UnoCoin App Referral Code|Unocoin Refer and Earn 2023 to Get Rs.300 BitCoins CashBack(100% Sure Working)

UnoCoin App Referral Code
UnoCoin App Referral Code
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I’m glad to see you back. I only have positive things to say about you. UnoCoin App Referral Code|Unocoin Refer and Earn 2023 to Get Rs.300 BitCoins will be the title that appears. The UnoCoin App Referral Code|Unocoin Refer and Earn 2023 to Get Rs.300 BitCoins will be discussed.

You can read “Daily Earn Free Paytm Cash 2023,” our most recent article, here. This section will cover the UnoCoin App Referral Code|Unocoin Refer and Earn 2023 to Get Rs.300 BitCoins part.

UnoCoin App Referral Code|Unocoin Refer and Earn 2023 to Get Rs.300 BitCoins Cash Back(100% Sure Working):

Hello to you all! I genuinely hope everyone is utilizing the unique discounts and insider information offered by Androidbuzz. Today in India, a new deal that is equivalent to our previous Dhani One Freedom Card Promo Code was launched. In addition, Free Recharge Tricks 2023 is emphasised. Find out more in this article about the UnoCoin App Referral Code|Unocoin Refer and Earn 2023 to Get Rs.300 BitCoins Cash Back (100% Sure Working).

UnoCoin App Referral Code:

Cryptocurrency is currently the most popular topic, thus we’ve shared a brand-new Unocoin coupon code for 2023 that allows you to earn free bitcoins worth $300 by entering a referral code when signing up for a bonus.

By utilising the Unocoin promo code, you will receive 300 bitcoins for free. Additionally, by referring people to this wallet, you can earn 15% of their Bitcoin transactions. Get the trick to instantly redeem free bitcoin worth Rs.300 in your bank account and unlimited referral rewards.

Unocoin Offer: 310 Rupees

1. An additional 10 Rs. PayTm Cash will be credited to a mobile user’s account.

Android | iOS Users Download the Unocoin App

Users of desktop computers: go to then use the coupon.

2.) Type U266994 or U-266994 as your Unocoin referral code and enter your email and password.

3.) Enter the FBE200, TTA200, UNO200, UNOCOIN200, or UNOWEEK200 Unocoin discount code.

4.) Verify your email address to finish the registration process.

5.) Next, confirm your Unocoin accounts by providing information like:

6). Use Zebpay to get additional 100 Rs. worth of free coins. view the post URL at the conclusion. So, 310 rupees are earned overall.

a Pan Card

An Aadhar Card

Yourself in a photo

Voila! Our Unocoin discount code has given you access to Bitcoins as well.

Unocoin App Overview:

App Name UnoCoin
Using Referral Code Get Free Rs 300 BTC
Earn per Referral Earn Free BTC
Invite a Friend program Only For App
Unocoin Redeem Bank Account


How to Use the Unocoin App Referral Code to Get Free Bitcoin:

1. Install the UnoCoin app

2. Create a new account using my referral code for Unocoin: 1LA8E.

3. Complete your KYC by uploading your bank account, PAN card, Aadhar card, and other documents.

4. Following Successful KYC Complete

5. Free Rs 300 BTC Coin will be given to you

6. You will now receive the free loot offer.


Unocoin Refer and Earn Free Bitcoin:

  1. Open UnoCoin

2. Access the application.

3. Select “Menu” Click “Refer and Earn”

4. Tell your friends about your UnoCoin referral code 1LA8E.

5. Get Bitcoin for Free There it is.

Unocoin Referral Code: Use the new weighted basket orders to advance the ordering process. The Crypto Basket is now available on the Unocoin app. Click here to read more about the Crypto Basket. Using the Unocoin SBP (Systematic Buy Plan) module to automate bitcoin purchases with a set quantity and frequency, you can protect yourself against market volatility. Verified customers can easily apply for loans in USDT and INR through a secure dashboard. You can manage your investments, pay for costs, and plan your tax strategies by placing a loan order against a collateral amount.

Decide on a USDT (stable coin) fixed deposit to get interest payments every month until the amount matures. Visit to stay up to date on the newest developments in the world of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and Blockchain, and merchant partnerships for accepting Bitcoin payments. You can also participate in lively debates about this topic. Keep an eye on for vital notifications.

Unocoin Offer Referral Code:

How to obtain an Unocoin website referral link.

1. To participate in the referral campaign, verify your account by uploading a photo, a pan card, an aadhar card, and address verification.

2. After your account has been authenticated, click the “Refer and Earn” banner in the left menu or go to this referral link after logging in.

3. You will now see the offer’s specifics. Here is a screenshot of the app.

UnoCoin App Referral Code|
UnoCoin App Referral Code

4. To invite friends, enter their email addresses or just copy the link from the HTML code.

5. Your successful referral will be considered when your friends utilise this link to sign up and verify their accounts using their bank details. You will then be paid 15% of their transaction fee charges.

You can receive a gift of 15% of the transaction fee that Unocoin charges to your referrals through the company’s referral programme.

Using the average price of purchase and sell at the time of the buy/sell order processing of the orders placed by your referrals, it is sent to your Unocoin wallet in bitcoins. To refer friends to Unocoin, you must be a verified member.

How to Check Unocoin Referral Status:

  • Simply go to the referral tab and scroll down to see the invitation history to easily monitor your referral status in real time.

How to Successfully Complete the KYC Verification on Unocoin To Unlock Rewards:

Free bitcoins will be automatically credited, but in order to redeem your free sign-up bonus, you must follow the steps below to receive 300 free rupees in your bank account.

1. Open the app and select the Get Verified From Home button.

2. Next, accurately fill out and update your information.

3. Next, upload the necessary documents, which include a passport photo, a pan card, an address proof, and identification proof.

4. Your details will be verified instantly or it will take one working day. Once your account has been verified, you will receive an email notification.

5. Now transfer it to your Mobikwik wallet since a bank transfer requires a minimum of Rs. 1000.

6. Log in and go to the Topup Redeem page.

7. Next, enter your Mobikwik registered number and continue. You will immediately receive money in your account, which you can then transfer to a bank account.

Advanced Unocoin Exchange Platform:

The most reliable location in India to trade cryptocurrencies is Unocoin Exchange. We give you access to a safe and user-friendly trading platform where you can trade a range of digital assets.

Industry-leading API: With our trading API, you can create safe, programmatic trading bots while also having easy access to real-time market data.

Trusted name: Since 2013, we have been providing support to the Indian cryptocurrency sector, and our staff has been instrumental in the fight for cryptocurrency in India. Together, create your legacy because we are here to stay.

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1. How can I receive free Bitcoins with Unocoin?

Ans: Verified Today! Unocoin gives new clients who sign up with them or existing clients who have a history with Unocoin free bitcoins. You need a verified record with Unocoin in order to retrieve the coupons. You receive a bitcoin wallet from a confirmed record that you may use to store, send, and receive bitcoins.

2. How do I use a bitcoin?

Ans: Click the create an Account option on Register with your preferred password and mobile number.

Select and purchase the coin you want from the dashboard.

Enter the quantity of Bitcoin/Ethereum or Bitcoin in Indian Rupees (INR) that you wish to purchase.

Select BUY BITCOIN/ETHER after confirming your order.

3. What is a referral code for Unocoin?

Ans: Describe UNODAX. Unocoin operates the Indian cryptocurrency exchange Unodax. By entering our referral code when you sign up, you can receive a signup bonus. To register for an account, enter the Unodax referral code U266994.


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