Subway Surfers Download For PC/Mac ( Emulator) 100% Safe Download

Subway Surfers Download For PC
Subway Surfers Download For PC
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Subway Surfers Download For PC/Mac ( Emulator) 100% Safe Download:

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Subway Surfers Download Free For PC/Mac:

Thanks to its excellent high-definition graphics, engaging gameplay, and consistently updated material, Subway Surfers is currently one of the best arcade action games available.

Download Subway Surfers Here



Temple Run-style infinite runner game Subway Surfers was created in 2012 by SYBO Games and KILOO. Join forces with Jake, Tricky, and Fresh to free them from the sour police inspector and his pit bull, as well as the about 100 other graffiti artists who are fixated on marking subway facilities. You can use hoverboards to travel through the subway system, gathering cash and power-ups that you can later trade in for jetpacks, floaty skates, and other advantages. Just be aware of the cunning traps that are waiting! Regularly occurring special occasions include the World Tour and Weekly Hunts.

Play Subway Surfer on a computer:

Subway Surfers Download For PC
Subway Surfers Download For PC

SYBO Games created the arcade game Subway Surfers. For an immersive gaming experience, BlueStacks app player is the finest platform for playing these casual/hyper-casual android games on your PC or Mac.

Play the entertaining running game Subway Surfers on your computer while navigating train lines full of obstacles. Run quickly to escape the irate guard and his dog. Ready to start playing? Get Subway Surfers for the PC right away.

For continuous gaming, BlueStacks is adding Airplane Mode. Now that Subway Surfers is available in Airplane Mode, hyper-casual and casual players won’t see any in-game advertisements (the aeroplane symbol can be found on the right side toolbar). This results in an uninterrupted game experience.

Play this game to assist Jake and his companions in escaping the hostile railway guard. Run over the rail tracks while avoiding stationary and occasionally moving trains. To run up a lowered truck and jump over the bars so you may run on the tops of trains, do so. Gather the coins arranged in a line straight ahead as you run, or jump to gather the ones dangling above.

Additionally, gather power-ups like flying bags, boots that will make you jump higher, and magnets that will catch cash as you run. You can glide through the tracks with the help of the hoverboard power-up. Additionally, you can gather enigmatic boxes with a token inside of them. If you accumulate enough of these tokens, you can use them to open up new and intriguing playable characters. Play in Airplane Mode and enjoy beating your previous best score every time.

The regular upgrades to Subway Surfers are its strongest feature. In each subsequent iteration, we’ll not only be able to play with new characters—we can select from Jake, Tricky, or Fresh—but also a brand-new metropolis to explore on its subway system and a variety of hoverboards (flying skateboards) to employ for full-throttle escapes.

Key characteristics

  • Surf the railroad tracks nonstop while riding your hoverboard.
  • Avoid all of the barriers in your path.
  • While evading the authorities, gather golden coins.
  • Get your character’s new cars and upgrades by buying and collecting them.
  • In every new update, go to various cities throughout the globe.
  • HD graphics with colour.


There isn’t an official Subway Surfers for Windows version, but it doesn’t mean you can’t play on your PC. You should be aware of this before clicking the Download button. For that, there’s a trick. This download gives you an Android emulator similar to BlueStacks as well as the game’s APK for the Android platform so you can start playing it right away on your computer.

What changed in the most recent version

  • San Francisco is a fresh scenario.
  • Miss Maia is a fresh character.


Subway Surfers Download For PC
Subway Surfers Download For PC

Gather as many coins as you can:

The basic goal of the game is to collect the various rewards that you will come across as you travel around the tracks.

Avoid the pitfalls:

You’ll need to pull off a variety of jumps and tricks to get over obstacles like fences, trains, and other things that will get in your way.

Don’t forget to finish the challenging missions:

If you succeed in completing a number of certain activities during your run, you’ll be able to increase your score and receive an additional reward.

With the enemy, exercise extreme caution:

The inspector will attempt to stop you by any means necessary, along with his dog. Depending on where you are in the game, his appearance may change, but his desire to find you will never waver.

Decide which character you like best:

You may unlock a ton of distinctive characters that will join your squad of graffiti artists as you advance through the game. They include a zombie named Jake, Manny the skeleton, and an Elvis doppelganger named Elvis.

Images and Audio

The graphics in Subway Surfers look adorable in high resolution and are amazingly vibrant. There is also an entertaining soundtrack that will play during the game.

Timeframes and game modes

A running game for one player that is practically limitless is called Subway Surfers. In other words, since your run will eventually end, you can’t really win the game. Your goal is to advance as far as you can while attempting to surpass the previous record.

How do you set up Subway Surfer on your PC and play it?

Although Subway Surfers is a video game for mobile devices, you can play it on your PC with Blue Stacks, a user-friendly Android emulator. The Windows version of Blue Stacks is already present on this download page, along with all the installation instructions.

Features of the game Subway Surfer

  • Join the group in the finest running competition!
  • Aid Jake and his pals in escaping the inspector.
  • Exercise your running technique at all levels.
  • Run as quickly as you can to receive rewards.
  • Free to download and play!


1. How can I get Subway Surfers for my computer?

Ans: Steps to Take:

  • Get BlueStacks for Windows by visiting the official website.
  • Use the top search box to look for Subway Surfers.
  • To download Subway Surfers to your PC, click on it and then choose “Install Now.”
  • You’ll need to sign in to Google Play Store.
  • On your desktop, The Subway Surfers will now display.

2. How can I get Subway Surfers to download on Windows 7?

How to Install and Run Subway Surfer on a Computer

  • On your computer, download and install Blue Stacks.
  • At the search box in the top right corner, type “Subway Surfers” to find it.
  • From the list of search results, select Subway Surfers to install.
  • Install Subway Surfers by completing Google sign-in (if you skipped step 2).

3. Is Subway Surfer playable on a PC?

Ans: Both Mac OS and Microsoft Windows are fully compatible with Subway Surfer. Log into your Microsoft account and open Play Store. In the Google Play Store, type in “Subway Surfer.”

4. On a laptop, is Subway Surfers free?

Ans: Runner Subway Surfers is available for free. As you outrun the security guard in a never-ending chase through the suburbs all the way to Ibiza, you take control of Jake or his companions. one of the most exhilarating free, no-download casual games ever made.

5. Is Subway Surfers a game for kids?

Ans: In general, Subway Surfers is a game that children can safely play, especially if in-app payments are prohibited and the game is not linked to Facebook. We advise parents to play the game with their kids and use the opportunity to explain to them how online advertising functions.


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