Spotify Premium Mod APK Download For Android

Spotify Premium Mod APK
Spotify Premium Mod APK

What is Spotify?

  • Spotify is a streaming platform launched in the year 2008. It was developed throught out the worldwide. It is now available in 79 countries and also 5 continents.
  • Spotify is the biggest and most popular music platform.
  • Spotify is having 286 million active users and 130 million premium subscribers.
  • Apart this there are currently more than 50 million tracks are present in the platform of spotify.

How does Spotify work?

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 Go to the Spotify website to signup for a new account.

  • Select a subscription mode.
  • Download the Spotify app.
  • Open the app and sign in to your account.

Spotify Premium Mod APK Features:

 Podcasts and audio books are available

  • Play any track in a mobile
  • Creating playlists
  • Follow the friends what they are listening
  • Travel abroad with your music for up to 14 days
  • 50 million tracks are available
  • Discover new music based on your interests
  • Compatibility with variety of devices
  • Search Enabled
  • Unlimited Shuffle
  • Extreme audio unlocked
  • Repeats Enabled

Spotify premium apk download latest version:


Name Spotify App
Publisher Spotify
Size 30M
Requires Android
MOD Features Premium locked


 What is Spotify Premium MOD Apk?

 Spotify Premium MOD apk is a modified version of the original application and also we can analyze in-depth the application and we can adjust individual sections.

After modification, we can use most features of the Spotify Premium MOD Apk subscription.

Spotify Mod Premium Apk:

 Spotify Premium Apk is a version of the Spotify Official Android App. We can use all the Spotify Premium features for free with Spotify Premium Apk. In this  App we play millions of songs and podcasts without any advertisement all over the world.GBwhatsapp latest version apk


Features of Spotify Premium Apk:

  • There will be no ads
  • Listening music offline
  • The audio will be high quality
  • Unlimited skips
  • Spotify Free Trial (3 months of Premium, the premium will cancel anytime)
  • Search the music

No Ads:

Every person loves the feature of ads-free feature, So it is the best feature. In this app we remove visual ads and audio ads. We are not going to face any ads while listing to your favorite songs.spotify without ads apk

No Ads Logo

Unlimited Everything:

This feature allows us to skip six songs per hour and also we removed this limit and get shuffles and skips in the Spotify Premium Mod Apk

 Download music in offline mode:

 Without any premium subscription, we can download the music from Spotify and create a separate post where I have shared it. You can download all songs and save to your library with only one tap.

  • Go to your library and select the option of the songs and tap the download button.

No Root Required:

Spotify Mod Apk doesn’t need to root your device and even no need of installing any other app to download the version.

No root logo

Unlimited Shuffle:

If you use Spotify mobile app on your phone the ability to play any song you want it is the big reason to upgrade Spotify. With the version free you are forced to listen to the music in shuffle mode on your phone.

Unlimited Skips:

So many songs you can skip while listening to a shuffled selection of songs with Spotify’s free service. With Premium only you can skip so many songs as necessary.

 High-Quality Audio:

This premium version allows you to listen to the Extreme Audio Quality up to 320kbs bit rate while the normal version gives up to 96kbps. Being a Spotify Premium member gives you to access high-quality records of these Spotify Sessions.

High Quality Logo

Spotify Connect:

Spotify Premium is available on various platforms and various devices such as computers, Smart TVs, Smart Speaker, etc.

Spotify Connect logo

 No wait for new releases:

  • Spotify Mod Apk deals with Universal Music Group and releases the new album to Spotify Premium members for two weeks.
  • UMG is the world’s largest record label and includes artists such as Lady Gaga, Kayne West.
  • Free users get access to singles as they drop but may need to wait fortnight before listening to a new album.

 How to Install Spotify Mod Apk?

 Installation of Spotify Mod Apk is a very easy procedure. No need to have any specific domain knowledge or coding required to download it.

  • Click on the download button and click on the start download button. After the download is finished, open the apk file that you have downloaded.
  • Click on the settings button and turn on the Allow from this source.
  • Then go back and click on the Install button. Now your installation will be started.
  • This option appears when you are installing the app first time, so it does not appear on your phone.
  • Before installing the Spotify app first uninstall the old Spotify App from your phone otherwise, the Spotify App will be failed.
  • After the installation process is completed, open the app and click on the Email button and choose the “sign up free” option and fill in your Email, Password, Date of Birth, Gender and Name then click on the “create” button.
  • Select the language do you want to listen to and click on the Next button.

Different plans of Spotify Mod APK:-

 Spotify Premium Individual:

If the user is living alone or someone who wants to use Spotify alone, then the premium individual is the best individual plan to use.

Spotify Premium Student:

If at all, the user is a student who got enrolled in a college or in a University, then the Spotify Premium Student plan is perfect to apt. 50%  off is available for subscriptions up to 4 years.

Spotify Premium Duo :

The premium duo is perfect for couples or partners or two persons who are living together in the same area. Duo mix will be available to listen to tracks of both the tastes of accounts.

Spotify Premium Family:

If the family is a music-loving family, Spotify Premium Plan is a suitable plan. The family mix is the perfect plan if the family comprises 6 members. Parents is having control over explicit music for the rest of the family.







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