Snapdragon and MediaTek comparision

Snapdragon and MediaTek
Snapdragon and MediaTek

Snapdragon and MediaTek

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Many of you willing to buy a new smartphone definitely explore more through the internet for the best smartphones and compare specifications. Coming to the processor, many are confused as they do not know which processor is better. In this article, you will get to know the major differences between the worlds leading processors Snapdragon and MediaTek


Processors are the one that gives Smartphones different abilities and functionality by the hardware. Snapdragon and MediaTek are now the leading processors that are the most adapted in the smartphones industry. It would be better to call these “System on Chips” as they are not just processors. These are the embedded chips that comprise different modules and cores that provide the device with multiple features. For example, If you are wondering why your device doesn’t support 5G network. Its because your device System on Chip is missing the hardware that supports 5G.


Both Snapdragon and MediaTek are developed based on ARM model and are ultimately designed for low energy consumption and better performance. But MediaTek never tinkers with the architecture of processor as Snapdragon Qualcomm modifies the architecture for better performance and low power consumption. Coming to the Graphics Processor (GPU) Qualcomm uses its own GPU called “Adreno” whereas Mediatek uses ARMs’ Mali GPU. Even though both perform good, Developers prefer Adreno GPU for developing the games and testing them. MediaTek concentrates on the budget segment devices as the Qualcomm is the most used chipset for all high-end devices.

How Qualcomm achieved high performance?

But here comes the question, How the Snapdragon is achieving high performance?. It is because of Heterogeneous computing. For example, If we take camera functionality the Snapdragon has separate Camera hardware module that performs tasks related to the image capturing and this involves less battery usage whereas in Mediatek both CPU & GPU for tasks which eventually drain more battery.


Now you got to know the differences between the leading SoC for smartphones. Choose the best as of your choice.