What Sleeping Positions Will Be Best for You as a Couple

    Sleeping Positions
    Sleeping Positions
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    Sleeping next to someone has tremendous benefits for our health starting from reducing stress to boosting our immune system. But psychologists are also sure that sleeping positions can reveal a lot about the relationship between the partners and point out the unspoken problems. So it’s time to find out what our subconscious is trying to tell us and see how it reflects in our daily life.

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    Bright Side believes that we should take every chance to learn more about ourselves and our true feelings, so we suggest taking look at these couples’ sleeping positions and their hidden meaning

    Spooning is a very intimate and comforting position that provides a lot of emotional support and skin-to-skin contact. The partner who acts as the “big spoon” is likely to be a very protective and giving person, while the “little spoon” truly enjoys the feeling of this protection, but may need some extra nurturing in a relationship. Sleeping in this position means that partners can rely on each other and that they have managed to create a safe environment for themselves.

    This spooning position is good for the health of both partners since it doesn’t put pressure on the back and helps relieve snoring. However, partners should pay attention to their shoulder and knee joints and make sure they don’t hurt.