Top 10 Costliest mobiles Ever Made

Top 10 Costliest mobiles
Top 10 Costliest mobiles


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Hello guys! Have you ever wondered what are the costliest mobiles in the world and much they costs. Top 10 Costliest mobiles What are you thinking? What is the maximum price for a mobile sold?
Do you ever think about it? What’s in your imagination? How much would it be? Top 10 Costliest mobiles

If you ever wandered these are all the questions that would first come into your mind. I too have got the same questions in my mind. Since then I started my exploration for
the costliest mobiles in the world. Hence, I have come up with the best results of the costliest smartphones ever made on this planet Top 10 Costliest mobiles
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Top 10 costliest mobiles in the world:


The DIOR REVERIEHAUTE COUTURE is the Swiss company that has been making the devices since 1950. The Dior Reveries Haute Couture comes with a 3.2″ full LCD touchscreen that decorated with 1539 diamonds and 46 pieces of pure natural pearl and 18-carat white gold. It comes with a 5MP camera on the rear side. Furthermore, it has a great standby time with its massive battery. Besides, the device comes up with Dolby Sound system and is 3G compatible only, the other connectivity options include Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi, and A-GPS. Moreover, the device comes in a bar shape.  It costs $102,000 (approximately ₹65 lakhs ). Thus, it is the 10th costliest smartphone in the world Top 10 Costliest mobiles

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Savelli is a jewelry brand owned by Alessandro Savelli in Geneva. These luxury smartphones were first unveiled in Dubai in November 2015. The collection has 11 luxury Android smartphones, titled ‘Jardin Secret’, ranges from AED 30,600 (roughly Rs. 5.28 lakhs) to AED 386,617 (roughly Rs. 66.77 lakhs). Hence the most expensive smartphone (priced at AED 386,617) among the 11 handsets which are known as Black Insane. Therefore, it has 75 rectangular baguette-cut with diamonds set in an oval-shaped crown on the top of the phone. Thus, it occupies 9th place in the top 10 costliest mobile smartphones in the world.


Sony mobile finds its place in the top 10 costliest mobile smartphones in the world. At no. 8 Sony Ericsson’s Black Diamond is the world’s most expensive mobile phone. It has a polycarbonate mirror and an organic LED technology. Moreover, this was decorated with two diamonds. It is one of the costliest smartphones in the world. Thus, the price of this smartphone is $300,000 (roughly ₹1.91 crores). Thus, it occupies 8th place in the World’s top 10 smartphones.



Vertu, a smartphone company in London. It has launched a flagship mobile phone “the Vertu Signature Cobra”. This limited edition mobile is available for purchase for a whopping price $360,000 (roughly ₹2.29crores). It cannot do much. Apart from placing calls and sending text messages, but sure, it looks exclusive. According to Vertu, the Signature Cobra is totally made of 388 parts. They all have assembled in the UK by hand. With this whopping price, this premium smartphone thus occupies 7th place in the list.

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The smartphone manufacturer GRESSO has launched a super luxury mobile handset. The Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot Mobile Phone. It is a combination of diamonds and pure gold. It weighs about 180 g. The 5K black diamonds are available so rarely in nature. This premium smartphone is available for a whopping price of $ 1MILLION (roughly ₹6.45 crores). Thus, it occupies 6th place in the list.


The GoldVish Le Million walks ahead of iPhone in bearing the “world’s most expensive phone” phone tag. Therefore, the GoldVish Le Million writes its name in the Guinness Book of World Records as the most expensive phone in the world at a price of $1.45 million.
Later iPhone took the tag as the most expensive phone in the world. Thus, the price in Rupees is roughly 9.24 crores. Thus it occupies 5th place in the list.


Apple leads the top costliest smartphones in the world with 4 mobile phones in the top 10 list. SUPREME GOLD STRIKER iPhone 3G  is the 4th costliest mobile in the world. It costs $3.3M. Thus, the cost in Rupees is roughly ₹21.03 crores. IPHONE 4S ELITE GOLD is the 3rd costliest mobile in the world. It costs $7.6M. Thus, the price in Rupees is nearly ₹48.45 crores. BLACK DIAMOND iPhone 5 is the 2nd costliest mobile in the world. It costs $15.3M. Thus, the cost in Rupees is roughly ₹97.54 crores. FALCON SUPERNOVA PINK DIAMOND iPhone 6 PLUS is the No.1 costliest mobile in the world. Thus, It costs $110M. The price in Rupees is nearly ₹700 crores.


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