Share Chat App Refer and Earn 2023 to get Rs.40 Free Paytm Cash Per Referral

Share Chat App Refer and Earn 2023
Share Chat App Refer and Earn 2023
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I’m happy to see you once more. I only have good things to say about you. The focus of today’s blog is the Share Chat App Refer and Earn 2023 to gain Rs. 40 Free Paytm Cash Per Referral. The Share Chat App Refer and Earn 2023 to receive Rs. 40 Free Paytm Cash Per Referral will be covered in this article.

Here, we’ll discuss the Share Chat App Refer and Earn 2023 promotion to receive Rs. 40 in free Paytm cash for each referral. You can read Free Recharge Tricks 2023 and Free Recharge Apps 2023, two of our most recent blogs.

Share Chat App Refer and Earn 2023 to get Rs.40 Free Paytm Cash Per Referral:

Hello to each of you! I sincerely hope everyone is taking advantage of the special offers and insider knowledge that Androidbuzz has made available. Today, we’re introducing a fresh offering in India that is equivalent to what our prior 5G recharge Plan deals offered. We also emphasise how to create an EDU email account. This post has further details about the Share Chat App Refer and Earn 2023 to get Rs.40 Free Paytm Cash Per Referral.

Share Chat App:

The most popular social media site in India, ShareChat, enables users to express their ideas, keep a diary of their lives, and meet new people in their own language. The next billion internet users will engage differently thanks to ShareChat, which is on a mission to lead India’s internet revolution.

With 180 million active monthly users, the social media network ShareChat is multilingual. Through voice chat rooms, photo and video posts, status updates, microblogging, blogging, and direct messaging in 15 Indic languages, it gives its users a variety of ways to express themselves. Regional audiences can thus interact with groups of people who share their interests.


Listening rooms:

A voice-based hangout place is the ShareChat audio chatroom. This function enables users to thoroughly debate a variety of issues in 15 regional languages.

Presenting digitally:

Virtual Gifting is another feature of ShareChat that enables users to show their appreciation for the content of their favourite creators or hosts by giving them virtual gifts. Over 64,000 content creators have received assistance from Virtual Gifting to monetize their work thus far.


With SCTV, users may produce sophisticated videos that last between two and fifteen minutes.

HR guidelines for women:

The following HR policies for women were announced by ShareChat (Mohalla Tech Pvt Ltd.) in 2022 in an effort to provide a supportive and favourable work environment.

1. A five-day leave of absence to attend to pressing matters relating to the children’s health and education

2. Adoptive moms are granted 12 weeks of leave for children older than 6 months and 26 weeks of leave for children under 6 months.

3. Male workers can take five days off to support their partners after a miscarriage.

4. Women employees may pay a nanny fee of 7000 Indian rupees for each child under the age of six.

5. Commissioning mothers receive 12 weeks of leave

How to Signup for Share Chat:

You must download the Share Chat app if you want to interact with others and make money at the same time.

2. Launch the app after downloading it from the Play Store.

3. To create an account, enter your phone number and choose your chosen language when prompted.

4. You can access the Social Media Share Chat App after the OTP has been verified.

5. The Indian rupee’s logo is displayed in the top-left corner. A free scratch card will also be made available.

6. When entering a number, use the Open Scratch Card option to instantly credit 15 Paytm Cash.

7. Get 15 Paytm for every friend you successfully recommend.

8. A minimum of Rs. 15 must be spent on a redemption before the money is automatically sent to Paytm.

Register to receive 7 Per Referral and 5 Instant Reward Points.

1. Following Tiktok’s prohibition in India, a number of short-form video applications there saw an uptick in popularity and downloads. Download Share Chat if you want to use all the social networking capabilities in one spot.

2. You can quickly earn Paytm cash by using this program, which is accessible in the Google Play Store. Among other things, you can check the most recent treading status, view a short video, and talk with your pals.

3. You will earn a flat Rs.15 incentive after downloading the app and making an account on the social media site. This cashback can be used to get Paytm credit straight away.

4. There are additional ways to get money, such as by referring friends who download and briefly use the app. You will get a flat 15 cashback for each.

Offer for the ShareChat App Referral Code: How to Earn Rs.15 in Free PayTM Cash:

1. First, download the ShareChat app using this link.

2. Select your language after opening the app.

Share Chat App Refer and Earn 2023
Share Chat App Refer and Earn 2023

3. Next, enter your name, mobile number, and confirm it with an OTP.

Share Chat App Refer and Earn 2023
Share Chat App Refer and Earn 2023

4. Next, navigate to the Dashboard and click the “” icon in the top right corner.

Share Chat App Refer and Earn 2023
Share Chat App Refer and Earn 2023

5. Your refer link and refer states will be visible there.

6. To receive a scratch card for each referral, click on the QR Code Referral Scheme and share your QR Code/Link with your friends. (Receive Rs. 15 for every referral)

7. You will also receive scratch cards after participating in the main referral programme and referring one friend. By inviting more friends, you can earn more money. To Get a Good Amount in Scratch Cards, I Suggest Referring Using a QR Code Link.

8. Enter your PayTM number, and you’ll receive your winnings in your Paytm wallet within 24 hours.

9. Review your earnings by clicking the “My Earnings” tab.

10. Earn more scratch cards by recommending more friends as you advance through the levels. Oh, loot!

App Name Share Chat App
Signup Bonus Rs.8
Referral Bonus Rs.7
Download Link Click Here

ShareChat App Referral Offer Information:

1. A referral system Getting one or two scratch cards from each referral is step one.

2. You will receive your scratch card from refer in an hour.

3. In 30 days, you can only make a maximum of Rs. 100 from one account.

4. Each scratch card offers a potential 30 rupees in earnings.

Reviews of the Share Chat app on Google Play Store:

  1. The reasoning is sound. But there is much room for improvement. Some bugs have been discovered. My friends occasionally message me, but I never receive a notification from that chat, and when I reply, they never receive a notification from me. In addition, any messages I sent to others didn’t display a double tick. Please address this issue as soon as you can. Besides that, I adore this app.

By   A Google user

2. The software is never functionally sound. whenever I have a crucial conversation to have. The voice stops speaking when the application is finished. Start of automatic logout. There is currently a new issue that prevents others from being added to the group; nobody reported it, and nothing happened automatically. no groups to add to.

By Hemant Kumar

3. #This app has a lot of issues. First off, instead of allowing users to upload photographs or videos, the software hangs after five or six items have been uploaded. There is also a compelled exit. and need to launch the app once more. After uploading, the user edits the rice photo inside the MV tool while the song is altered. where no pairing of music and image is retained. Additionally, there is no option to post multiple photos or videos even when only one video or single photo is being uploaded.

By Hitesh Damodra


1. How can I promote ShareChat and make money?

Ans: Refer And Earn 2023 is an example of an image from the Share Chat App.
Chat Room Friendships. Make friends by interacting with strangers. Simply share your referral link with your friends to instantly receive up to Rs. 30 in Free PayTM Cash in your PayTM Wallet.

2. Can I make money with share chat?

Ans: Like other social earning apps, ShareChat rewards you with money each time a friend instals the app. Simply invite your friends using various channels or a direct referral link. Click on the coin icon located at the top of the app to get your referral link.


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