Shopsy Refer and Earn| Shopsy Referral Code and Get 150 in Bank  By Flipkart Referral Offer 2023[100% Sure Verified]

Shopsy Refer and Earn
Shopsy Refer and Earn
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I’m glad to see you again. Nothing except positive things to say about you. We’ll talk about the Shopsy Refer and Earn 150 in Bank and ShopSy by Flipkart Referral Offer. The Shopsy Refer and Earn 150 in Bank and ShopSy By Flipkart Referral Offer 2023 will be covered.

The item we most recently published is titled TalkCharge Aap: Free Mobile Recharge for Flat Rs20. Take advantage of the Shopsy Refer and Earn $150 in Bank and ShopSy by Flipkart Referral Offer opportunity.

Shopsy Refer and Earn 150 in Bank  By Flipkart Referral Offer[100% Sure Verified]

Shopsy Refer and Earn
Shopsy Refer and Earn

Hello folks! I hope you’re all enjoying the Androidbuzz promotions and insider tips. We are coming today with another offer, similar to our previous Free Recharge Tricks & Working Free Paytm Cash Offer. by taking advantage of the Shopsy Refer and Earn $150 in Bank and ShopSy by Flipkart Referral Offer chance.

Shopsy Refer and Earn 2023:

  • hello there, I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying their lives. Many of us are constantly looking for the greatest program that pays real money into a bank account for a new referral. There is also a referral incentive available for Shopsy through Flipkart. Read the Shopsy refer and earn offer right now if you want to earn a free 150 in your bank account for a new referral.
  • Flipkart’s official app is called Shopsy. By sending your friends links to Flipkart products, this software will enable you to make money. It is not affiliate marketing for Flipkart. However, you can share links with your friends and make money if you have any friends or a Telegram channel. The best aspect of this program is the ability to make money by placing your own independent orders on the Flipkart app.
  • I have referred three friends through the Shopsy refer and earn program so far. After they signed up, I immediately received my referral bonus in my bank account. Friends who sign up using your link will receive $150, and you will also instantly receive $150 in your bank account.

Review of Shopsy by Flipkart:

Shopsy By Flipkart Rewards
Referral Bonus Rs.150
Signup Bonus Rs.150
Download Link Shopsy Click here


Free Shopsy shopping of Rs. 300 plus referral bonuses of 150 into your bank account:

1. To start, go here to download the Shopsy app.

2. Downloading the Shopsy app and launching it. Either sign in with an existing account or create a new one.

Shopsy Refer and Earn
Shopsy Refer and Earn

3. Click the Refer & Earn option in the Home Dashboard Section and copy your referral link.

4. Next, create a new account for the account in a very simple and easy manner and share your referral link with another mobile device.

5. Include in Cart > 750 is the Minimum Order Amount

6. Pay for your purchase using a COD, card, or UPI payment method.

7. Done! When you complete your first order, we’ll deliver your items in 5 to 6 days.

8. Upon delivery of your order, you will get $150 (including a $50 holiday offer and a $100 welcome offer) as cashback rewards.

9. Sign into Your Referral Account, and then Bam! 150 rupees were instantly credited to your bank account. But even so, make a note of the items you received because the return period is currently over.

How Can I Take Advantage Of The Shopsy Flipkart Refer & Earn Offer To Get $300 Free Shopping?

1. Scroll down to the last item.

2. ‘Mega Price Drop’ at Select 99 Store – Beauty & Grooming

Shopsy Refer and Earn
Shopsy Refer and Earn

3. Now choose your product, apply your coupon, and then check out.

4. Look for coupons for each product, use them, and then purchase for the greatest savings.

Shopsy Refer and Earn
Shopsy Refer and Earn

Shopsy App Refer and Earn Offer: Reward of 150 for each referral made to your bank account:

1. Get the Shopsy app from the Google Play Store by clicking here

2. Downloading/opening the Shopsy app and selecting the “Start Earning” button

Shopsy Refer and Earn
Shopsy Refer and Earn

3. Put Your Flipkart Mobile Number Here and Verify With This 6-Digit Code

Shopsy Refer and Earn
Shopsy Refer and Earn

4. Congratulations on signing up with a referral! Next, check out the Shopsy dashboard interface.

5. Make the First Order for a Minimum of 300.

6. Completed with success! Finish placing your first order

7. Upon delivery of your order, we will pay you $150 (including a $ 50-holiday offer and a $100 welcome offer) as cashback rewards.

8. You can qualify, refer people, and earn $150 as a reward to your direct bank account.

Get Products from Shopsy’s One Store for Less Than Rs.1:

The 1 store for new users has been published on the Shopsy app by Flipkart. From this shop, you can get anything, such as T-shirts and other items, for less than one dollar. Only new users are eligible for this deal. Therefore, in order to visit this one store, Must create a new account.

Shopsy Refer and Earn
Shopsy Refer and Earn

1. Start by downloading the Shopsy app from this link.

2. You should set up a new account.

3. You will now see one store banner on the home page.

4. Go to the banner for one store and you can purchase items for just one dollar (for higher-priced items, you’ll receive additional cashback, bringing the total down to one dollar).

5. Choose any item and add it to your cart.

6. Finish the payment.

7. Done !!

8. Take advantage of the Shopsy Loot and Free Shipping!!

9. You can place one order from a new account once each month.

How to Withdraw Shopsy Referral Rewards?

1) Your awards will be shown under “My Earnings.”

2) The referral bonus is immediately and automatically deposited to your associated bank account.

3) To view the recommendation and earning status, go to the referred area.

Shopsy Refer and Earn
Shopsy Refer and Earn

4) Before you start referring friends, you must add the information for your bank account.

5) If Shopsy confirms that you have entered the correct bank information and it is approved, the amount is credited to your account.

How to Add a Bank Account on Shopsy:

  1. Go to the “My Account” area first.
  2. ‘My Bank Account’ should be selected from the drop-down option.
  3. To add a bank account, click the button.
  4. You can alter your billing address if you’d like.
  5. Now click the “Save and Continue” button.
  6. Now enter the necessary details for your bank account.
  7. Choose “Save” from the menu.
  8. To validate it, they will deposit 1 into your bank account.
  9. Done!! The Shopsy app has been connected to your bank account.

Terms And Conditions About Shopsy Referral Code:

  • The offer is good from May 10, 2022, until December 31, 2022.
    During the promotion time, the referrer is only permitted a maximum of 50 referrals per month.
  • The first order must be placed by a friend in a single transaction for at least 300rs and must not be canceled or returned.
  • Following the successful fulfillment of your friend’s order after the return time, which may take more than 30 days, you will earn 150 rupees under this offer, and your friend will receive 50 rupees in addition to the commission payable, if applicable.
  • The offer is only legitimate if your friend has never used Shopsy before and complies with all of the deal’s requirements.
  • Receiving a reward could take longer than 30 days because it won’t be given out until the return/cancellation time has passed.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What rewards do you receive when you recommend friends to Shopsy?

Ans: You both receive 150 points whenever your friend places his first order successfully.

2. What do you make Money on ShopSy?

Ans: How much can you make using Shopsy? In general, it is based on how many sales you can make in a given month. Let’s assume that your income is average. For instance, assuming an average 5% commission, you could make 5000 rupees if you were able to sell something for 50000 rupees in a month.

3. How can we make money on Shopsy?

Ans: Simply share the product’s website with your friends or anyone else to get started. If someone purchases that item through your link, you will receive a commission. The same principles apply to the Shopsy App. Shopsy App is available on the Google Play Store.

4. Do both individuals receive referral bonuses?

Ans: Fortunately, both the referrer and the referee can activate the benefits, making it a promising incentive. Launching the game on any platform and then signing in to the website to refer a friend is required for the program to begin.

5. Can I use Shopsy to buy things for myself?

Ans: Products cannot be bought using your user account for either personal use or for resale. In the event that such purchases violate our Terms of Use, we reserve the right to withhold commission and/or terminate your User Account.

6. What are the advantages of Shopsy?

Ans: Sellers may reach a large network of cost-conscious consumers nationwide thanks to the platform. Through Shopsy’s reliable resellers, retailers on the platform can reach customers looking for inexpensive goods. This aids them in making money thanks to a distinctive seller platform built on trust.

7. Is the Shopsy app reliable?

Ans: Most Reliable and Authentic App

I received the first product, but the second one is leaking and there is a no-returns policy. I called the Shopsy customer support team, and they approved the trade. I have complete faith in shopsy.

8. Is GST-free sales on Shopsy possible?

Ans: Sellers that offer taxable goods and services through an online marketplace must therefore complete a New GST Registration Online, regardless of their sales volume.

9. Is Shopsy the same as Shopify?

Ans: Shopify builds digital storefronts for vendors who transmit these links to prospective customers through social networking apps as opposed to Shopsy, which let independent resellers deliver product catalogs to clients.


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