Reduce Whatsapp storage IN Android Mobiles

Reduce Whatsapp storage
Reduce Whatsapp storage

Reduce Whatsapp storage IN Android Mobiles

Reduce Whatsapp Storage :

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Multimedia messages can fill up your storage very quickly but there is a way to … Android (all chats): Main WhatsApp screen > Tap menu button, The tips work on Android, Windows phones, and even iPhone! … Click here to open the article to reduce the size of an image(compress photos) on Android devices. … but using Whatsapp even fills up your

How to Reduce Whatsapp storage

internal phone memory as the, Reduce Whatsapp Storage in Android Mobile. Mostly Worldwide Everyone uses Whatsapp.Tha app Can be Downloaded From Google, We have recently received a lot of feedback about the WhatsApp takes up most of their iPhone storage space. Many WhatsApp users are facing, Only submissions that are directly related to Android are allowed. 2. We welcome …. 3 years ago (1 child). My WhatsApp folder is 1,02 GB and databases eat 215MB from it. … Go to Settings > Storage > Other (the red part). It should show you … Rooting can help a lot in lower memory devices. 200mb will, Whatsapp backups take a lot of space. Is there any possible way to save more space without totally messing up Whatsapp? internal storage, how to reduce WhatsApp size on android, reduce WhatsApp storage iPhone, WhatsApp taking too much space android, how to free up WhatsApp space, WhatsApp storage space, how to clear WhatsApp memory, WhatsApp storage usage android, how to reduce Whatsapp data size on windows phone Reduce Whatsapp storage Android Mobiles reduce whatsapp storage in android 2018


Whatsapp Storage Settings In Android Mobile  :

step 1:-Go to your WhatsApp settings.
Step 2:-Then from given options just click on data and storage usage. Then select storage usage.
Step3: -Then a screen will open in this you see all recent conversations.There you see that which  conversation uses maximum space and which uses less
Step 4:-then here you can delete the conversation which you want to delete


Step 5:-you may delete the file which you want and you can save the space on your android mobile



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