World Tour App Offers Free Paytm Cash| World Trip App Offers Finish 3 Minutes Tasks Daily And World Tour App Refer And Earn Rs.100 Free Paytm Cash 2023

World Tour App Offers Free Paytm Cash
World Tour App Offers Free Paytm Cash
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I’m delighted to see you again. Nothing except positive things to say about you. The World Tour App Offers: Finish 3 Minute Tasks Everyday To Earn Rs.100 Free Paytm Cash This article is about Free Paytm Cash. Finish 3 Minute Tasks Each Day With the World Tour App to Receive Rs.100 in Free Paytm Cash in 2023| The World Tour App Provides Free Paytm Cash.

Free Recharge Tricks 2023 and Free Recharge Apps 2023 are two recent posts. Complete 3-minute tasks each day with the World Tour App to earn Rs.100 in free Paytm cash in 2023| World Tour App Offers Learn about Free Paytm Cash in this article.

World Tour App Offers Free Paytm Cash| World Tour App Finish 3 Minutes Tasks Daily And World Tour App Refer And Earn Rs.100 Free Paytm Cash 2023:

Good morning to all! I sincerely hope that everyone is benefiting from the amazing offers and intimate knowledge provided by Androidbuzz. The new promotion we’re presenting today is the same as our previous Refer and Earn features for the Working Fastwin App and Cashbook App. World Tour App Offers Free Paytm Cash | World Tour App Finish 3 Minutes Tasks Daily And Earn Rs.100 Free Paytm Cash 2023 will cover in this Article

World Tour App Offers:

Now make money with the World Tour app, which lets you take your dog on tours throughout India in exchange for daily cash payments of at least Rs.100. Increase Your Level in this Game by Referring Your Friends and Finishing Drag the Dog Tasks. There Are Daily 3 Minute Task and Loot Unlimited Of Cash Amount That You Can Transfer Into A Bank Account Or UPI ID.

We recently requested a withdrawal and received money in our UPI within a short period of time, therefore I encourage you to try this World Tour Apk. Here Create the Ultimate Dog Racing System, Launch the Word Tour, and Win the Race. Create the ultimate dog racing team by combining your dogs and winning the race.

Combine dogs to reveal new breeds

  • Dogs accumulate chips over time.
  • Spend the chips you earn to increase your productivity.
  • You’ll enjoy the free play mode. Your universe and your laws

Do you have what it takes to dominate dog racing? Purchase little puppies at first, then train them to become bigger, quicker canines to start earning big bucks!

World Tour App Overview:

World Trip App Invitation Code 53118
Download World Trip Apk Download
Money Making Dog Reach Level 38
Daily Bonus Watch Videos + Earn Commission


How do I introduce World Trip Bonus Dog? A World Trip Bonus Dog is what?

1. The sole qualification to share The World Walk’s advertising revenues is a Global Bonus Dog. Each owner of a Global Bonus Dog receives 20% of the platform’s advertising revenue equally, which implies that bonuses are daily awarded to Global Bonus Dogs.

2. There are 100,000 Bonus Dogs available, and 100 are made daily until the cap. More benefits accrue to early participants.

3. To provide the greatest amount of openness and transparency, the Bonus Dog winners will be announced publicly.

How do I obtain a Bonus Dog?

1. At random from two Lv. 37 dogs;

2. produced by combining the “Asia, Africa, Europe, America, and Oceania” continents’ five canines;

3. Determined by self-relentless efforts.

To guarantee that all players are treated fairly, Bonus Dogs are not for sale.

How do I receive bonuses?

Every day at noon, the platform will automatically account for yesterday’s ad revenue and the total number of Bonus Dogs in the network to determine the bonus that will be given to each Bonus Dog owner that day.
Formula for calculating bonuses: Yesterday’s earnings multiplied by 0.2; the total number of Bonus Dogs in the network; and the player’s own personal Bonus Dog count.

The daily bonus will be automatically added to “My Wallet” and will occasionally be available for withdrawal.

How To Use Taurus Cash’s World Trip Game and World Trip Earning App:

World Trip App Offers
World Trip App Offers

Friends, you will undoubtedly run into a few issues when you try to play this game after downloading it. You will, however, have a lot of fun here after you figure out how to play the game. It’s pretty easy to play this game because you start out with two dogs. There are 12 boxes available for you to gather the dog using coins. Then, you must combine all of these dogs into one large batch. You will receive more coins as you proceed through this, and your revenue will also grow.

Simple Play

  • In order to obtain more gold coins, two dogs of the same level can combine more advanced dogs.
  • You can move the dog to the recycle bin when the space is full.
  • For a walk, you can switch between different dogs, moving the dog toward the people.
  • You can receive a random minute’s worth of bonus dog experience while upgrading.
  • Enhancement to Level 38, Permanent Synthesis

Play in Advance

  • In a tour group, introducing friends can earn you a daily active reward; the more friends you have who are active, the more money you will earn.
  • Once you’ve completed the stage objectives, money will be deposited in your account and available for withdrawal.
  • With every level of promotion, you can earn more benefits. For instance, during the 10 levels, your friends can earn you 10 rupees, and you can actually gain 20 rupees by using the 2x acceleration.

Rules for the World Trip Tour game

To increase their earnings while playing the game, all players have access to The World Walk’s tour group earning and bonus system. Players enjoy themselves while earning money at the same time.

1. Both disciples and disciples’ disciples are a part of your tour group (indirect referrals).

2. Earnings from friend activities are based on [the amount of time your fans and travel companions spend online], [donation from video watching], and [the quantity of successful referrals]. Your daily activity earnings increase in direct proportion to the number of travellers and followers you have: 1 travel companion equals 2 travellers.

3. Target amount and rate description

4. As soon as the player confirms that the target amount has been reached, the earnings are automatically transferred to your wallet and are immediately withdrawable; also, you move on to the next step;

5. There is an additional acceleration multiplying factor when moving to the following step. The higher the acceleration multiplying factor, which is intended to assist you achieve your goals more quickly, the more goals you will have accomplished. For instance, if the multiplier is 1.2 and the active profits from A are 12 Rs, the actual earnings are 10 * 1.2 = Rs.12

Stage Goal Multiplayer Factor
Stage 1 10 X1.0
Stage 2 50 X1.1
Stage 3 250 X1.2
Stage 4 500 X1.3
Stage 5 1250 X1.4
Stage 6 2500 X1.5
Stage 7 5000 X1.6
Stage 8 7500 X1.7
Stage 9 10000 X1.8
Stage 10 12500 X2.0


4. In the event of willful cheating, the account will be forced to close and the entire balance will be taken away.

The current total revenue is described.

The income of the tour group is derived from the commission of active friends, which is calculated based on direct invitation, activity time of spread friends, contribution ratio of watching videos, number of invited friends, and other factors. The more direct invitation and spread friends you have, the more income you will receive each day: one direct invitation plus two

Goals for each step are described.

1. The money will be transferred into the wallet and available for withdrawal after the stage goals are met;

2. The higher the level, the more incentives are given, and the current revenue is determined by the commission of friends who are active.

Install the World Trip app to receive Rs.350 in free PayTM cash:

1. To get started with the World Trip app, first open the provided link in your default browser and tap the Register icon.

2. Open the aforementioned link in the browser on your phone and tap the “Get Started” button.

World Tour App Offers Free Paytm Cash
World Tour App Offers Free Paytm Cash

3. Type in your mobile number, confirm it with an OTP, and you’ll be redirected to the Play Store where you can download the World Trip Apk for your device.

World Tour App Offers Free Paytm Cash
World Tour App Offers Free Paytm Cash

4. Launch the World Trip App, enter your mobile number, confirm it with another OTP, and then go to the dashboard.

World Tour App Offers Free Paytm Cash
World Tour App Offers Free Paytm Cash

5. Go to the Dashboard, tap the Coin button in the bottom centre, then bring the dogs onto the boxes and merge them to upgrade the breed.

World Tour App Offers Free Paytm Cash
World Tour App Offers Free Paytm Cash

6. If you combine 5–6 dogs, the breeds will be upgraded. To gain Extra Cash Bonus, you will receive a Bonus Dog.

World Tour App Offers Free Paytm Cash
World Tour App Offers Free Paytm Cash

7. After exploring the app for 1–2 minutes, a message flashing a free bonus Shagun card will appear.

World Tour App Offers Free Paytm Cash
World Tour App Offers Free Paytm Cash

8. After watching an advertisement, you will receive a fully withdrawable bonus of up to $8 in your wallet.

World Tour App Offers Free Paytm Cash
World Tour App Offers Free Paytm Cash

9. Enter your UPI address in Wallet, choose the minimum withdrawal amount of Rs.3, and then withdraw.

World Tour App Offers Free Paytm Cash
World Tour App Offers Free Paytm Cash

10. Here is my World Trip App Payment Proof, and your withdrawal will be successful and you’ll get your Free PayTM Cash instantly.

World Tour App Refer And Earn
World Tour App Refer And Earn

11. You can use the Daily Check-In Bonus and Spin The Wheel to Earn Coins to Buy Dogs and Upgrade Breed to Earn More Money.

World Tour App Refer And Earn
World Tour App Refer And Earn

World Tour App Refer And Earn :

  • Click the Invite Friends option in the World Trip App’s bottom menu.
  • Share the link or referral code for the World Trip app with your friends.
  • You will receive Rewards when your recommended friends, travel companions, or fans begin viewing videos, exploring the world, upgrading their dogs, and completing activities.
  • By using the World Trip App and inviting others, you can reach Level 38.
  • By just raising the level of your dog breeds, you can get a global bonus of 350 per day.
World Tour App Refer And Earn
World Tour App Refer And Earn

How to Withdraw Money from a Word Tour App:

World Tour App Refer And Earn
World Tour App Refer And Earn

1. Launch the Word Tour App and select the “Me” tab.

2. Link Your Bank Account or UPI ID there.

3. Next, enter an amount that is at least 20 or 100.

4. Next, submit a redeem request. It’ll be finished in three days.

5. But You’ll Get the Redeem Amount in a Few Minutes.

What Is the World Trip Game App’s Turntable Feature?

In this program, you can use Turntable features to obtain free bonuses and free coins. You can spin this wheel every day to win a ton of free coins. You have the option to spin five times in one day here. Any prize you receive from spinning or coining can be used here to play the game.

What Are Features of Rankings? Game App World Trip

Friends, you can all observe the application’s homepage’s ranking features at the top. The top 10 users are listed, along with their names and earnings, under the ranking features. Who is making the most money from users of this programme may be simply determined here. How do you rank in this application, and what number are you?

Travel advice from the World Trip App:

You will be able to finish your round-the-world trip more rapidly and collect more money per second if you have a higher level in the World Trip app. When the World Trip is over, you will receive a money-making dog that you earned entirely on your own. Your diligence will allow you to benefit from the daily rewards of the money-making dog without having to pay anything.


1. The withdrawal failed or did not reach the account for what reason?

Ans: [fail to withdraw] You can look for the cause in your wallet’s history. [remove not reach] Please be patient as withdrawals take 1-3 working days to process without holidays.

2. How come I can’t withdraw?

Ans: Enter your bank account information before making a withdrawal.

3. How do I obtain a worldwide bonus dog?

Ans: There are three different ways to obtain global bonus dogs. The first is that there is a potential for two dogs in grade 37 synthesis to receive global bonus canines. The second is that canines from the synthesis of the five continents may receive international bonus dogs. The third person can get additional dogs by being active and increasing their money daily.


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