and validate it using an OTP (One Time Password).

6. Enter your email address after typing it.

Qureka Pro Referral Code 2023
Qureka Pro Referral Code 2023

7. Grant each permission the program requests.

8. Following the completion of your registration, you will receive Rs.6 as a welcome bonus and 150 Coins to use in the games.

Terms and Conditions for Refer and Earn

1. The individual you’re inviting must be new.

2. The person you refer must sign up using your referral code.

3. For each referral, you will receive Rs5.

How To Withdraw Money From The Qureka Pro App

  1. There are four different wallet types available in the Qureka pro app: Coin wallet, Game wallet, and Referral wallet. Any of the wallets’ earnings can be redeemed independently.
  2. Go to the wallet > winning wallet menu on the Qureka app.
  3. Select the appropriate withdrawal amount, then click the continue button.
  4. You can first redeem Rs.10 in cash. You can upgrade to silver status and withdraw a maximum of Rs100 at once.

How to Win Qureka Pro at Games:

The Qureka App has a tonne of games. By playing games, you can win money. Click on the games area on the app’s homepage to access it. There, you can choose from a variety of games to play for a chance to win real money.

  1. Open the Qureka app and navigate to the Games section first.

2. You can play free games like Bubble Shooter, CricketT20, and many others.

3. Choose one of them and press Start.

4. You can gain experience by playing these games, and subsequently, by taking part in important competitions, you can win significant prizes.

Qureka Pro Referral Code 2023
Qureka Pro Referral Code 2023

About Qureka Pro App:

By completing some really entertaining brain-led activities, Qureka enables you to test your knowledge and earn coins:

  1. Playing daily live quiz shows (more than 15 per day)

2. Playing hourly quizzes in categories like GK, Sports, and others every hour

3. Exam preparation quizzes & playing cricket quizzes

Cricket Quizz:

A separate area of Qureka is dedicated to cricket quizzes. You can play cricket quizzes in all categories, and you can earn coins by doing so. There are the following categories under cricket quiz:

1. IPL Quiz
2. Cricket World Cup Quiz
3. Indian Cricketers Quiz
4. Quizzes About Cricketing Records
5. Cricket Knowledge Quiz

You can check your cricket knowledge with any of these quizzes. You can visit this section at any moment to take any of the quizzes that are available throughout the day.

Exam Prep Quiz:

You can also visit and take quizzes to get ready for a difficult exam. In the “Exam Prep” part of Qureka, you may go and respond to quizzes that have recently been asked in a variety of competitive exams in India.In this area, coins can also be won. The kinds of quizzes in this section are:

UPSC Exam Quiz
– SSC Exam Quiz
– Bank PO Exam Quiz
– 10+2 Entrance Exam Quiz
– Management Exam Quiz

There is no gambling involved when you play games on Qureka, and we never require customers to make a payment to utilise our service. In general, all quizzes will be free to participate in, but some special quizzes will require players to purchase coins in order to participate. Having enough coins in your wallet is therefore advised at all times.

How Can I Get in Touch With Qureka Pro App Support?

You Can Contact Qureka Pro App Support By The Following Methods If You Have Any Refund Related Or Account Related Issues –

Qureka Pro Email & Mobile Suggest QurekaPro@gmail.com is where to send suggestions.

Qureka Pro Email & Mobile QurekaProIssues@gmail.com for problems or bugs

Email address: QurekaProGrievance@gmail.com Contact Us for assistance and support.

Reviews on Playstore For Qureka Pro App

  1. I appreciate the game’s current design, especially with the new additions of the logo quiz and hourly questions. However, I find the amount of commercials the customer must endure to be extremely disappointing. I can see why the user has to view an advertising after the quiz is over in order to earn coins, but why is it necessary? The statement “more coins have been added” appears after watching an advertisement quite frequently, but no further coins are actually added to the account.

                                                                                                BY alok tiwari

2. awful experience Today after installing it, I took the introductory test. I accurately responded to the first nine out of ten questions. And the screen stopped displaying as being loaded when the last question arose. I was therefore unable to respond to the final question. and was dismissed. The first question was once again missed on the second quiz, which led to its elimination. The bugs must first be fixed.

                                                                                       By   A Google user


1. Can I get paid to use Qureka?

Ans: As a welcome treat, you will receive 10 for free. Additionally, Qureka has a referral programme that pays users extra money for recommending the app to their friends. What is my potential earning potential with Qureka? The amount of money you can make on Qureka has no upper limit.

2. Which app provides Paytm cash instantly?

Ans: As a Paytm Cash-Earning App, GameZy

GameZy is another fantasy gaming platform where you can earn Paytm cash instantly by playing several games, getting a bonus of approximately 10,000, and introducing friends to the platform.


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