Top 10 Hottest Female DJ’s Of Recent Times You Need To Know Right Now

Hottest Female DJ’s
Hottest Female DJ’s
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Who doesn’t love parties in 2019, right? Everyone loves to go to events and enjoy with their favorite people in their favorite places. What brings life to a party is a good audience and a good venue and even more to that when it’s a great DJ. An amazing DJ can turn a nightmare of a party into the best you have ever attended. Music has such power no one else has and hence if someone knows the right tweaks they can just make you dance on your tips. Most Dj’s we have ever seen or known are men and they dress up as pop stars and with that cool attitude makes women flat on them. Don’t worry my male friends, women are catching up the heat and making it to the stages as you can see them performing at their best.Hottest Female DJ’s

Below are some of the hottest female DJ’s of 2020

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Juicy M.

Marta Martus is the real name of the famous DJ we all term as Juicy M. The extraordinary talent is from Ukraine and is known to mix CDs even without a headphone. Love Or Lust? Figure It Out Here

Keli Hart.

Australia has a famous share of hot DJ’s who have made it international and Keli Hart is one of them. This woman is known for her heart winning mixes as well as her beauty.Hottest Female DJ’s

Claudia Cazau

Claudia was born in Târgoviște, Romania and her specialties are Trance and Tech. While she is obviously famous in Romania, she has toured the world and made fans everywhere with her talents.

Mari Ferrari.

People call Mari Ferrari as the most fashionable female DJ ever. She has played in the best of the best clubs in the city of clubs that are Las Vegas.

Niki Bellucci

A DJ that provides you erotic and sensuous music is already rare in the market and that’s the time when you also get a woman who is equally erotic and portrays sexuality, vibe, and freedom which most would lack.

Lisa Kensington

Lisa is a New York girl who was also a model before she realized her passion and went straight for it. She has also been the part of lists that involve the most beautiful women in the US.


Tenashar is probably the hottest DJ you can ever encounter at a party or a club. She’s from Singapore but performs in the top class places with the best of the crowds and has made a name for herself with a cute face and a stunningly hot body.

Ane Teri.

Another Ukrainian on the list is Ane is often offered to host VIP parties that require a lot of hard work

Tamara Sky.

Born in Puerto Rico, Tamara Sky is somehow more of a celebrity than she’s a DJ. She has done so many gigs that she is super famous now and with a great figure and music choice like her she deserves it Hottest Female DJ’s


One of the DJ’s who was very famous for her role as a model before she chose the DJ life. She has an appealing personality and never fails the audiences Hottest Female DJ’s