Xiaomi MI A1 Android Oreo Rolling Out Update Now

MI A1 Android Oreo Update
MI A1 Android Oreo Update

Xiaomi Mi A1 Android Oreo Update: How to Download

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Xiaomi MI A1 with Android Oreo is the flagship mobile with killer features from Xiaomi. The Smartphone released on September 5, 2017. Since then MI A1 it shattered market with record sales. The sale of MI A1 has happened beyond the expectation. Until today it is the most desirable smartphone of the present day. Xiaomi makers understood the pulse of the users and working for their requirements. Since Mi A1 has a factory made hardware setup with Google’s Android One software embedded in it. Google has the leading software in the market. When the great adds up to the brilliant it would be fantastic. This has proved with Google’s great Software adds up with the Xiaomi’s brilliant hardware design. Therefore, the outcome is MI A1, a fantastic product ever released in the Smartphone market. Thus, it receives great response from the users xiaomi mi a1 android oreo 2018 march  Android 8.0 Oreo update for the Xiaomi Mi A1

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Now, this is the top rated budget smartphone in the market. Also, have Android Oreo update. All the worker’s hard work has been paid off. But the workers didn’t stop with it. So, they always want to give the best to the users. The smartphone comes with Android 7.0 aka Android Noughat. Henceforth, The Android 7.0 is everywhere now. Thus It has a new update to Android 8.0 aka Android Oreo. Now, the Xiaomi are willing to give the best in the market. So, they are rolling out the Android Oreo update.

Android Oreo: How to Install?

To install the Android Oreo on your device, first, you need to root your mobile. We are providing the tips on how to root your MI A1 device. So, don’t bother if not rooted.

In this blog, we are providing tips regarding on

  • how to root the device
  • how to install Recovery ROM
  • And how to install Fastboot ROM

Don’t bother! It’s easy and simple as I said. Therefore, you just need to follow the steps for easy installation.

For rooting-related information, click on to http://www.androidbuzz.in 

You can root your device easily with the steps available in the link.

Thus, Once rooting up the device is completed, just make sure that rooting is perfectly done or not. If not, do it again.

To upgrade MI A1 android 7.0 toAndroid 8.0

  1. you need to download Recovery ROM and Fastboot ROM.
  2. The Recovery ROM is of 1082MB and the Fastboot is of 1396MB.
  3. Download using uninterrupted internet connection with your PC or laptop.
  4. Now, transfer the zip files on to your device
  5. Then go to settings click on system updates.
  6. click on the menu available at the right top edge.
  7. Select ‘choose update package’.
  8. Choose Recovery.zip for Recovery ROM
  9. Choose Fastboot.zip for Fastboot ROM.
  10. Now, select update the device.
  11. The device starts updating
  12. Finally, your device gets upgraded to Android Oreo

How to Upgrade

Please upgrade to 7.12.19 (Android N) first before you can upgrade to 7.12.29 (Android O). Download the links of 7.12.19 (Android N)
Recovery 1084M
Fastboot 1396M


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