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Vtion app
Vtion app
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keep the Vtion app on your phone. Receive Rs10 Paytm each week(100% Tested)

Vtion app
Vtion app

Vtion app:

Leading digital and research company VTION. This program collects the user’s video viewing habits in a safe and secure manner. The information gathered is only utilized for academic reasons.

VTION: Hello everyone. I’ll talk about VTION, a brand-new and fantastic income platform.

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Earn up to $90 each month without doing actual work. Download and keep installed the VTION Digital App, VTION Digital Meter App, and VTION Audience Meter App on your device to earn free PayTM Cash every week.

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If you download and sign up for the Vtion Digital app, you will receive a ten-rupee welcome bonus. If you continue to keep the app installed on your mobile device, you will then receive an additional ten rupees each week. You will also get an extra 10 rupees each week.

App Name Vtion Audiencemeter 
Sign Up Bonus Rs.10
Redeem Via Paytm, Amazon Gift Card
Download link download Here


What does VTION App do?

Vtion app
Vtion app

Digital VTION Using your mobile device, you can earn money. VTION’s ground-breaking new concept is that thousands of smartphone users ought to receive weekly payments just for sharing the activities they engage in while using their devices. To aid in the advancement of research, securely and safely share your usage facts with the sector. In exchange for sharing your data-related ideas, get paid every week. Register to participate in the smartphone panel after downloading the VTION app.

Total Apps From VITION App :

Our Data Is Secure In This App?

1. The Data Collected Is Used Exclusively For Research.

2. They will gather your data and provide it in this manner.

3. For Example, 80% of men use the XYZ platform, whereas women in Delhi mostly watch videos on YouTube.

4. This app can be used on a different phone. Which Phones Don’t Have Important Information

How to sign up for the Vtion app’s audience metre:

  • The first step for those who want to register for Vtion Audience Meter is to click the link below and download the app.
  1. Open the app after downloading and installing it.
  • Leave Out Every Step
  • Select “Accessibility Settings” and then “Just Allow This App”

2. Next, select the Rewards Section.

  • Next, select Paytm Wallet.

3. A submit button should be clicked to advance to the next page.

  • then enter your phone number in 10 digits.
  • You’ve completed everything and are now qualified for free PayTM Cash.
  • You Will Receive A Payment Of Rs 10 Within Two Days.
Vtion App
Vtion App

4. You Must Continue Installing This App On Your Phone Before Receiving Rs. 10 Weekly

What Does the Digital VTION App Not Track?

Your private financial data ARE NOT stored by the VTION Digital App.

The websites that you have previously visited WILL NOT be tracked by VTION Digital App.

The text messages you send and receive WILL NOT be watched by VTION Digital App.

We make no effort to trace any personal messaging services, including email, audio, and video calling apps.

Frequently Asked Questions: {FAQ}

1. What does VTION app do?

Ans: A patented technique by VTION® allows for the real-time, meta tag-level extraction of media-related data from Android smartphones via an SDK (OTT Video, Online Video, OTT Audio, Radio FM Tuners).

2. Vtion audience meter: what is it?

Ans: VTION is your one-stop shop for consumer insight. It has everything you need to rule the digital landscape in a privacy-first future, including access to precise behavioral analytics, information on your most important questions, and performing audiences.

3. How does the Vtion audience meter work?

Ans: Your one-stop platform for consumer intelligence is VTION. It contains everything you need to rule the digital landscape in a privacy-first society. Gain access to in-depth behavioural insights, gather information on your most pressing questions, and identify audiences that perform.


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